[GEN] FeaturePack v2.7.5 - Per Player Time, Time and Weather Voting & Control, Tips and More [1060]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by xzKinGzxBuRnzx, May 23, 2011.

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    .....Love it. Will test it out.
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    Add MultiWorld support :D

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    Do you mean like separate votes for separate worlds? Other than that, it works with multiworld
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    Updated! Changes are... ;)

    Version 1.8.1
    • Improved creating of config.yml file.
    • Improved tips + multiworld support.
    • Help now shows max players and server ip via /fp info.
    • Day, night, dawn and dusk commands can now be used as (/fp day all) to change all worlds to day.
    • Added messages for god and ungod, doesn't apply to the 10 second join/teleport rule though, as that could get a bit annoying.
    • Added incorrectusage message to the config.
    Please update you're config.yml files.
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    Yes, sorry, I meant votes being actived only for the world they are used on. Voting on two worlds are independent. When I tried last night, all vote changes affect all worlds. So to be precise, separate the worlds for votes :D

    Awesome. Thank you very much. Much better than LVT!!! Best vote plugin: permissons, multiple votes, multiworld, what more can you ask for :D

    I updated, removed config file, but there is an error now for creatignthe new config file:

    Really? You spam the host server every 15 minutes with your plugin telling people to go to your site? Really? WOW! That is uber lame. Turning this plugin off right now! BOOOO! Sorry, this really annoyed me, the only plugin out of hundreds to do that...

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    What? Did you update to the latest copy? As it doesn't include the link since 1.8. As far as the error, make sure you have admin rights on the server so it can create the config file.

        timevotefailed: $cThe vote to change the time has failed.
        adjustvoteyesno: $bYou voted yes, but now say no. Vote adjusted.
        sun: $aThe clouds clear.
        timevotesno: $cYou voted no for a time change.
        freeweather: $aSince you are the only one online, you get a free weather change.
        freetime: $aSince you are the only one online, you get a free time change.
        weathervotepassed: $aThe vote to change the weather has passed.
        rain: $aIt is now raining.
        thunder: $aIt is now thundering.
        novotes: $cThere is no vote going on.
        alreadyvotedweather: $7You already voted for this weather change.
        timevotesyes: $aYou voted yes for a time change.
        weathervotesno: $cYou voted no for a weather change..
        weathervoteexpired: $7The vote to change the weather has expired.
        dusk: $aTime changed to Dusk.
        weathervotefailed: $cThe vote to change the weather has failed.
        weathervotetied: $bThe vote to change the weather has tied.
        weathervotesyes: $aYou voted yes for a weather change.
        hasipv6: $aYou have IPv6!
        noipv6: $cYou don't have IPv6.
        nopermission: $cYou do not have permission to use this command.
        timevotetied: $bThe vote to change the time has tied.
        timevotepassed: $aThe vote to change the time has passed.
        dawn: $aTime changed to Dawn.
        timevoteexpired: $7The vote to change the time has expired.
        adjustvotenoyes: $bYou voted no, but now say yes. Vote adjusted.
        night: $aTime changed to Night.
        day: $aTime changed to Day.
        reload: $aFeature Pack settings reloaded.
        alreadyvotedtime: $7You already voted for this time change.
        incorrectusage: $cIncorrent usage, please refer to help via /fp help
            Enabled: true
                Interval: 900
                Duration: 180
                Interval: 1800
                Duration: 300
            DisableWeather: false
            Lightning: 317
            Vote: 347
        IPv6: true
        Debug: false
            Enabled: true
            TimeVotes: true
            WeatherVotes: true
        - period: 1
          delay: 0
          random: false
              - FeaturePack made by xzKinGzxBuRnzx
              - Example tip for all worlds.
        - period: 5
          delay: 0
          random: false
              - Exmaple tip for world "world" with period 5.
              - Yet another...
              - and another...
        - period: 1
          delay: 0
          random: false
              - Example tip for world "world" with period 1 and delay 0 and not random.
    Please edit it to match whatever you need. As you can see though krnel, theres no links.
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    emm dude im hgaving an error saying that theres no config files.....
    can u gimme the config file (it doesnt create one)

    and im the owner of the server so

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    As noted, this error occurred during update to new version, where I deleted the current config to allow the plugin to create a new one, as it had originally created a new config file the first time it ran. Do not see why this time would be different.
    Seeing as how I am not the only one, I doubt its a problem with me seeing as all other pluygins have been able to create files, and yours as well with the previous version.
    I was told about this by users, and it pissed me off. Sorry for the response. Once the config error is fixed, I will try again :) It also notes the version of the plugin in the error I posted: 09:41:31 [SEVERE] Error occurred while enabling FeaturePack v1.8.1 (Is it up to date?)
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    Try updating and it will work. A small bug I over looked. Sorry everyone.

    Version 1.8.2
    • Fixes the small config creating issue
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    are the slash commands toggles? and do they/can they be configured to persist, or preferrably apply to user groups via permissions? My current setup applies godmode to all users in a certain group, but could i also configure them to have all permissions via something like "featurepack.*"?
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    I'm not sure what you mean? However to give all permissions you can use "featurepack.*" for just god mode use "featurepack.command.god"

    Updated, please remember to update you're config files as well, else you may get an error.

