Inactive [FUN] ZeeSlag v1.2.0 - Play the BattleShip game against the server and each other [CB 1.1-R3]

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    ZeeSlag - Play the BattleShip game against the server and eachother!:
    Version: v1.2.0

    Ever wanted to play the ultimate BattleShip game in minecraft? Now you can!
    It supporting more games being played at once so everyone can play!

    This plugin moved to the dev-bukkit pages. This page will not be updated anymore so for all changes, new updates and questions visit : ZeeSlag v1.2.0.

    Thank you.
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    So you mean that I would spawn in the player 2 field when I'm player 1
    I use a field 50x50 and 20 between
    Yup I use /zs setspawn
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    VERSION 0.2 is out. i hope some of the bugs are finally gone. i tested it with some of the commands you people used and had exactly the same problem.. now i fixed it (i hope) :p

    next version will have a settings file to turn off the lightning, and if a player hits a boat that he may not go again.
    so that everyone always have one click per turn.

    i am totally not known with iConomy so this will take a while :p but its a nice feature i guess :p

    i will make a list in the main post with requests

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    Oh yeah all work you are great, a thousand thanks :)
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    Thank you for confirming it :) and thank YOU for using my plugin :p
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    @ Jucko13
    this may seen silly BUT how about a way to play with the "Server" like to play agenst the computer?
    so mayby something like this
    /zs inv server BattleShip
    then u can start playing with the computer to work on stragy id love this
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    hmm this is a good idea! i see that i have allot to do now :p i put it in the feature request ;)
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    Can i suggest making it compatible with BOSEconomy too at the same time you do iconomy i would love this feature :) pay-in to play and win the money if you win.

    Amazing plugin btw im putting it on my server now ty for this
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    Well i was thinking playing against the computer was a good idea... untill i stranded on this:
    playerfields have variable with and boat numbers. this means that sometimes there are not enough space to random place a boat. to correct this the server needs almost more than a minute cause everyone to disconnect... i will make a function with some programmed player fields. so you can choose between: easy, normal and hard. and the field will be generated and spawned at your position(like the tetris plugin.). so it has always a fixed with and boatnumbers.

    @GayJuice: whats the difference between iConomy and BOSEconomy?
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    It's keep bugging me when i try set a boat like "Remember to place a boat with 1 block in between" and i use size 24 25 :( any help?
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    SPOILER!!!!! i was creating a battleship game like this with redstone! no you made that useless!
    ok, thats evolution :(
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    why would you give up if its still posible? i think people that are able to do this with redstone are way better programmers than me :p and if you finnished i would love to see a video of it :p Good Luck;)

    are you using v0.2 or v0.1? because this was a little bug that is fixed in v0.2

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    I love this game, this is my arena:

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    well, if i would build on it it would be ready! but didnt do anything in 3 weeks now :( i had the design, and some early version is working. but not ok like i want it! well, its not much programming, or at least, i dont know what you mean with that :) i dont understand anything about scripting and stuff you make with plugins, i wish i could do that lol!!!

    i am only playing with blocks, and using parts other ppl make for me (chips) all credits go to eisental that makes redstonechips possible. i use like srams, multiplexers, decoders, etc ,and i don't think i will finish it :) cause i am still working on message board, giant killing maze, and i will start helping some1 with some transport system, so i wont waste my time on things that are done already, and much easier....
    do you have multyplayer mode? i was going to use that aswell, so you can search for players on all servers that run my game build... maybe you could make something like this for youre plugin? so you can play against all players on all servers that run youre plugin?

    on every major building i am making, some 1 is beating me with other plugins, new chips, or just some other revolution, so i am used to it now, just a small spoiler :p
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    well WOW what a post :p what i meaned by programming is using the right chips/redstone circuits to make the same game like this :eek: like some of the people are making a calculator in minecraft!! i'am currently programming from i was 9 years old(im now 18). so this is very very easy for me. but still all redstone circuits are a magic box for me i just dont understand a @#!$ of it :p its exactly the opposite of you, you would love to be a programmer and i would love to understand something more about chips and redstone circuits:p
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    Awesome, this along with some rollercoasters and the tetris mod, all in an ammusement park on my server, and it will be a hit.
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    Do you have to have a wall in between the lapis lazuli to work because I type in /zs ready and it says that I'm not standing in a battleship zone.
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    did you watched the video's? and did you spawn a field? if you did you have to invite somebody first. and he needs to accept. after that you can place your boats and use "/zs ready" if your done.

    to all:
    soon there will be a mode to play against the computer/server and i already finished the settings and the iConomy support. so things are going fast :p
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    I found a bug: A user of my server had a disconnect while playing this and lost his inventory
    btw. can you add a function that the field restores automatical after a round?
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    Well i was already known by this bug. but here is the thing: if someone does not want to play anymore and dont want to die when surrendering, he just quits the game and tada... so it looks he still died.. but my minecraft is crashing allot the last time so im still thinking about a solution to this. i put it in the feature request, cuz its not actualy a bug.

    about a option to automatically restore the fields is indeed a good idea i put it in the feature request.
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    My invitations don't get sent to other people and invitation from other people don't get sent to me. How am I suppose to make it work?
    I spent like 2 hours on this :eek:
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    is there any error in the console? is there any playerfield listed when using "/zs list"? please provide some more information... also are you using the latest bukkit?

    EDIT: also this: does it says: "invite to <name> has been send"? if not then there is something wrong
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    My battleship field is saved and appears on /list. It also says that I sent the invitation, but doesn't get sent. And the invitations don't get sent to me.
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    console errors? or does it helps restarting the server? im looking at it tomorrow.
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    how it comming wioth the beeing able to play with the server? hopeing it mady its way to the top of the request list :)
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    Nevermind, I got it. I just had to invite people outside the battle area :D
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    we should form a team :). (i am looking for a way that when you use minecart teleport sign, you dont get other/new minecart, but keep driving in the same cart (cart id))
    i think a calculator should not be that hard, (+ - * /) i think i even use a small one for my game:p
    but its easy when you have chips like an adder, and mutiplier :) i always post big post, dont go to redstonechips forum :p you would think i am a spammer :p

    to go on with my request... can you create some plugin / chip that is able to scan players when they are in a cart, and give a unique number to each player on the server? it may change if player rejoins.
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    first of all: its all posible ;). you can create random numbers in java and when your plugin enables you set the seed of the random to the system time(in millisecconds). and you can hold a hashmap like HashMap<Player,Integer> to hold the numbers. i never try'd things with minecart but im sure its posible :p and about a calculator script. use google and you can get tons and tons of tutorials and preconfigured source. to bad everyone wants there BattleShip source for there self... so i need to make it all myself :p

    ok thank god:p i couldn't find anything in the source so i was almost freaking out :p i', glad you figured it out! and good luck with playing ;)

    i'm already done with the random boat placing, i can start a new game against the server (on the same playerfield as you created). all the boat placing is ALWAYS random. you will never get the same field. the only thing i need to do now is making some tactics or something for the server/computer. because its randomly spraying around your field and if it hits a boat it will never hit the next piece of the boat :p

    about the rest. i already finnished the iConomy support and the settings file is also done. and the other option to give people there inventory back will be released in a other version of ZeeSlag.

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    well, all those that want the source for thereself and not share it are tuuut piep tuut f*cks selfish basterds, holding humanity from evolution :)
    very nice you can play vs the server, i could not do that (or it was with random chip, but kinda the same as playing vs 3 year old) is it smokeable, hashmaps? if not, i would not know what to do with it, but you would be my personal hero (but you stay spoiler :p) if you would be able to create a player id plugin/chip. i am kinda stuck untill i have it

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