[FUN/SPOUT] DeadMines v0.3.1a - Bringing hell to a server near you! Stability patch is out! 1.0.1-R

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by DrBoweNur, Jul 19, 2011.

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    doh totally misunderstood. scary thought though on the new hordes lol...it was nice being able to hide out for a moment in a shack or hole and regroup :)
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    Well, there has to be at least 3 blocks of air, so you can still bunker yourself up ;)
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    lol more like build myself a dirt coffin to starve to death in :p from the sounds of it, even if i tried to tunnel my way to safety they would spawn in there with me...which is awesome. i cant wait to try this...damn skyrim for putting the brakes on all my current dev/testing/eating/sleep/life lol
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    KK, but yea is 0.2 out ? everyone on my server loved the original!

    awww the 0.2 yet... !

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    Version 0.2 is out!

    Version 0.2a (DeadMines)
    • Horde re-implemented with improved calculations for where the zombies can spawn
    • Reanimation re-implemented (Relatively unchanged)
    • Dark Synergy now resets on death again, and affects Horde/Reanimation chances
    • New Config:
      • Base Horde Chance - The base chance that a player can have a Horde spawned on them (increases as Dark Synergy goes up, so don't set this too high)
      • Amount Per Horde - How many zombies attack when someone attracts a Horde
      • Horde Spawn Interval - How often it will try to spawn Hordes on players, in seconds.
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    Thanks! yayayayay!

    fixed, works brill! only fault where is the horde?

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    Horde spawns on random intervals based on two settings in the config.
    The first thing you have is the base chance for a horde to spawn on you, so you can increase that to cause more Horde events.
    The second thing you have is the amount of seconds between each Horde, which you can decrease to cause more Horde Events.

    So, as an example, a config with the following:
    Base-Horde-Chance: 50
    Horde-Spawn-Interval: 10
    Amount-Per-Horde: 4

    Would mean that every 10 seconds, there is a 50% chance for a Horde of 4 zombies to spawn any given player on the server. Of course, this is before Dark Synergy is taken into account. If a player has full Dark Synergy, his/her Base-Horde-Chance would be roughly 70%
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    Loving the Moto :)
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    oh ok, its epic! like with all the custom skins everyones like "ahahhhhh!" whatatatats thhhhhhhat!?
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    Development Update:
    • Zombie Lords are suited up and ready to go with improved coding from the last time, and the new ability to shoot explosive projectiles that will spawn a Zombie Guard on impact, and potentially hurt you in the blast (Note: This explosion won't destroy blocks, to avoid major griefing)
    • Guards themselves have been coded in, Elite Guards are 50% done.
    • Infestors are taking a bit more time than I expected, so I'm not sure if they'll be ready by the next build
    • Small changes such as the command interface being brought back to what it originally was, and the starting frames of the shop
    Hope to push v0.3 out in no more than 2 days
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    cool *BUMP*
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    @M1sT3rM4n @Boltblaster @XenonPhenom @jasvecht @Rogueleader89 @mindless728 @gameswereus
    @Fallen_Advent @undeadmach1ne @Lightzaver

    Alright, forgive me for doing a mass recall on all of you. I'm just trying to gather up a group of people that seemed interested in this plugin before I went AWOL and disappeared (also tagged some who are currently following, for clarity's sake), as I need to get a gathering of opinions from people who have used the older versions. If you don't mind, I have a questionnaire of sorts for you to fill out (If you have the time)

    If you don't feel like taking it, I won't cry. I promise.
    And if there's anything you want to elaborate further on in the survey, just PM me about it. :)
    Anyways, this is for the plugin's betterment as a whole:

    For the sake of the length of this post, the questionnaire is located here:

    Some are multiple choice, others are free response. Thanks in advance for anyone who does decide to help out.
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    In hindsight, probably a much better idea. Will do.

    EDIT: Done.
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    The commands are not recongised...

    its has been initialized without error though

    2011-11-15 07:34:59 [INFO] [DeadMines] 0.2 enabled.

    any ideas?
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    Sorry, the commands were in the previous versions. I still haven't clarified that in the main post too much.