    Version 1.9
    • Fixes the lock command not showing up in help
    • Adds more messages to customize in the config
    • Adds a toggle for god on teleport and join for 10 seconds
    • Adds multiworld time voting, along with toggle via config
    • Adds new help messages in config to help out any user attempting to configure it
    • Adds another new toggle for wands
    Notes: With multiworld time voting on then time votes will only be shown to players in that world, if there are none that player will be given a free time change for that world only. If you disable multiworld time voting, time voting will take effect on all worlds.

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    Please change the adf.ly link to something that isn't a link shortener.
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    Link adjusted. I hope the new direct dropbox link is ok then?

    Also updated to 1.9.1

    Version 1.9.1
    • Fixes the "[Broadcast]" not appearing in tips for certain worlds.
    • Fixes the Enabled toggle under wands.
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    That's fine. Thanks.
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    Updated! Again please read the notes for this version below or above. I've added something i think is rather cool. Sign based commands via right click. A good sign for example might be...

    helpop Can you
    please help me?


    Nothing major, but interesting none the less. ;) You can enable and disable this via config.

    In order for users to use this they need "featurepack.sign" permissions or op if you aren't using GroupManager or Permissions.

    Version 1.9.3

    • Fixes the incorrectusage message displaying as the reload message
    • Adds ability to use commands via signs more info above.
    Notes: Current users of FeaturePack please update you're config files.
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    As i have seen so far, the Voting takes far too long if not everybody votes. This is a huge bump for me, and i hope u can do something about this, because on my server many people stay offline, therefor it is almost impossible to get everyone to vote. Perhaps a good idea is to add a way to set how long the voting will last, for example /fp time day 30 which will make the voting last for either 30 seconds or 30 minutes. or you could add in the config file a way to set how long the votings will last... this would really help me get players the ability to change the time themselves, and therefor i would have a smaller job :D Hope u look into this :p
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    Later today i'll update it with the ability to set how long a vote takes via the config. I'm just checking right now to make sure everything works with the latest 818 bukkit!
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    Anyway to stop the "Broadcast" from coming up?
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    Sure! I'll add a option for it in the config later today.

    Also FeaturePack seems to be working great on 818 bukkit. Should you encounter a error though please report it.

    Update: Updated FeaturePack as per each of you're requests.

    Version 1.9.6
    • Removes Broadcast by default, if you liked it add it the config for each tip like this "- $f[$cBroadcast$f]$a Please configure FeaturePack via config.yml" Don't add the " ".
    • Adds custom time for weather and time votes via config.
    • Adjustments to IPv6, remove users from subgroup "IPv6" when they login with a non IPv6 address.
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    I'm having problems with the featurepack permissions. They don't seem to work:

    "featurepack.*" works to give all of them, but if I put in individual commands, nothing works.
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    Are you using GroupManager or Permissions and have you updated to the most recent copy (2.0)? Also you may want to check the config. If you've not updated it for 2.0 then you'll need to do so. Although it should of made an automatic attempt at that for you.

    Update: Just tested it. Make sure you're setting up permissions correctly if using that. GroupManager I know works as our server at Digiex uses it.

    For a user do this:
                - Default
                prefix '&4'
                - 'featurepack.command.help'
                - 'featurepack.command.vote'
                - 'featurepack.command.time'
                - 'featurepack.command.weather'
    For a group do this:
            default: true
                prefix: ''
                suffix: ''
                build: false
                - 'featurepack.command.help'
                - 'featurepack.command.vote'
                - 'featurepack.command.time'
                - 'featurepack.command.weather'
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    I'm using Permissions, but I'm using the new version (3.x).

    My group does look exactly like that, but I'm guessing there's something different with 3.x that FeaturePack isn't working properly with. They've released a few new updates to Permissions 3.x so I'll update that tonight and see if that changes anything.
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    I tested it using Permissions 3.x. It should have no problem if you've got it setup correctly. If you can copy and paste you're config's.
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    Finally a good plugin...keep it up!
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            default: true
                prefix: ''
                suffix: ''
                build: true
            default: false
                prefix: ''
                suffix: ''
                build: true
                - Default
                - 'featurepack.command.help'
                - 'featurepack.command.time'
                - 'featurepack.command.weather'
                - 'featurepack.command.reload'
    /fp help as member shows:
    /fp help - Shows this message
    /fp time as member shows:
    You do not have permission to use this command
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    Everything looks good, trying adding a permission for another plugin to group Member and see if it works.
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    I updated Permissions to the latest version and everything seems to be working now. Must have been a bug with the version of Permissions 3.x I had. Sorry about that!
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    Robert McKay

    FeaturePack does NOT start on my server! I have installed the latest version of FP (2.3.4) and of Bukkit (818)
    Here are my plugins:
    - BigBrother 1.8
    - BorderGuard
    - CommandHelper
    - CraftBukkitUpToDate
    - Essentials 2.3
    - Falsebook (which also isn't working. Is there a conflict?)
    - FeaturePack 2.3.4
    - Fire Control
    - Help
    - Hero Chat
    - iConomy
    - KiwiAdmin
    - Lockette
    - MCDocs
    - MyHome
    - NoLeafDecay
    - NoWeather
    - Permissions 3.1.4
    - properTime
    - RemoveExplosions
    - Supply Sign
    - Tetris
    - WorldEdit
    - WorldGuard


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