[FUN/RPG] S86 Powers v4.3.0 - Give players unique powers [1.5.2-R0.1]

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    S86 Powers is a plugin that allows server operators and admins to give players unique powers. (More info coming soon


    When S86 Powers is first loaded a config file will be created in your server's plugins/S86 Powers directory. This file will contain a database of players and beacons (more on that later). This file should never need to be directly edited; doing so may cause undesirable effects.

    Once the plugin is loaded for the first time, the player database will be empty. In order for players to have powers, they will first need powers assigned to them.

    The first thing you'll want to do is get a list of what powers are included. To do this, you can type the command /powers power.
    This will populate a full list of all powers in the power database. The powers are all color-coded by their type. Powers in yellow are passive perks. These are generally powers which trigger automatically under certain conditions. Powers in red are offensive abilities. These are powers which usually require a trigger and are primarily meant to damage an opponent in some way. Finally, powers in blue are defensive abilities. These powers also usually require a trigger, but are primarily meant to increase the user's chances of survival rather than hurt or hinder an opponent.

    Of course, knowing the name and type for a power doesn't help much, you need to know what it does. To get more detailed information on a power, you can use the command /powers info power [name]. For example, to see info on the power Acrobat, you would type the command /powers power acrobat, which would display this:
    This gives detailed information on the specified power. This information includes the full name of the power, the power's type, a description of what the power does, and a list of players currently using the power.

    Let's say for example a player on your server named sirrus86 has taken these steps already and has decided he really wants the Acrobat power. By default only server operators can actually set powers to players, so it's now up to you (assuming you're an operator) to assign the Acrobat power to sirrus86. Fortunately, this is done in a single command: /powers player sirrus86 acrobat.
    As you can see, sirrus86 didn't previously exist in the players database, so he was added to it automatically. He now has Acrobat set as his passive power.

    Chances are, even when following the above steps, sirrus86 won't be able to use Acrobat just yet. To prevent abuse, powers will only enable under a certain set of circumstances:
    • The player must have the permission node s86powers.enable set to true.
    • The player must be in survival mode
    Once these conditions are met, they're good to go.

    Powers can be added at any time to any player, however they may only have one passive, one offensive, and one defensive power at a time. Setting a new power to a player who already has a power of the same type will overwrite it. For example, after giving sirrus86 Acrobat, he changes his mind and decides he wants Diversion. You give him Diversion using the same command, /powers player sirrus86 diversion, but because it's also a passive power, Acrobat will be removed and replaced with Diversion. On the other hand, if sirrus86 decides he wants Pulse, he can have it and still retain his passive power.

    More Info

    The latest version of S86 Powers, as well as more info, can be found on BukkitDev.


    Got an idea for a power that isn't included? Send me a message, or leave a post below.
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    Heh you didn't have to post this twice XD

    Already replied to your message.
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    Opps! Just in case I guess XD
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    Hi again,

    Phasewalk and NetherCloak are very similiar, and I have people on my sever asking which is best. Phasewalk allows you to travel very far distances very quickly and walk through 1-block-wide walls. Nethercloak uses up Blazepowder a lot quicker than 1 lapiz, and is harder to get in the first place.

    What I'm saying here is, could we get rid of NetherCloak? It serves the same purpose as Phasewalk, just harder to collect the materials to use. That doesn't even make sense!:eek:Or maybe combine the two, just the functions of Phasewalk only enable after Lvl 20 or something, otherwise it's just plain not balanced!

    Ignore all that, just realized that it's admins who give the powers in the first place, and on a rpg power style sever, you (as in a sever owner) could set up a economy to buy anyway (from a hidden sign or similiar).

    Please ignore the rant.

    One more suggestion:-

    Type: Passive
    Effect: A block of glowstone constantly hovers above the person, anyone nearby gets a small damage boost (strength) and a small speed boost, exept for the commander. This only takes place while holding a sword from iron+, and the commander has to have a minimum of 10Lvls to enable the power. Maybe effect could get stronger depending on the Lvl from 10?

    Just thought it would be useful in a battle situation, instead of having to have one guy holding a torch who is basically a priest:eek:, on my sever the "priest" class has lower hp anyway:). That way new players could find someone to lead them easily, or maybe admins could use the power?

    Yours Pluginly
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    Yeah Nether Cloak was requested by a player on my server long after Phasewalk had been made, some people just want a simpler kind of power than others.

    I like the Commander idea, I'll get it in there.
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    Hey again! It looks like you've been very busy!
    I have another power suggestion after playing Hack / Mine for a while--
    "Terrain Expertise" : Ability to climb up natural blocks as though they're ladders. Ie: leaves, wood, stone, sand, sandstone.

    Thanks again! And good luck!
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    I've actually never tried this, and am not sure if it's even doable without something client-side, but I'll give it a shot.
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    For some reason I can't get Aquaphile to work on my server. The gold sword water moving thing... What am I doing wrong.
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    You're not doing anything wrong, after removing the rideable squid code I think I accidentally removed the acceleration code. I'll have it fixed in v3.2.3.

