Inactive [FUN] Scroll of Random Uselessness 2.2 - Just as the name implies [1.2.3 COMPATIBLE] [1.1-R6/1988]

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    Scroll of Random Uselessness - Just as the name implies!
    Version: v2.2

    Oh, look. I found a bug.
    SoRU 2.2_01 will be coming shortly...
    A newly generated configuration is required for this update!

    To maintain compatibility with several servers still running 1.1, 1.2.3-exclusive content (mobs, items, etc) have not been added into the plugin. That's not to say that the plugin won't work just fine on any build above 1988!

    (As of 2.2, Scroll of Random Uselessness no longer supports Permissions 3.x. The local obfuscator apparently found my use of "prehistoric" technology appalling. I apologize.)

    A scroll of random uselessness. What do you think it does? What do you think it can do?

    Finally give all those reeds a useless use with Scroll of Random Uselessness! Simply read (use) the scroll (paper) and the effects can range from a useless statement to changing your environment to random items falling from the sky, or even temporary invincibility!
    In the words of a friend:
    • Gives paper a new and ever-changing use
    • Uses Permissions if, for some reason, you don't want players reading scrolls
    • Has further permission nodes defined for each individual possible action, allowing for customization of scrolls within your groups
    • Several useless (but hopefully amusing) dud messages
    • Messages are colored by helpfulness (or inherent dangerousness)
    • Can spawn passive, neutral, and hostile mobs around you
    • Has the ability to change the environment around you, up to and including turning a nearby stone block into diamond ore
    • Cake
    • Can heal the player
    • Can give the player temporary (10-second) invincibility
    • Has the chance to drop a random item of a random amount from the sky to the player
    • More cake
    • The ability to vomit up previously eaten porkchops
    • The chance to be a lightningrod for a split-second
    • Can randomly teleport you to another player
    • Can cause an explosion where you are standing
    Full list of possible actions:
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    • Several useless texts
    • Chance to be hit by a bolt of lightning
    • Puddles of water form around you
    • Puddles of lava form around you
    • Nearby stone can turn into diamond ore
    • A cake forms on the block you're standing on
    • Sheep, pigs, cows, chickens, squids and wolves can spawn around you
    • Zombies, skeletons, spiders, zombie pigmen, ghasts, silverfish, endermen, blazes, magma cubes, snowmen, mushroom cows, and creepers can spawn around you
    • Herobrine may appear
    • Scroll may not be used - no bonus effect
    • Cooked porkchops spawn from you
    • Health healed
    • Temporary invincibility
    • Random items will fall from the sky
    • Explosions can occur right where you're standing
    • You can be teleported to another player

    Permissions nodes:
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    Necessary for anyone to use a scroll




    to give your players access to all actions

    Solves all of your problems, and even mows your lawn!


    Ideas I am currently thinking about implementing - comments would help
    • Having a larger range of Useless messages... Admins can define their own random statements.
    • Implementing SuperPerms Done.
    • Getting around to removing the useless block comments all throughout the PlayerListener Done. Entire code was re-written in the process.
    • Balance Server administrators can now define the chance percentages within the configuration
    Because the plugin has been in use on some servers before its official Bukkit release, its entire changelog from 1.0 will be listed.

