Inactive [GEN/INFO] DCReason 2.1 - Distinguish crashing from quitting [1.2.3 COMPATIBLE] [1.1-R6+/1988+]

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    DCReason - Distinguish crashing from quitting
    Version: v2.1

    The 2.0 update removes Permissions compatibility because the local obfuscator was complaining that I was working with outdated stuff. I send my apologies to all of the "cavemen" who were using "prehistoric" technology.

    Random internet disconnections or Java crashes are problems that a surprisingly large percentage of users face. When this happens in the middle of a game,
    some witnessing users may get confused or may even take offense at the abrupt leaving. This plugin clarifies the reason for a player's abrupt leaving to other players with a change to the player's exiting message - simply, "Playername has lost connection to the game."

    The message displayed changes depends on the method of disconnection, and can also be custom-defined to fit your needs.

    DCReason also allows the setting of custom messages for individual players in-game! The command is
    /dcr [player] [setJoin|setQuit] [message].

    In order to prevent players from changing the messages of others (and, if not preferred, themselves), support for SuperPerms (and, indirectly, anything that supports SuperPerms) has been implemented. The nodes are
    where changeSelf lets a player change their own messages, and changeOther lets a player change others' messages.
    Players that are ops will have access to both nodes.

    If a player that has a custom message set crashes or disconnects abnormally, the global crash message for that error will be shown instead.

    • Distinguishes when a user crashes or leaves the server abnormally
    • Crash messages can be custom-defined per kind of disconnect
    • In addition, regular login and logout messages can be edited globally.
    • Custom login/logout messages can be defined per individual player
    • Color support across all messages
    • Support for a permissions system to allow or disallow custom setting of messages
    • Colors can be used in all types of messages
    To Do:
    • Find more crash error reasons and specify a crash of that nature to the server
    • Fix the fact that the plugin detects Permissions twice in the console (Removing Permissions 3.x support would take care of this, wouldn't it?)
    • Implement SuperPerms Done!

    Show Spoiler

    Version 2.1 [Uhhh...]
    • Fixed an issue with priorities not being as high as they should have been. I think.
    Version 2.0 [what version is this?]
    • Removed Permissions functionality (Sorry! SuperPerms still exists, though)
    Version 1.9 [1597]
    • Implemented the ability to choose where you want the name of the player to be placed in the default login/logout messages. Use %PLAYER% to define where you want the name to be!
    Version 1.8 [1597]

    • Implemented color compatibility! You can now use colors in any of your messages.
    • Implemented SuperPerms compatibility
    • Fixed compatibility with other chat modifiers (mChat, TownyChat, EssentialsChat, etc.)
    Version 1.7 [1597]

    • Implemented the ability to custom set login and logout messages
    • With this came Permissions support!
    • Default login message can now also be changed through the config.yml
    Version 1.6 [1337]

    • Implemented new possible disconenction: disconnect.timeout
    Version 1.5 [1060]

    • Decided to go all the way and allow custom messages for regular disconnections. Will possibly be doing connections as well to allow for this (though that
      may require a name change...)
    Version 1.4 [1000]

    • Not sure what I changed here...
    Version 1.3 [1000]

    • Implemented new possible disconnection: disconnect.overflow
    Version 1.2_01 [1000]

    • Compiled for 1.7.3
    Version 1.2 [935]

    • Added a config where disconnect messages can be edited
    Version 1.1 [928]

    • Recompiled for whatever the compatible Craftbukkit is
    Version 1.0 [860]

    • Release
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    If I'm understanding what you're saying, you're asking if the logon/logoff messages can be disabled completely...?

    I guess it can be done to a point, if you remove all the parameters from things in the configuration...
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    I turned all settings off, and people can still quit spam.

    Can you just turn the quit packet off?
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    you know if have other way to disable completely the Logon/logoff messages?
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    I just said that above you xc
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    I have no inbuilt setting immediately available to absolutely disable logon or logoff messages.

