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    Version: v1.55 (01.08.11)

    Speedwalk evolved with it´s users and is now harder to explain. It basically speeds you up if you trigger a configurable event under configurable conditions. Supported events are (item) rightclick, (item) leftclick or sneak. The conditions can either be an item in hand, a certain block type you have to stand on, a permission or all at the same time. You can also define multipliers that affect the movement speed if these conditions are met.

    The supplied default config shows basically nothing from what the plugin can do as many things are disabled by default because it can get very complicated.

    Heres a small video that should show how it could be used:

    • Fun & fast movement
    • Highly configurable
    • MultiWorld support
    • Permissions support (Permissions, PermissionsBukkit, OP - you choose)
    Just place Speedwalk.jar in your plugins folder and start the server. The configs are created automatically.

    The config got a bit complicated because of some recent additions so i´ll also explain how the final speed multiplier is calculated below.

    Do not copy these examples to your config, they have not the right structure.
    config.yml (open)
        permissions: Permissions
        # which permission system to use
        # possible values: permissions, bukkit, op, default ( = op || bukkit )
    worlds/world.yml (open)
    The world configs now contain sections for each event that can be used. For this example i will only show the settings of one event.
    Event specific config part:
        enabled: true
        # if items should be needed for speedwalk
        # notes:
        # - speedwalk with bare hands won´t work as they don´t trigger the event
        # - speedwalk only triggers on clicks if you target air
        # - if items are disabled the block multi is taken without getting multiplied
        data: 288|1|1|1, 2256|2|1.7|1.3
        # which items can be used to use speedwalk? items must follow this format:
        # itemID|DecreaseBy|multiXZ|multiY, [...]
        enabled: true
        # if blocks should be checked for a speedup
        # note: if blockchecks are disabled the item multis are taken without getting multiplied
        data: 43|4.0|0.5, 44|4.0|0.5
        # which blocks allow speedwalk and what multiplier do they have? blocks must follow this format:
        # blockID|multiXZ|multiY, [...]
    And these settings are not event (but world) specific:
        enabled: false
        # if permission based multipliers should be enabled
        # BE CAREFUL: when you enable these and have a "*" permission because you are an admin
        #            you get all of the default permission multipliers at once which will launch
        #            you into the sky to die a shameful death.
        # one of three permissions you can set. you can define the permission node names yourself.
        # multi values are multipliers.
            node: speedwalk.doubleboth
            multiY: 2.0
            multiXZ: 2.0
        multiXZ: 3.5
        multiY: 0.5
        # if you disable both items and roadblocks these multis are taken
    Final speed calculation (open)
    In all cases the resulting speed for x and z axis gets multiplied with the player velocity. This means you get more speed when you are already walking on use.

    "itemMulti" is the multiplier set for the corresponding item if matched.
    "blockMulti" is the multiplier set for the corresponding block(under player) if matched.
    "permissionMulti" is the multiplier set in the config when multipliers are enabled and the player has the according permission.

    1. Items are enabled, blocks are enabled:
    finalSpeed = itemMulti * blockMulti [ * permissionMulti ]

    2. Items are enabled, blocks are disabled:
    finalSpeed = itemMulti [ * permissionMulti ]

    3. Items are disabled, blocks are enabled:
    finalSpeed = blockMulti [ * permissionMulti ]

    4. Items are disabled, roadblocks are disabled:
    This is the last example and a little special case. The speed value is not taken from items or roads here as they are disabled. Set the speed values in config under misc -> multiXZ and Y.

    finalSpeed = configMulti [ * permissionMulti ]

    Please let the plugin generate a new config after updates to keep things clean.

    Allows you to reload the config files if you have the according permission.
    Toggles if speedwalk is enabled for just you (is only stored temporary).
    Does not enable you to use it if you don´t have permission.

    This plugin supports Permissions and built-in bukkit system with PermissionsBukkit (to manage default bukkit permissions).
    speedwalk.reload            # allows usage of /swreload to reload configs
    speedwalk.use               # allows usage of all events
    speedwalk.use.rightclick    # allows usage of rightclick event
    speedwalk.use.leftclick     # allows usage of leftclick event
    speedwalk.use.sneak         # allows usage of sneak event          # user doesn´t lose items on use
    You can also define permissions yourself that act as speed multipliers. See config for that.