    In essence, this plugin had to be restarted from ground 0 by me. I haven't yet rebuilt the command system for the newest versions, but you can find an older version that does include them in the 'Older Builds' section of the OP. Just bear in mind that this version lacks some of the new zombies, as well as custom zombie skins.

    They will be in 0.3, however. But the only commands in the most recent build are
    /dm start
    /dm end

    For simple testing purposes
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    You changed the text but didnt change the link ;P
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    The link should go to SurveyMonkey now :V
    If that's the link you're referring to?
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    Wait, so which link is going to the wrong area? I'm a bit confused :p
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    The one to survey monkey, click it (In your forum post)
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    Huh. Fixed it, I'm not sure how that happened though. Thanks
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    Thanks for the inv.. oh wait :(
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    Gah, completely looked over your name. My bad :x
    I'm still looking for as many people as possible to provide feedback, I just needed to tag some of the people who stopped following a while ago. I don't want anyone to feel left out just because your name's not in that list of tags :V
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    Meh its ok :D I havent even tested it yet because I don't have my server running yet :D I could test things solo but thats not fun although if you need a test server ask me and i'll set it up quickly :p Also I completed your survey and I would like more than zombies more monsters would be epic
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    Based on the results, I may actually throw in a few more 'non-zombie' mobs that are still zombie themed.
    For example, someone suggested that I add the equivalent of Hell Hounds from CoD into this, and I personally don't see a reason not to (Now that I have Spout backing it, which everyone has stated they'd be willing to use in the survey).

    Granted, it would just mean more work for @undeadmach1ne who is my custom-skin manager of sorts, and I don't want to give him too much to do since he's already done so much.

    I'm going to keep on tweaking the current build and when I've given the survey enough time to be answered more, I'll likely post something to sum up the results and see what other people think of certain changes. (Changes such as the Hell Hounds, which I would have never thought of putting in here, just to make sure you guys are okay with some of the suggestions)
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    i prefer the term 'visual effects engineer' :p i like the idea of a hellhound...ill start planning that too. now if i could just put down skyrim and get some work done (or sleep or eat for that matter. im starting to look more and more like my avatar every day since it came out)...
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    I do like the idea of hellhounds :D (Wolfs on fire use to the be the old version now you get actual skins :D ) Also maybe with 1.9 HellDragons? EPIC!!! and maybe a super HellLordDragon of EpicTimeness ???
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    I've been the same way with MW3 :p

    Oh, believe me. When I get my hands on an EnderDragon, I will do everything that is rightly possible to make it zombie-fied and deadly.

    I'm not sure what abilities an EnderDragon starts with, but I will try to add as many ways to get killed by one as possible >: )
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    Okay, some things that I learned today:

    1) Making item textures is serious business. (And hard)
    2) The pixels tend to get weird and shift around a bit when you hold said item with said texture.
    3) I don't even care, because I have a cool tome:
    Plague Tome 'Concept Texture' (open)



    While I'm at it, a few development notes:
    • Shades have been buffed. They were a joke before. A cool joke, but a joke none the less. They will now produce 4 clones of themselves upon spotting you. But that's not all, because clones that are killed are now instantly regenerated by the original Shade. Kill the actual Shade, and all the clones will vanish. Fail to kill the original Shade, and be doomed to endless clones. Seems more...interesting?
    • Based on the poll, a lot of people seemed to want the mechanic for Zombie Lord spawning to change to a random event (similar to the Horde). However, some people wanted the original mechanic to remain the same. It's now an option in the config.
    • Although the majority voted for custom items being 'first' on the to-do list, the custom items in Spout are currently unstable. I have been toying around with photoshop, however, as you can see above.
      • In light of this, I'll most likely tackle the HUD first.
    • Many people voted for the Zombie Lord to be harder (MUCH harder) to fight. Well, you'll get your wishes (Elite Guards will see to that)

    More Tomes:

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