Inactive [FUN] SecretDoors v1.1 - Hide your base! [1.3.1-R1.1]

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    How to use/Features
    You can delete, create and use Secret-Doors!
    • If you want to create a Secret-Door with the command '/sdnew [The Name of the Secret-Door] [Distance to activate the Secret-Door]' first select two blocks by left-clicking and by right-clicking the blocks with an iron ingot in your hand. The blocks between this two block-positions are now a Secret-Door! If you are the owner of this Secret-Door and go nearer than the distance of it the Secret-Door will open. The blocks are disappeared and will reappear when you are further away than the distance of the Secret-Door! :p

    • If you want to delete a Secret-Door you created just use the command '/sddelete [The Name of the Secret-Door]'! It will delete the Secret-Door!
    NOTE: For now only make 3-Dimensional Secret-Doors! Otherwise the Server is crashing or it's very buggy!
    NOTE2: The maximum number of blocks in a Secret-Door is 1000!
    /sdnew [Name] [Distance] - Create a Secret-Door between two block-positions.
    /sddelete [Name] - Delete a Secret-Door.
    /sddeleteall - Delete ALL Secret-Doors.
    /sdload - Load the Secret-Doors from the config-file.
    SecretDoor.sdnew - States whether a player can create a new Secret-Door
    SecretDoor.sddelete - States whether a player can delete a Secret-Door
    SecretDoor.sddeleteall - States whether a player can delete ALL Secret-Doors
    SecretDoor.sdload - States whether a player can reload the Secret-Doors
    config.Max Secret-Doors - Change the maximum number of Secret-Doors.
    NOTE: DON'T change ANYTHING else in the config-file!
    Download: v1.0
    v1.0 - Release
    Download: v1.1
    v1.1 - Add that you can select the width and height of the Secret-Door with an iron ingot
    • Multiple player door
    • Change door properties per command
    • Change the behaviour of the door whether it is only visible when you are near it or only invisible when you are near it.
    • You can change the maximum number of blocks in a Secret-Door
    Known Bugs
    The Server gives the console errors if a player moves.
    Solution: If you have the Hero- or Auto-Sneak plugin make sure you are NOT sneaking!
    The Server kicks all players.
    Solution: Make sure the Secret-Door you want to create is 3-Dimensional!
    I'm free for suggestions and videos! :)
    EDIT: In the download v1.0 is now a .jar file.
    EDIT: v1.1 is now finished!

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    Is there someone? :eek:
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    That sounds pretty cool.
    Maybe you should try have it so you can select the width of the door?
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    That's a pretty good idea! Thank you!
    I will try to implement it soon! ;)

    EDIT: I've implemented it! :D

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    nice plugin but why did you upload a zip file?
    we can only use .jar files as plugins
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    Sorry for that... :oops:
    I will change that!

    EDIT: In the download v1.0 is now a .jar file.
    (New Download v1.0: link)

    müsli 1
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    Nice and thanks for the fast reply i will try it now
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    I need your feedback to improve my plugin!
    Has someone downloaded and tested my plugin? :'(

    müsli 1
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    You should put a video of it in effect.

    Also, I was wondering what happens if someone breaks the blocks or changes the blocks the secret door is made of?

    Edit: I believe bukkit implemented a sound api, maybe you could add an option to trigger a sound when a secret door opens or closes.
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    • About the video... It's coming soon :D
    • About the block breaking :( Currently the blocks you destroyed will ALWAYS reappear when you are further away than the distance you stated.
    • About the sound... It seems like the api doesn't like me. My Minecraft version is a bit outdated so the newer Server kicks me. (I should update my Minecraft :oops:)

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