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    SimpleSpleef - Simple Spleefing:
    Version: v3.0.9

    SimpleSpleef has moved to a dev.bukkit page. Please look there for the most recent information!

    SimpleSpleef is not so simple anymore - many, many, many features in the plugin :)
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    what is a spleef? ive seen a couple of these addons but none of them explain what it is
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    "Winners obtain random prices."
    Prizes? Other than that, good plugin!
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    Sounds great! Sure to download this and recommend it to my friends.
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    Prizes, indeed :p Thanks!
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    hey, mod seems to run, but how do I define the boundries?
    I tried starting a game but the blocks weren't insta-destroyed.
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    No boundaries... It is a much simpler plugin than WolfSpleef, for example. You just start a spleef game and the plugin checks for players touching water. So you just build your arena with water below it. The minute a player falls and touches water, he or she is out.
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    Ok thanks, now I'm understanding. But do the blocks not get destroyed instantly then? when game begins
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    No, you just create an area of dirt or whatever, grab a shovel and play. After the game you have to rebuild the area... The arena is not changed by the plugin.
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    Wouldn't that mean people not participating in the game would still count as outs if they were touching the water?
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    Could you make this work for permissions? so only an admin can start a game.
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    Awesome script now

    Whenever I add a new prize like if i want another DIAMOND, i replaced it with APPLE and it
    says the item cannot be found. Is there a certain way you need to add items?

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    How do I configure the prizes?
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    Hello Skulper,

    I do not quite understand :)

    Your config should look like this:

    lang: en
    giveprizes: true
    - APPLE
    - BED
    - BOOK
    - CAKE
    - INK_SACK
    - RED_ROSE
    - STRING
    - TNT
    You can add another line of - DIAMOND here, too. That would increase the chance of a diamond win. Names correspond to the bukkit code base - not very precise yet (no colored wool...):
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    how do you set the spleef so that they automatically join the spleef
  18. I'm confused...
    1. So what are the commands to start?
    2. how do you pick teams?
    3. Does the arena automatically regenerate?
    4. Do I have to make the arena?
    5. Can you make a video tut to show hows this all works?
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    Whoops, forgot to describe the commands :) These should explain most of your questions.

    3 & 4: Create an arena like you would without spleef plugin, bottom has to be water. No commands to define the arena. And no, the arena does not regenerate.

    5: Maybe... I am quite busy right now, but I will keep it in mind.
  20. Sorry for asking another question so quickly but does this plugin work with the new update?
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    No problem :) I have successfully tested it today on my server with some people. The server is running on CB 670.
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    You have some good ideas in this I would like to add into my nSpleef plugin. WAR. Lol :)
    Oh, and why don't you add instant block destroying as a config option, incase people do want it?
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    How about having the spleef floor rebuild itself
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    I support the two above comments.
    But I'd like to see an Advanced and Easy arena building option.
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    I wanted to have a simple spleef alternative, but it seems that demands rise as soon as you publish stuff :)

    What about pooling resources and create "UltimateSpleef", the spleef plugin to end all spleef plugins? Just an idea!

    In the end, it is all a matter of config files, isn't it? Floor rebuilding, iConomy, automatic teleporation, instant block destroying, prizes, arena building, multiple layers, inverted spleef? Turn it on and off, configure it - depending on your taste...
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    Aaron Flynn

    Please please please do this.

    You both have some great ideas, and I would like them to merge...
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    Is there a way to use this plugin with rewards, but without the chance of exploitation between two consenting players? For instance, can you make it so each player pays in 50 coin, then the reward is 100 coin? I feel like this would be a pretty neat idea! Also, it would be super cool to allow outsiders to gamble on the outcome as well, making this quite an event!

    With both of those features my server just might start spleef matches daily :p

    Oh, also I would love to see lava support! Our spleef matches are generalky for keeps. :)
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    Yes, you just set this in the configuration. On my server players pay 11 coin and win 10 per player. Thus the game "keeps" 1 coin per player, effectively kurbing exploitation.

    I am planing to expand the plugin, but I am quite busy this week and on vacation/holiday the next. Please be patient ;-)
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    Myself and a few players on the server I run just used this plugin for about an hour and I just wanted to say thank you! I love the plugin as it is! If I had a request it would be for an admin to be able to override the prizes for a match on the fly without having to edit server files. That way I could organize a tournament with steadily larger prize pots and better prizes throughout the tournament.

    For example, someone with permission could use "/spl prize money 25000" to make the winner of the next match get 25,000 coins. Or "/spl prize item diamondblock" for the winner to get a Diamond Block.

    Also, along the same lines the ability to disable prizes and entry fees by command line would be great, too.

    Keep up the great work!!
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    Wow, what a praise. Thank you :D

    Ok, I think it is a good idea to implement a single prize for a certain game. I will put it on the todo-list, but I can't tell you when I will be able to achieve this. I am on vacation next week, so please stay patient.

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