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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Zenexer, Jan 19, 2011.

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    @ Zenexer
    Any word on nicknames? I've disabled that function totally for now as it was driving me nuts.
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    Hey Zenexer. I didn't see anyone else post this, and it may be just me but I think the new changelog and source links are broken.
    Anyone else notice that?
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    Absolutely vital plugin, thank you so much for your hard work!

    Two things I'd love to see in the future:
    1) a simple online list upon login option - like {WHOLIST} (for small servers this can be really nice)
    2) a way to send everyone a message at once, this makes the mail system a lot more useful in that an admin like myself can warn everyone or announce to everyone a change in the server. Without this I can't see the mail system even being used much.
  6. @Zenexer - thank you very much!
    Suggestion: Is it possible to make /ban also kick the people ? :D
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    Shay Williams

    I get the following error whenever a player joins; any fix?

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    I get the same as Shay sometimes
    and I've noticed when you use /getpos or /coords or anything that sums up coordinates, it says

    Those last two miss the first letter, methinks :p
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    Uh. Does anyone know how exactly I use this fly noclip thing?
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    @Alienware777 If unspecified, it's a command, so that lets do you /rules.

    @KiloWhiskey I gave nicknames a lookover and fixed a few bugs. See if it works now.

    @jjfs85 I was using them earlier, but I'll double-check.

    @LucidLethargy I just added {PLAYERLIST}, which is in beta. Give it a shot. :eek: For the global announcement, that would be impractical with the current mail system. How about /motd?

    @TowelieDOH Right now it does the same as /#ban, but that's certainly on my todo list.

    @Shay Williams Your configuration is probably bad.

    @Nideco That's been fixed

    @tekac E to fly up, C to fly down, Space to restore gravity, X to noclip (teleport after noclipping, or the server won't listen to your client--it desynchronizes the two). For more help, look in the upper-right corner of the screen for instructions regarding further help. Currently, you can press ~ for help. You need the essentials.nuble permission.
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    Well I tested it. Great plugin. Nicknames are GREAT.

    I like them. But it would be better if the nickname will also change so players in game can see me with it not only on chat. I am an admin of 20-30 people that act like little children to that point that I really have no life on my own server. It would be nice and handy if I would be able to change my nickname and play as someone else.

    Hope you will think about it.

    Oh, and I am sure that in this thread (28th pages here... so obviously I did not read them all) exactly the same suggestion have already been written.
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    @Zenexer My op name is still red even tho I have it set to 'f'. Fixed by doing a hard restart. Reloading the plugin didn't fix it. I'm not sure /reload plugin is working =(

    Also, why does it sometimes say, "Plugin Disabled, Plugin Enabled" and other times it's "Plugin Reloaded" when I use /plugin reload.

    Lastly, can you make it so using /essentials displays a message, so I know it works? =D

    Lastly last, can you make all console messages use the [INFO] standard, so it's all logged properly?
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    @Zenexer I've abstracted away a lot of the configuration stuff into a new Settings class so we can write more DRY code. Now if the configuration file structure changes we'll only need to change these methods once rather than hunting through the whole codebase for every query to the Configuration object. Tested and it seems to be working just fine on my server.

    I'm going to suggest to the Bukkit team that they switch from YAML to SDL for plugin configuration because it's much easier to write and supports metadata. Maybe if it catches on...

    Additionally, is there some other vector we could use to communicate? Something quicker than a forum, you know. :)
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    Just a small suggestion regarding kits (when this hook or option is enabled of course)...

    Be able to spawn colored wools with kits. be able to have a kit such as:

    - 35:2 64
    -35:10 64


    Nevertheless, AWESOME plugin.
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    Final Summit

    I have a question as I cannot sit here and go through all 28 pages. Where can I find the items IDs and how do I use flight? I do /nuble and it says Flight is allowed on this server, but how do I actually fly?
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    You sir, are a gentleman and a scholar! Works great. Thanks a mint.
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    @zajacmp3 There used to be even more pages. Someone trimmed it down a bit, thank goodness. Do you mean run commands as another user, or literally play as someone else? I'm not sure that I can get away with the former, or even allow chatting as another player, as it would be seen as unethical.

    @Mhalkyer Some avoid using the logger because they aren't really meant to be log notices--they're sub-info, importance-wise. I'll see about unifying logging, though, as I agree that some should probably be "upgraded".

    @Eris Thanks for unifying that code! Will IRC do? I'm on

    @Final Summit I will publish the item IDs momentarily. Press ~ to get help in Nuble. E = fly down, C = fly up, Space = restore gravity.

    @DirktheJerk There is already a bug report for that. It's a bug--the feature is supposed to exist. :(
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    @Zenexer IRC, AIM, Windows Live, Yahoo, Google Talk, anything's good :)
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    Possible to get a client side /ping -> [pong!] response command? Doesn't need to be time stamped, but it would be handy :D
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    @atomicben Sure, why not. That definitely falls in the "basic" category. ;)
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    Hey Zenexer, I get a client crash everytime I attempt to use /plugin list on the latest build 80 using craftbukkit 135. Might want to look into it.
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    Would it be possible to make the command with player arguments (such as /tp) work with nicknames?
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    @DirktheJerk That's a bug in another plugin. It has an invalid name or something--I'm not sure which. /version will die, too, which is CraftBukkit command.

    @Drakehawke I've been thinking about it, but there's no easy way to match them. I'll certainly give it another think-through, though.
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    The link to the new changelog is not working
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    Ive got a problem. It wont let me make eggs. It says "Item cannot be found". It works fine with all other items, and the other commands work.
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    Quick question, is it possible to put line breaks in the motd?
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      - Line 1
      - Line 2
    @kexus Update :D

    @DoritosMan Change your MotD to the format that I just showed to Brack.
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    Been getting this issue not sure it's souly with essentials but it says essentials in the errors...

    using latest version Essentials and Version 137 of Bukkit
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    Update to the new MotD format:
      - Line 1
      - Line 2
      - etc.
  31. I got this couple hours ago and tried it but all the users had all the commands, even though
    in the config file it had them all set to restricted=true.
    Anyone else seen this? Or know a fix? I had users spawning themselves items and changing daytime
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