Inactive [GEN] DeathRecover v1.1 - Recover All Items and Armour You Had Upon Death. [1.2.5-R5.0]

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  1. DeathRecover - Recover All Items and Armour You Had Upon Death.
    Version: v1.1 (SOURCE | SUGGESTION/BUG)

    Oh No! You died but don't know where!
    You don't want to go wondering for your stuff?
    Use death recover and get ALL your items and armor back quick!

    *Recover all items after respawning.
    *Recover all armor after respawning.
    *Permissions support.

    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    Commands - Permission nodes:
    */recover - Recover all items and armor you had when you died.

    deathrecover.recover - The ability to use /recover.
    deathrecover.nodeathdrops - On death, player drops nothing.
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    Sounds cool, but why 'FIX' ?? oo
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    Can't wait to try this once you get permissions support for this! It's not useful to me at the moment because I don't really jump off and die, I just use godmode 60% of the time. But all my players would gladly accept and enjoy this plugin :O
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    I supported you. Great plugin, really great. Will be good to see this follow with the updates of CB. :)
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    This should not be OP only D: Please release an update letting everyone use it!
  6. I'll release a version with a setting you can change deal?
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    @InfiniteMinecraft do you think you could add iconomy support like you die and now you have to pay money to get your inventory back and if you don't have enough it just drops it like normal? Also permissions support soon please :D
  8. Later i'm leaving for college Sunday sorry will be like 3 weeks!
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    Is it me, or is the no ad link just colored text?
  10. Lol I didn't notice that it's fixed!
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    So it will be three weeks before we see any updates? I am too lazy to edit the source lol is there a website where I can upload it, edit it, and compile it without having to DL anything?
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    This allows item duping.
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    this is a great plugin, but if you do /recover and you go back to the place where you died, your stuff are still there.
  14. ya i know can't fix it right now
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    You will update the Plugin ?
    If yes can u add Multiworld support (MultiInv plugin)?
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    This is like the only plugin I've found that's close to what I'm looking for - I just want to make it so that you don't lose your items when you die on my server... do you know any similar plugins that do this?
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    still waiting for an update for permissions :S
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    Can you put in a feature so your items will be placed in a predefined chest? I know this is a bit O.T. with your plugin but I'd really, really like this and can't find any plugins for it.
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    Add version to title please.
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    Really need this to work for non-OPs. Is there a way to set that? Should be in the config but I don't see it. Thank you.
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    Suggestion: Whenever you die, make it so it deletes the items for /recover. Otherwise, you can dupe items using /back with it.
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    Thanks! This helps out when friends die and they are quite a ways from their spawn point!
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    Good idea, bad plugin:

    Incompatible with 1060.
    Causes severe errors on starting and stopping of server.
    Causes false messages to be printed to players that aren't OP, upon entering a command, that they don't have "permission to do that" even when they do.
    Causes conflicts ultimately resulting in crashes of plugins and server.
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    May i give you advice? Dispose from /recover - command usage and make plugin usage atomaticly if has some specific permission.
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    plss make a config for allowing other players to use this command. :( i really need it..
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    Please update to the latest RB. And make this work with economy plugins, like EssentialsEcon.
    Just to set the price.
    thank you
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    Ok guys this is my new account (I am InfiniteMinecraft) I will probably be recreating this when I can.
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    I wasted hours trying to figure out why all non-op players were getting the no permission message when successfully doing things like /sethome. It was this plugin.
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    oh cool, i had the same problem for my server, ok good to know
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    Please update for R6!
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