Inactive [FUN/RPG] Tent v0.05 - create a quick house quickly [1060]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by ashtheking, Jul 17, 2011.

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    Okay thanks. And the storm thing was only supposed to be for me, i hate storms. I forgot to remove it, lol.
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    how about the option to configure what material the tent is made out of? Also a door instead of a hole in the wall would be nice :] crafting bench furnace chest would be a awsome touch
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    Okay, i'll add those over the weekend.
  4. Great teamwork! It's awesome when plugin devs help each other out to benefit everybody.
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    @MrFloris I wish for the best of plugins that interest me. :)
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  6. It is that only ops are able to get wool from tents?
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    No, no one can get the wool from tents.
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    @ashtheking : You really should update the plugin. :)

    I have another thing for you. Your "unique ID's" are wrong, and saving/deleting tents from the config glitches.

    Right now I have.... 10 tents being loaded in the exact same spot (that don't exist).
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    I'm actually testing and fixing it. You were wrong about why it duplicates, however. Also, you really shouldn't be editing the .dll! There's a message there for a reason!
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    I didn't edit the .dll. =P

    I didn't say unique id's were the reason why it duplicates. The Unique ID value resets to 3000 when you reload/restart the server. It can then overwrite any tents that already existed. Unique ID should only been made when "saving" (Store it as Tent_ID)

    Then when "loading" loop from "Start ID" until there are no more tents to load. (Which should be StartID, StartID+1, StartID+2, and so on since it's only set when storing)
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    No, i meant earlier. You were wrong about the duplication reason.

    Released the next build. Please do not use the old build, this contains many bugfixes and such for it.

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    Duplication for what?
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    You were right when you said that i should remove the furniture before the walls, but then you seemed to change your mind here.
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    No no no.. That was a different glitch.

    If you make a tent, then break the torch, the torch drops (because you don't cancel the event before destroying the tent). (In the previous version)

    @ashtheking : Glitch on loading tents.

    if (s.equalsIgnoreCase("idCount"))

    the first property is idCount = number
    So it never loads.

    EDIT: Should be "continue;"

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    Ah, damn. thanks.
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    Told you how to fix this as well.
    Store size in "tent."​
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    Yeah, i forgot about that. I'll release another plugin tommorrow, i'm managing's RP right now.
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    make it a triangle tent please? It would look so much better.
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    I like the idea of this plugin but it would be good if you could also customize what the tent actually looks like
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    Suggest if you want some feature. :

    Autoprotect the Door ,The Chest and the Furnace with LWC ;)
    and when you break anything
    then deprotect it automatical xD

    Sry for bad English ;)
    but i hope you can understand me :p
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    I'm changing the shape due to popular demand, and what do you mean "Customize what the tent actually looks like", @Gamer_169? Could you elaborate? @Sh00ck Your english is very good. I don't have a door yet, because of data bugs, and i feel locking your chest and furnace should be your responsiblity, :)
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    when i go to sleep monsters keep comeing in idk if that bug or not but can u help me
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    Got skype ash? I think I could help you come up with a new way to make houses and such. ;)
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    The reason why monsters keep spawning is that the tent is open to the outside. You have to close up the entrance to sleep safely. I'll see whether i could make some automagical thing for it. @feildmaster, no sorry.
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    @ashtheking : Even if you close it, if the bed is next to a wall there is still a chance monsters can spawn "in the wall" essentially.
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    Ah, i'll fix that.
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    My suggestion is to make it optional to make it OP only!
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    @kyuubireaper : What point would it have if OP's are the only ones that could set up tents?
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    sorry if its bin mentioned i only skimmed though but.. you should have a look at:
    might help with the tent size/customizing although i dont think the source is there
    having custom tents would be nice

    with tentthis i used scrolling command signs so it was 100% command free just buy a sponge from RealShop and pick your tent type from a sign

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