    Edit: I just uploaded v3.2.3 and TOTALLY forgot to fix this, my bad! I will make sure this is the first thing I do when I start v3.2.4.
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    Where is the file? And damn alot of people want it fixed on my server XD
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    I just uploaded it a few hours ago. It won't show up until a member of BukkitDev staff reviews it. v3.2.2 took about 18 hours from upload to available... hopefully this one won't take as long!
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    Hey sirrus86, first of, really nice mod/plugin!

    Mind if ask you to send me the updated file via PM, can upload it to mediafire or something similar :)
    I have 2 friends here that been using that Aquaphile power for a while and they are now a bit sad with this update.
    I know you said it will be uploaded soon, but it would be so much faster that way.
    In case you are very busy, i'll understand and just wait for the upload.

    EDIT: I just noticed something and i'd love if you could add it to the next update.
    The water barrier skill has no tweakable option in the pconfig.yml.
    Could you add this value in next update please?
    "water-heal-amt: X
    water-heal-cooldown: Xs"

    EDIT #2: I just read about the rideable-squid and i was wondering if it would be added back to the plugin or not, cause i really like the idea :) Minecraft miss rideable things...

    Thank you good sir.
    Your friend, Murlocking
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    I've decided to make a version of S86 Powers available as a direct download for those who've been anticipating the changes I promised and didn't apply to version 3.2.3. I left a post with the download link on the BukkitDev site. You can view the comment here.

    I'll add your request for Water Barrier to my list. Eventually all powers will be configurable.

    The rideable squid originally caused issues where the power would presumably crash whenever any other players were near the user. Eventually I do plan to go back and reimplement this.
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    Hi sirrus86, i'm reporting a few bugs with patch 3.2.3a (didn't test 3.2.3b because i dont use permissions with that plugin)

    Here's what i got :

    AeroBlade: Feathers Damage should scale with Sword Damage (currently it is very very weak, my friend cant barely hurt anything.
    Sound range need to be fixed , i can hear my friend using his swords from miles away and there is no difference in the sound volume if i'm far or close from him
    It push back friendly target, annoying when you have a few melee players in your group.

    Aquaphile: Keep healing me even OUT of water, after getting in water in the first place.
    Doesn't care about Item ID, works with any sword (i only tested Golden and Stone Sword but i guess it work with all of them)
    I don't know why people said the acceleration things was not working on the other page, because it work flawless.
    An other thing, i actually went to fast and hit the ground and died ( YEAH I CAN FLY!... fail :p ) then i had to reset my server to gain the effect from that power again, kinda odd.

    Here's my pconfig settings :
    -lock: false
    max-swim-speed: 1.5
    snowball-heal-amt: 2
    sword-id: 283
    water-heal-amt: 1
    water-heal-cooldown: 3s

    And here's his my config settings (might help you recreate my problem with Aquaphile):
    passive: Aquaphile
    offense: PyroBlade
    defense: Reflection

    Short story, i dont' want to use Aquaphile because it's way to OP, my HP keep regenerating after i touch water and get out of it.
    Hoping you can fix this as soon as possible. Aquaphile was my main power.
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    Thanks for reporting any bugs you've found.

    AeroBlade Damage - Originally this power didn't inflict any damage; with careful timing and targetting the user could juggle an enemy in the air almost indefinitely, and due to Minecraft's fall mechanics, after a few juggles letting the enemy fall resulted in insta-death. However the requester wanted some damage, so I added it. Why I didn't make this configurable in pConfig is beyond me, but I'll get to it.

    AeroBlade Sound - Coding a power to play sound involves a very simple code: pick a world, pick a location in the world, play the sound there. If everyone in that world can hear the sound, then it's probably an error in Minecraft or Bukkit's code, and if it's common I imagine they'll fix it quickly.

    AeroBlade Friendly Fire - The best I can do is include an option to turn off PvP for the power, as is it's indiscrimanent (as are all of the powers). In the future I may implement Factions (or related plugins) support to have powers ignore allies.

    Aquaphile Healing - Probably an oversight in coding, my bad! I'll get this fixed.

    Aquaphile Item - Yes, I recoded Aquaphile to work with any sword. Previously, when the power transformed the user into a squid, I didn't want it to trigger with the use of any sword, so I picked the gold sword to be the one to trigger it. Now that the effect isn't there, there's less need to discriminate. This will probably come back when I get the squid form working again.

    Aquaphile Flying - And yes, with enough speed you can launch yourself out of the water. This may kill you depending on speed and how far you fall, but it shouldn't disable the power. I'll check over it.

    A lot of people seem to really like Aquaphile! Unfortunately I can't keep releasing sub-versions, but I will get these fixes into v3.2.4 and get it done as quick as I can.
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    Thanks alot man :)
    I would really like to see all those feature you mentioned in 3.2.4, would be really cool for my server hehe!