    Speedwalk.jar (includes config)
    Source Code

    Version 1.55
    • Added command /swtoggle to toggle enabled state of plugin for players
    Version 1.5
    • Added MultiWorld support
    • Added support for other events (leftclick, sneak)
    • Added command to reload configs ingame
    • Changed complete config structure again :(
    • Had to change the separators from : to | because of some unexpected bugs (also looks better)
    Version 1.4
    • Added 3 customizable permission based multipliers
    Older changelogs (open)
    Version 1.3
    • Added setting to turn off item requirements
    • Fixed a small bug regarding config
    Version 1.2
    • Added support for multiple items with different speeds and cost
    • Added support for multiple speeds for different block types
    Version 1.1

    • Added Permissions support (2.7.4 and 3.1.6)
    • Added 'RoadBlocks' you can define, so the plugin only triggers when standing on certain blocks
    Version 1.0

    • Speedwalk release
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    Cool, shame idk how to use bukkit perms... xD
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    Oh well its easy if you install the PermissionsBukkit plugin from the link above and let it generate a default config.yml. Then you can insert the nodes similar to other perm plugins.
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    Mayhaps a suggestion for you sir!

    Perhaps you can add support for, or a check rather, for what block the player is standing on. That way, when a player is standing on a road surface, say block types 43 & 44, they get the movement speed multiplier.

    Would come in VERY useful with plugins such as the Lazyroad plugin especially if the block value your plugin checks for is configurable
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    Well i could probably do that, but it isn´t really a movement speed multiplier but more a "make an item push you forward on use". I´ll think about something.

    Implementing Permissions plugin (non Bukkit) support now.
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    how about still using an item, like the feather, just adding an optional check for the road surface. For example:

        xz: 3.6                # x and z axis velocity multiplier applied to player.
        y: 0.6                 # y axis velocity applied to player.
        id: 288                # item you have to hold in hand to enable speedwalking.
        decreaseBy: 1          # decrease item count on use by this amount.
    Surface Requirement:
        id: 43;44              # use -1 for any surface your standing on
    Maybe its just me, but i see that as incredibly useful for a road based public transit system, thats faster than walking; something not really done on bukkit that i've seen yet

    Requiring an item, especially if it were and item not normally obtainable, such as holding a 'block' of dead shrub, would turn high speed roads into toll roads where the item needed could be purchased, and it would only work to speed up a player on the designated road surfaces

    or in another case where a common item such as a feather is used, the player could travel freely at speed, but just on the designated road surface,

    and finally, having a common item such as a feather and no road surface check, leaves you at the same plugin currently have.

    Same functionality you currently have, plus the ability for more, if wanted. sounds like a win/win situation to me.
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    Isn´t what i just added exactly what you look for? It makes the item you have chosen in your config only work as speedup if you stand on one of the defined blocks (It also supports permissions now).

        enabled: true      # if road blocks should be used or not
        blockIds: 43,44    # ids of blocks that are considered roads
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    PERFECTION! Thanks so much, this is exactly what i need. Downloading now!

    ok so i tried it out, and have a bug to report. If your on a surface that is not listed in the config, the error code given is 'you need more of that to use it'

    Other then that, seems to be working great, my players love it

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    Nice to hear you like it :)
    The message you get seems to come from another plugin though - it is not included in Speedwalk.
    What other plugins do you have that might hook player interaction?
    Perhaps this glitch is tied to the feather so try changing the item to another one.
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    + Different speed for different roadblocks (like extremly fast on diamondblocks or something like that for building roads)
    + Different items = different speeds

    Just a little suggestion :)
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    Thanks, I´ll look into this now.
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    No problem. Just had this idea as I set it :)
    Thanks for working on it and for the great plugin!
    See ya =)

    Thank you so much. You're the best :p
    *Downloads it a hundred times!*

    Edit: Little example of my config at the moment:
            data: 288:0:0.7:0.1, 267:0:0.7:0.1, 268:0:0.7:0.1, 272:0:0.7:0.1, 276:0:0.7:0.1, 283:0:0.7:0.1, 257:0:0.7:0.1, 270:0:0.7:0.1, 274:0:0.7:0.1, 278:0:0.7:0.1
            enabled: true
            data: 4:0.8:0.1, 12:0.7:0.1, 2:1.0:0.1, 3:1.0:0.1, 1:1.1:0.1, 13:0.7:0.1, 5:1.4:0.1, 35:1.2:0.1, 43:1.4:0.1, 44:1.4:0.1, 49:2.4:0.1, 66:1.3:0.1, 27:1.3:0.1
    Another suggestion: Maybe add stamina? Like in 'Sprint' (plugin)?