    Show Spoiler

    Version 2.2_01 (NOT RELEASED YET)
    • I'm kind of a clueless idiot and forgot to update some numbers within the entity spawner. It doesn't exactly cause any crashes, but if you want things like magma cubes to *actually spawn*, you might want this update...
    Version 2.2 (2.1 kind of derped into here, I lost count of my version numbers!):
    • Completely rewrote code. Crashes should no longer occur.
    • Compatible with mostly any CraftBukkit 1.2.3 build (There are no kitties available in here yet in order to maintain backwards compatibility with 1.1 RBs!)
    • Several new configuration options, including the ability to add your own strings as useless statements!
    • General configuration organization.
    • The local obfuscator made me remove Permissions 3.x support. I apologize.
    • Several other smaller changes.
    Version 2.0 (pretend 1.9 is in here as well):
    • Added permission nodes for every individual action
    Version 1.8:
    • Accounted for the new Silverfish and Endermen being spawned, and gave appropriate weights to them. Also expanded Acquirement to allow for the new items.
    • This was a little late...
    Version 1.7:
    • Added cooldowns! Editable in the config file, disabled by default. The cooldown time records in a double, so decimals are accepted.
    • Added weights to the config file! The numbers given are clarified as percent chances (i.e., 20% chance you can teleport.)
    - The plugin works this way: It rolls a category of action, then rolls an individual action within that category. From there, it rolls a dice to see if it should execute that action or redirect to a useless statement. The weights you give it in the config clarify the chance of executing that action - therefore, if it is 100 out of 100, the action will always execute - but only if it is rolled in the first place.
    • Added the ability for explosions to occur
    • Added the ability to get teleported to another player
    • Fixed a silly issue where people using Permissions would get slightly different chances from people who weren't using Permissions.
    Version 1.6
    • Found and fixed several bugs, including banned items dropping from Acquirement and strange config file reverting. Damn you, recursion!
    • At request, a new config option has been added to change how many items may drop from Acquirement, at most.
    Version 1.5
    • Added a config file
    • At request, item used as scroll can now be changed in the config
    • At request, Water and lava will no longer overwrite important blocks - these blocks are configurable in the config.yml
    • The blocks barred from being dropped by Acquirement are configurable in the config
    • At request, Permissions has been implemented - make sure to add the ScrollOfRandomUselessness.canUse node to your players!
    • At request, appearance of useless messages has been lowered... slightly
    • At request and upon rare occasion, Herobrine will make an appearance
    Version 1.4_03
    • Raised chances for Acquirement again (40%).
    • The plugin can now spawn Chickens.
    Version 1.4_02
    • Lowered how often water would be created around you.
    • Due to the severe responses of players getting acid reflux, the chance to vomit up previously eaten porkchops has been lowered.
    • Increased the chance of Acquirement by 12.5%.
    • Lowered the chance of Ghasts and Creepers spawning on a victim.
    Version 1.4_01
    • Changed the color of Ghast spawning to dark red to make the inherent danger of a giant, flying, fireball-shooting jellyfish a little more noticeable.
    Version 1.4
    • Added the possibility of getting a cake where you're standing.
    Version 1.3
    • Added Acquirement - it is now possible for a random item of a random amount to fall from the sky to you!
    • Added the ability for Creepers to be spawned.
    Version 1.0
    • Release
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    I run this plugin on Ubuntu, and as the JVM is similar cross-platform, that should not be a factor in compatibility issues. Unix-like file systems (at least up to ext4) support directories and file names with spaces in them. We aren't sure right now what the problem is but we did address a file-overwrite bug prior to release, though it has since been corrected.
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    So I'm using Residence, would this do things like form water and lava puddles and etc. in protected regions if someone walks into one and uses a scroll.
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    Yes it will, I'm sorry... Permissions exist, and even though that's not much of a defense, if you know a group that seems apt to... destroying protected areas...
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    After playing with a very small test version, I ended up killing my testworld and my JVM. Ever run out of heap space? Wayyy too many item entities.

    I don't think it would be safe making a plugin that does this, especially if you specify how long it does this for. You'd lose half your server population instantly.

    The plugin has been updated for CraftBukkit build 1000.

    I added the config option to allow for a max amount of items dropped.

    Both of these have been fixed. Please message me if you find the errors recurring still.

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  6. Same issue in latest version.

    Load plugin, start server.
    Stop server, change 339 to 322.
    Start server.
    Stop server, check config, 322 changed back to 339 by itself.

    I still suspect the usage of spaces in a foldername...
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    Spaces cause no problem for me. I changed it to a few items, and it remains written.
    I run Windows XP, however; I don't have any Linux distribution anywhere for me to test on.

    I'll mess around with stuff some more and see if I can nail whatever may be causing your problems.

    Thank you for your patience with this...
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    I got an Idea for more random "jokes". You could make use of fortune. It's linux tool, which just posts a message, like: "Your object is to save the world, while still leading a pleasant life."
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    Please tell me if this fixes your problem; I tried removing the spaces as you suggested. There should be nowhere else in my code that would make this happen.

    I don't have/use Linux, but I will look into it. Thank you for the suggestion.

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    love it but there should be a usage cooldown because if spammed it freezes
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    Freezes? How many players are doing this at once? O___o

    I will look into it.
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    i tryed the plugin just and gave myself 64 papers. i spammed rightclick. freeze.
    im not sure if its an issue with another plugin but he freezed verry fast.
    and i had no error spam at all.
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    I tried the sane thing with 3 stacks. My server didn't freeze. Was quite amusing though :)
    Can you make it more configurable? Maybe all texts, chances, and so on in config files? My player keep telling me it's quite overpowered the way it is.
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    Unless you used a click bot, had a very slow/bad test server, or had too little RAM allocated to your JVM, it shouldn't do that.