    I'm not sure I can easily implement it, either, without making absolute blank lines appear in chat...that and it seems quite unnecessary in the first place.
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    With all the packet spamming
    its necessary
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    MCBans has this really, really nice thing that adds a throttle to idiots who like to packet spam. It may take a while for me to figure out how to do that offhand.
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    it doesnt work for me in 1846. this is my config

      quitting: '%PLAYER% has left the game.'
      genericReason: '%PLAYER% has lost connection to the game. For some other reason'
      endOfStream: '%PLAYER% has lagged out.'
      overflow: '%PLAYER% has disconnected due to overload/lag.'
      timeout: '%PLAYER% has disconnected due to timeout.'
    on join: '%PLAYER% has joined the game.'
    and i directly modified the config without commands

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    Any server errors at all?

    As you come around to answer that, I will be actually recompiling this for 1938. I apologize for my silence here... again.
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    no errors it just doesnt wrk. i also use country login message which i bet interfeers
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    That... might have something to do with it.
    (though I have never heard of Country Login Message...)
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    This is an awesome Plugin! It'd be even greater if you could set a custom message for users that joined for the first time!
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    could u look at it and possibly find a solution?
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    Essentials can do that very cleanly, if you're using it. I want to see if I can avoid giant flatfiles that only contain whether or not a player has joined.

    I'm not sure why you're trying to use two plugins that both edit messages.

    My priority events are already at the High level, and I'd prefer not to push them to Highest. Doing so would make completely obsolete your installation of Country Login Message, as all login and logout messages (not just crash messages) would override CLM.

    In short: I can't, really.

    Updated to 2.0. Removed Permissions support because my obfuscator friend was complaining at me.

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    Does this work with R3?
    (I don't know how to update my server without breaking all my plugins and stuff!D:)
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    It SHOULD work with R3. Hopefully. I haven't tested it on R3, but for the sake of conversation, my server is still using the 1.0.1-R1 build on 1.1-R4, and that STILL works fine.

    If it doesn't, get back to me and I can see if a few tweaks and recompiling does anything.
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    Wow great idea i have that prob and some times take offence to it because your talking to some one and they just dissapear as a server owner im defiantly going to use it!
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    I'm glad ^^
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    K, I will try it. If it doesn't work, I just delete the plugin's .jar and folders, right?

    It works!!!! :D And btw, this mod is great, since many people on my server get java errors.
    If this means that ALL R4 plugins work for R3, that would be AWESOME!!!
    Thanks for your help!

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    I wouldn't be too sure about all of them working. I would think most of them would. Most plugins will work for about two to three updates past their posted one unless they rely on some often-changed hidden method somewhere.

    I've not heard many stories about plugins for newer versions working on older, though. R1-R4 is an exception because most of the rewritten code is things that were feeding back improper data, not adding and removing often-used methods by plugins. It's a special case.

    Anyways, I'm glad the plugin helps you out!
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    Thanks! If plugins DON'T work, can I just delete the .jar and/or files of the plugin?
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    Usually a .jar deletion or extension rename is all that is needed to effectively "remove" a plugin from your load list. Files will become useless but are worth saving if they have important databases or a really long configuration that you took ages saving.
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    i wanted to have clm to show where thy are from when they login and then dcreason on why they left
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    You actually can bypass this if you have optifine and change your Tpack via the pause menu > video settings
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    That's not entirely possible with the new Listener system that the Bukkit team is implementing (as far as I know). There's no real way to make a solution without combining the two plugins.

    A way to possibly ameliorate this, if you still want to use my plugin's crash reasons, is through Essentials's setup that tells a person's place of origin upon their login without actually changing the text of the login message. However, I don't think what you are looking for is possible right now past that. I apologize.

    DCReason isn't for X-ray prevention anyways, so I'm not surprised that it's easily bypassable.
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    damn... welll i put n a plugin request for it
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    If that floats your boat, then. o.o

    I don't want to bother the author of CLM to change his plugin priorities - even if he did, I'm not sure it'd be very easy (or even possible) to fix the problem...
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    Hello Eevables.
    I am using this mod in R3. All the command work, but the thing is that the actual connecting and disconnecting messages don't show up! It just shows the standard "[Player] has joined/left the game." I have tried setting up my own character's connection/disconnection messages, but it doesn't work! Please help!!! :'(
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    lol are u also using dcreason by any chance or another conflict?
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    Yeah, i just answered to riuthamus =)

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