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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Zenexer, Jan 19, 2011.

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    I hate to say it, but I can't replace General with this for just a few reasons. I'm on board with your changes and additions but I need you to kick in /motd (with colors please) and add color options for everything it does. Maybe even message support like /i 12 64 would read to you "Giving you 64 Sand" or something to that effect. I tested the first release of this and it all seemed to be great, but without a motd option I had to keep General running. Thanks and keep it up.
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    Thanks for including the version in the OP! Also, I like the new name. (Less controversy.) :)
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    You should change so the items comes on yo bag when you /item or /give.
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    you can set it so the default user can not use it?
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    Plugin is a great alternative to the original GENERAL. I love that commands can be disabled or have a modifier on them to avoid conflicts and that the Zenexer keeps with the thread and suggestions. Keep up the great work! [​IMG]
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    you can set it so the default user can not use it?
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    There a way to set it so only OPs can use the commands?
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    how would that work for me i allready have this
      home: [-109.41230240983379, 70.0, -67.16854634364178, -178.050048828125, 7.94999885559082]
    and can you use the commands on page 1 or are there more to type like
    /time day
    /time night
    or do you need just: /time
    oh and a user without an entry can do everythin right so if i want someone only to use /home and/sethome i just make the entry and all other permissions are gone??
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    seems that since new version "kit" wont work anymore
    each command works perfectly, but kit
    and, the command-prefix doesnt work too
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    Maybe incorporate a response with 'Here is (number) of (item)' to the give command like in other general plugins? This way you can type in a number for an item and then know the alias from then on.

    Either that or add a search function that allows you to search for an alias or item id number. For example, if I were to type "/search diamond", it would come up with things like "diamondpants", "diamondpickaxe", etc.

    As another alternative, add a command that lists all of the items you can request in one, such as /listitems that would display item names as such:


    These would give all who aren't familiar with the item aliases a better idea of what to type.

    One last thing: Does essentials use items.db for aliases, or its own database? If the latter, could we have some way to edit it?
  12. Is there any chance, we could get (configurable) feedback to non-existant commands?
    Like: /time was disabled on my server. If someone tried it, nothing happened in the client, but I got feedback in the server-log.
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    /version and /plugin list kills minecraft, im on version 115

    Add command /time please!

    Lolsry didnt see it works

    /heal on another player doesnt work
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    users.yml is not for permissions. I will be adding permissions momentarily.

    Kit doesn't work? I'l look into it ASAP!

    Adding /heal PLAYER to my todo list.

    /version is a Bukkit command; I have no control over it.
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    Thanks! Also, i'd like to ask for some help wth the mod called "Permissions"! Could you please explain me if you support that mod, or i have to configure the permissions somewhere else? Thanks in advance!
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    we just switched from geral to GenRel and we love it thank you, the mail is truely awsome
    --- merged: Jan 21, 2011 5:46 PM ---
    oh and /kit is working for us
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    Why all person have the right for tp,items... ?
    And /kit does not work :/ But nice plugin.

    Sorry for my bad english :D
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    I just added basic support for permissions, pending Bukkit's official permissions release. Third-party permissions plugins should still work, as long as you disable all of Essentials' default restrictions.

    To gain access to the new permissions, backup your configuration file and delete the original. Default permissions will be written to the new configuration file.

    MotD support has been implemented. Use the "motd" configuration option to set it. Ampersands (&) will be replaced with the color code symbol (section marker; ยง).

    I could not reproduce the /kit problems. I will try updating my build and testing again.

    /kit, /item, and /give now give text feedback.
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    Do i have to reinstall the mod in order to get motd?
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    dilda55: You have to re-download it, yes.
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    thanks for making this zen!!!

    Any chance you'd be able to implement the noclip ability like in your wrapper? Would be absolutely positively win...
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    Thanks for your help Zenexer, also the restrictions are AWESOME DUDE! Keep up the good work, keep updating, this rocks ass!
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    How well do the /plugin commands work in Essentials?
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    Is there a list function to /kit (/kit list)? If not, can we get one? :D
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    Added kit list command (/kit, without any parameters).
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    Thank you sir!
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    Hmm, I copy pasted that from the config file, and kits don't work. Some other things might not work either, don't know. Not much time to test i've got.
    Edit: Lol, im not the first one to notice =D
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    any chance there is a way to remove unused commands from the /help?

    also i got /kits working on craftbukkit 114
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    you can set it so the default user can not use it?
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    @Kylei Use the "restricted" options within the config.yml file.

    @Lolmen Try deleting your config, rather than using copypasta. ;)

    @mrgreaper Added. Will be posting documentation shortly. It's untested, though, so please let me know if it works!

    motd: Sets the message of the day displayed when users connect or type /motd. It supports several variables:
    • {PLAYER}: The display name of the player
    • {IP}: The IP address of the player
    • {RED:BALANCE}: The CodeRedEconomy balance remaining for the player
    • {RED:SELLS}: The total number of CodeRedEconomy sales made by the player
    • {RED:BUYS}: The total number of CodeRedEconomy purchases made by the player

    @Lolmen I definitely cannot get /kit to break with proper configuration. What do you mean when you say that it does not work?
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