    Nonetheless I will look into making a cooldown. I just have bad associations with cooldowns. =_=

    I have actually never thought about making the CHANCES configurable. That could be done.

    Texts are pulled randomly as it is, so that shouldn't be messed with imo.

    Will look into your suggestion.

    Actually, now that I think about it, I have a REALLY flipped up chancing system in the plugin. Making chances will be somewhat confusing.

    I could change a config so that you have some influence on WEIGHT, but I can't do complete chances without renovating my code.

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    reweighting sounds nice!
    And an external file with the qotes would be really nice, I'd like to insert my own sentences :)
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    im gamer my fingers are fast :-P
    i run my server on a virtual server and it has allocated 3gb ram and noone was online, and i just restarted it. so i dont think its because of ressource. but at all the combination of some plugins could cause a free because they cant handle each events i think.

    but thank you for looking after a cooldown, u just learn by it. cant java also use something like a wait() or sleep() call? but it should be possible at all, mcmmo also have cooldowns, maybe you could use the system time also.
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    My fingers are fast too, but I really don't understand why it did that to you...
    Methods such as "wait()" and "sleep()" are nonexistent unless declared by the codewriters. I will need to use a Scheduler to make a cooldown, as system time is unreliable.
    MCMMO has cooldowns, but cooldowns there serve a different purpose from cooldowns with a paper. The apparent reason for it is different as well, as I haven't heard of Super Breaker spamming catching someone's computer on fire...

    I can't tell you when I get a cooldown out, but it will have a config.

    I remember a protip plugin I made that dealt with custom loading from a config file. That was a nightmare.
    Once I get over those horriffic memories, I can look into how to get it integrated with this plugin.

    I cannot give a definite date for whenever these updates may come around, however I have implemented random player teleportation and explosions (both configurable) so there'll be stuff to come.

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    I'd really like this with the option to choose what DOESN'T happen. For example, even while putting virtually every block on the non-destroy by lava/water list - it still creates part of a puddle. I'd like to disable water/lava altogether before I implement this.
  19. Having two issues, running CB1000 with version 1.6 of this plugin on Ubuntu.
    The config resets every time the server does, and occasionally, one of the acquirement's crashes the server. It doesn't output any errors to the console, it just kills the server stone dead. And as a result of the other issue I'm having, I can't even stop acquirement from happening :(
    Apart from that, loving the plugin.
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    Configs seem to be randomly resetting for some people. I have no clue why. o__O

    I am updating before the end of the day - I have an update fully made, just need to get it obfuscated and junk. Hopefully this should stop the crashing, I do apologize for these issues...

    There should be an option for that. I'm going to update before the end of the day, so I appreciate your patience in this matter.

    Ignore the strikethrough parts. Plugin is getting updated later than the end of today. =.=
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    Plugin updated.

    To disable things, even though the config disable should be working, just set a weight of -1 and the effect should never appear. I hope that assists you guys.

    Also, cooldown added! The parameter accepts doubles, so decimals are okay (say, 1.5 seconds.)
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    Is anyone else having issues with the download link? Or am I the unlucky 100th customer?
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    Uh. Thank you for pointing that out.


    EDIT;; Fixed. Sorry about that. >____<
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    Still having some trouble...Had to copy the whole link and paste in my address bar to get it to work, but it works, thanks for fixing it
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    Glad you at least got the thing. I'll mess with the link later. >_<
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    Even if you can't get the link resolved, it's TOTALLY worth any hassle, it's flipping hilarious!
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    I think I got it resolved, actually. It was funny - I was copypasting weird, so it was displaying as the correct link, however, it redirected to the link three times over, spliced into different segments inside itself.

    Nonetheless, fixed.
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    Yeah, that sounds about like what I was running into. It looks like it's fixed to me. And by the way, I absolutely love this plugin still, even though it's got me killed half a dozen times, which would annoy me, but it's been so desperately comical.
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    LOL thank you for that comment! If you think of anything that could be added, please let me know. (More useless quotes might be an idea...)
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    You're quite welcome. Well, since you mension it: Time/weather shifts? Armour/tool restoration? Rain of (flaming) arrows? Herobrine? (j/k?)
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    Well, Herobrine's already in there.

    I'd have to think a little about changing the weather, since that might tick everyone else off with constant rain-sun-rain-sun-rain-sun (because I know some people on my server who use this plugin religiously. Same with time. However, could be done.

    Flaming arrows LOL That one has potential, I'll read up on how I might execute that.

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