Inactive [FUN] StainedGlass v0.1.2- Making purdy glass [CB1.2.5-R4][SpoutPlugin 1212]

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    Version 0.1.2 release date: 17th June
    Recommended Craftbukkit Build: 1.2.5-R4
    Minimum Required Spout Build: 1212

    What is StainedGlass?

    StainedGlass is a Spout plugin that adds a number of custom glass blocks to Minecraft. The Stained Glass blocks are purely for decorative purposes and they can be placed just as you would with regular glass but they appear to Spoutcraft users as different colors, depending on which block is crafted. Any players not using Spoutcraft will see these blocks as normal plain glass so the look of any structure would be unaffected. The colors of the stained glass blocks are as closely matched as possible to that of colored wool blocks.


    Crafting a Stained Glass Block

    Stained glass blocks are made using 2 dye and glass block in a workbench just like regular items. All of the colors are made in the same way with the appropriate dyes.

    Stained Glass colors:
    • Black
    • Red
    • Green
    • Brown
    • Blue
    • Purple
    • Cyan
    • Light gray
    • Gray
    • Pink
    • Lime
    • Yellow
    • Light Blue
    • Magenta
    • Orange
    • White

    Installation of StainedGlass is very simple.
    1. Download the latest StainedGlass.jar
    2. Place StainedGlass.jar in your plugins directory
    3. Restart your server (or reload if you prefer)


    StainedGlass is a Spout plugin so you are required to have Spout installed on your server.
    • Server side: with CraftBukkit 1.2.5-R4 you will need SpoutPlugin 1212
    • Client side: Spoutcraft is required to see the custom blocks.

    v0.1.2: Updated to latest versions to resolve crash issue
    v0.1.1: Updated recipes to work on all rows of the crafting window and not just the middle one.
    v0.1: Initial Release
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    A friend of mine had always wished for something epic like this, I guess you finally made his wishes come true haha. He got really bored of the normal old glass :p
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    I love to see how mod developers are taking a hold of Spouts new (and still developmental) block abilities! Nice work! Here's a diamond [diamond]
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    Oh wow, I tried making this with Spoutblocks but they came out solid, This is amazing, keep up the great work!
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    Awesome! Appreciated!
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    So that people dont believe the troll which decided to inhabit the BukkitDev page, I have tested StainedGlass v0.1.1 with the following setups:
    and also with:
    The plugin is behaving exactly as expected in both configurations. You might see some block break issues with the newer Spoutcraft versions and you can use creative mode to break them if you experience this problem (This is a spout issue and not with StainedGlass)
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    YAHOOO! Thanks spathi, another great plugin! Custom blocks on my server at last! It works a treat.
    I hope spout fixes the breaking issue soon, it's a bit of a problem on the Survival server.
    But for creative... ohhh my. Bizarro glass cathedrals are the tip of the metaphorical iceberg. :D
    Congrats, I tip my hat at ye.
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    You can still break them on survival mode by holding the mouse button down, but it just takes longer. I found it annoying too but I bet they'll fix it in a few builds from now.

    As for glass cathedrals... OH GOD... I made this because someone on my server made a cathedral, except it was looking boring with normal glass windows. I had made some custom blocks before (yes, we have Icecream on my server) so I figured this would be a good next plugin.

    I'm going to make a christmas theme plugin using more custom Spout blocks so get ready for christmas gifts under a tree among other things. I shall treasure the diamond though.
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    the plugin loaded for me but there is no config file, not sure if thats normal, and the blocks are invisible.
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    There is no config file, it isnt required.