    Next suggestion: Add a '*'-option for items and roadblocks. So you can use every item (even 0) to sprint. Just another idea of my brain :)

    Thanks again and have a nice day,
    NoNe aNd NoNly :)

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    I´ll think about it. When it isn´t too mouch trouble perhaps. I read that notch implements sprinting with 1.8 so i don´t really know if i want to do this.

    This kind of exists for roadblocks (you just disable them) and will come for items too.
    Just note that when it´s set to no items it could be very annoying cause every rightclick makes you accellerate.
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    can you add different settings to permissions?
    so that different groups in permissions can get different jump boost etc.?
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    You were right, its the chimera wing portion of mcmmo popping up, i reassigned and disabled that and all is peachy. Thanks again
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    I´ll look into this later, shouldn´t be too hard.
    But it will probably be a permission that acts as speed multiplier.

    Glad i could help, no problem.
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    but ir works n1 :)
    and is it possible that u add when crouch to sprint and when jump to high jump? o=

    i 'm using this as jump and sprint plugin on my rpg server :)
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    Could you explain a bit more? You mean on crouch and rightclick or only crouch?
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    i mean instead of rightklick
    that you can add crouch and jump for different boosts

    so that when u jump in game (when you have the permission to get a y-coordinate boost) you get the jump boost
    and when crouching-->speed boost like sprinting
    it's difficult to say how i mean it in english xD
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    I´ll see what i can do later this day.
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    Another idea i got:
    I would like to boost netherrack in "world" but not in the nether. Would be cool if you could add this, because some of my players are building a kind of red carped in their house with netherrack.

    Thanks again for the great plugin and I hope you'll take over this little suggestion =)
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    I´m testing this right now in dev and it seems to work good.
    I want to add some other things (config-reload command rules when trying out values!) before i publish though. Probably in a few hours ;)
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    You're one of the best plugin developers. You're always listening to your audience ( :D ) and you always try to take over our ideas. You're really great and I'll use that plugin very long and maybe even if notch released the sprint in 1.8.
    Thanks again and see ya after plugin update!
    Bye mate.
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    okay thx :)
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    So yea, this needed a bit longer than i had thought but i think it´s done.
    Added multi world support and leftclick & sneak event for some other fun.
    Also testing values with /swreload is really nice.

    But i ended up recoding a big part of the plugin so please note that there could still be some bugs..

    Ha thank you very much but im really no good dev at the moment. I might update frequently and listen to the audience but i still lack skill. My code is rather messy but i try to change that at the moment :)

    But it´s really nice to hear people enjoy this plugin.
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    I think we all start as noobs, but we get better all the time ;)
    Just watch some more videos, keep it going and just have fun! You'll become very great!

    Edit1: "onlyOnAirBlock" is missing in config. I'm only using it with it set to true what is default now, but some might want to change it =)
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    Yes i removed that in the last build. I thought it makes no sense to accelerate when standing in front of a block. But you´re right it could be missed. I´ll probably reinsert that as "alsoOnAirBlock"
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    Thanks alot.
    I got another cool idea as i stood in my house building my ceiling out of wood. I always pressed rightclick and was very fast in building. So sometimes I got that little boost and build one block under the other. Very annoying. So I got this idea:
    Add a command which disabled the sprinting for a set amount of time or until you re-enable it.
    Just like "/sw on" and "/sw off". Would make sense and not be that difficult I think.

    Let me know if you're going to add this.
    See ya next time and good luck cleaning up the source :) Bye.
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    Implementing this kind of command makes sense and i´ll try to put that in.

    But i don´t understand the problem you have. I guess from your text your using the plugin with items disabled and only blocks checked. The floor blocks in your house are set in speedwalk config with speed multipliers. You build your ceiling of wood and the plugin gives you a speedboost?

    Well that was easier than expected, there you go :)
    But its only one command atm: /swtoggle

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    That's great aswell. All I needed!

    See ya =)

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