    As for the invisible blocks, it might happen if it fails to download the texture. I suggest you clear the cache in Spout (it is a button in the options menu on the Spout launcher) and retry again. If bukkitdev goes down it would fail to download.
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    hmnmm just looked it did manage to download the texture fine i see it in the spoutcraft cache folder but its still invisible.
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    This is exactly something I and my fellow builders have been asking for... for a VERY long time. How does it work, if at all with stuff like HD texturepacks?
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    The texture is the same regardless of what you personally use. It is downloaded by your Spoutcraft client when you login to the server.
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    Then I shall be downloading this right now... it could just be the answer to my prayers. And whats a blood cathedral without red windows? Eh? EH?
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    Hmmm you'll have to screenshot it and show me when its done :D
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    how the h*** does spout ADD blocks into a server??
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    You answered it in your first sentence.

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    I've found some issues. All bug screenshots are in this slideshow:

    [ISSUE - MEDIUM Priority] Block icons are invisible in the inventory, but the name still appears and everything else works fine. There's just no inventory icons for the blocks.

    [ISSUE - MEDIUM Priority] (this only happened once) Some, not all, of the stained glass blocks on screen became strangely colored. They looked like all the block textures jumbled together.

    [ISSUE - HIGH priority] When stained glass blocks are dropped, either by breakage or dropping them from your inventory, all the water, signs, chests, and clouds nearby rotate around the dropped block. Also, the black outline that surrounds blocks randomly moves around. Any other nearby groups of stained glass blocks also "drop" in a huge clump all connected. All these glitches stop when the block is picked up again. This error is causing serious annoyances on my server and needs to be fixed ASAP!

    Thank you very much for reading this, and I think this plugin is awesome! I wanted something like this for a long time and now it's here! :D
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    Every single one of those is caused by bugs in Spoutcraft. Please remember 1.0.0 is still in development for Spoutcraft. The plugin works perfectly with the current recommended build of Spout (with 1.8.1). I have been testing every development version of Spout and Spoutcraft though to make sure I know what bugs are coming up.
    • The invisible icons has been an issue for a few builds now. Afforess said he moved a bunch of code and broke a lot of things somehow. It is getting better though.
    • The texture one happens when, for some reason, the details for the block/texture are not correctly applied by Spout. It also might be a result of the conversion from itemMap.yml to itemMap.txt as Spout changed the format again. Unfortunately I cannot do anything about it.
    • The weird spinny effect or tornado has turned up in the last build. I noticed it this morning when I was testing another addition to Spout. Again, this isnt a result of StainedGlass but a bug in the Spoutcraft renderer.
    However, the good news... I have pushed a few feature additions into Spout which I felt were definitely needed. Especially the 2nd one!

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    oh wait, u need the spoutcraft CLIENT....OOooohhhhhhh.....i mistakenly accused u of whitchcraft....join the party ;D
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    Oh, well that sucks that its not just one plugin! I just started using Spout and this is the first plugin i got for it.

    I'll probably just wait to use spout until these bugs are fixed, mainly cause the reason I got spout was for custom blocks (; Custom items/blocks + RPG server = win.

    I hope they implement those features soon! I have a creative world on my server, and griefing custom blocks will be a problem D:

    I really like this plugin and I hope Spout sorts out the problems soon...
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    You need eye of newt, puppy dog tail, a black cat and a drop of virgin blood. Mix in a couldron and you have your evil potion to add blocks

    Those features are already done now. See the build numbers? If your /spout version says it is above that number then you have the features.

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    ok the puppy dog tail was easy, the virgin blood was my own :(, i found a black cat in my backyard(probably the neighbors or something), and now i just need the eye of newt(right after i learn what a newt is)

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    Also, this is really off-topic from the plugin. And I don't think discussing your sex life is appropriate for this thread. :)

    Anyways, @Spathizilla, thanks. I didn't notice that. I was still on 605 :p
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    how to made white?
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    Use 2 bonemeal with 1 glass as the recipe shows
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    Out of pure curiosity, how would you return a colored glass into clear?
    Just another one of those random thoughts. lol
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    You don't. :)
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    Oh, good to see spout got those block features working (or at least in a usable but still experimental state), this adds SO many possibilities for said RPG servers. Cant wait to see what devs can make taking advantage of this!

    Great work on the plugin!

    Edit: Is it possible to obtain the source?

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