    Keep this in mind, YOU'RE THE BOSS! :D
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    1. Mind Control. Control and mob or player for a limited time.

    2. X-Ray See an outline of any mob/player you want through walls
    Hope you like my ideas.
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    I do like your ideas... Problem is Bukkit doesn't have functionality to support either of these XD
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    Here are a few more ideas.

    FatProtection: When you're about to get killed from an attack and your hunger in high enough, reduce the hunger points instead of health points.
    Chef: If someone with this ability cooks a food at the furnace, double the burning speed of the furnace. This does not increase the efficiency of the item used to cook. (For example a coal still can only burn eight and not sixteen despite the increased speed)
    IronShield: Sneaking with Iron Ingot can negate any damage dealt from attacks but deplete a tiny bit of hunger when hit.
    TripleArrow: When firing an arrow while sneaking, fire two more arrows one by one quickly with the exact same direction and speed.
    Dodge: Can 'dodge' attacks 30% of the time. Dodging means to negate an attack's damage and its effects.
    Diet: Gets 50% more hunger points when eating food.
    Gobbler: Can eat food instantly.
    FeatherWeight: Falls slowly like chicken and immune to fall damage. Also gets knocked further when hit by attacks.
    GoldenHeart: Eating Golden Apple fully replenishes both Health and Hunger. Regeneration effect retained.
    MonsterSoul: Monsters doesn't attack you unless you attack them, but gets burned by direct sunlight.

    This one can be a really great ability but can be very hard to make. By using up a monster drop (right-click when holding), you can morph into a monster and copy its abilities.

    You may not need to read how to use a mob's abilities if you can think it up by yourself, but to give you some ideas:
    - Using a Rotten Flesh transforms you into a Zombie. As a Zombie, you can damage enemies by simply touching them.
    - Using a Bone transform you into a Skeleton. As a Skeleton, right-clicking is like using a Bow except you have infinite arrows and bow durability, but you also can't pick up your arrows.
    - Using a Gunpowder transforms you into a Creeper. Right-clicking self-destructs your mob state, blowing you up and transforms you back into a human afterwards.
    - Using a Ghast Tear transforms you into a Ghast. You can fly like in creative mode except slower like how Ghasts fly. Right-clicking creates the scream noise and launches ghast fireballs.
    - Using a Blaze Rod transforms you into a Blaze. You can fly too and launch fireballs too. Except of course this time it's Blaze fireballs.
    - Using a String transforms you a Spider, giving you to climb walls and attack enemies by touching them, and also jump higher.
    - Using a Spider Eye transforms you to a Spider Eye. Of course they're like spiders but is only 1x1x1, allowing you to sneak at some places you cannot go as human and also you have poisonous touch attack.
    - Using an Iron Ingot transforms you to an Iron Golem, granting you the large HP it has and the medium-range attack it does.
    - Using a Dragon Egg transforms you to Ender Dragon, allowing you to fly and break blocks like it can and the extremely big HP it has.
    - Using an Ender Pearl transforms you to Enderman, which allows you to attack enemies by touching them and throw infinite invisible Ender Pearls without getting the fall damage. Also if possible add the pick up and drop block feature like they sometimes do.
    - Using a Pumpkin (yes, pumpkin, not snowball) transforms you to Snow Golem, allowing you to leave snow trails and throw infinite Snowballs.
    - Using a Slimeball transforms you into a huge Slime, allowing you to do the attack-by-touching-enemies too. When you're killed, you'll split and become a smaller slime while the other small slimes split from the big you becomes your allies. Also you walk by hopping around like they do.
    - Using a Gold Nugget transforms you to a Zombie Pigman. You know what it does.
    - Using a Magma Cream transforms you to Magma Cube. Similar to Slimes, your split body becomes your allies.

    NOTE: You cannot use items when you're a mob, you have no hunger and your HP depends from which mob you transform into.
    If you die when you're a mob (Creeper exploding counts as dying) or press the Sneak button three times consecutively you will be restored to your previous state as human, and cannot transform again for 1 minute. Also smoke effect when transforming into a mob and when transforming back to human.

    Also if possible make so that we will emit the monster's sounds while transformed as them. For example, when you transform into a zombie, the usual grumbling voices of the zombies sometimes plays. And the sound when you get damaged, and also the Ghast's scream when they attack.

    Another idea that can be interesting is that when your friend transforms into a spider and you a skeleton, you can ride the spider and be a Spider Jockey. The player which becomes a Spider controls where they go while the skeleton can fire arrows.

    If you find some monsters to difficult to make, like the Ender Dragon, Iron Golem, Ghasts, Enderman, etc, you can skip them. It's better that this ability exists even if you can only transform into Zombie, Skeleton and Spider than not having this ability at all.

    Also you may add the feature to transform to mobs like Silverfish and Wolves which doesn't really have their own drops by using another item, for example Stone Bricks for Silverfish and Bone Meal for (hostile) wolves.

    Btw, I didn't know I am supposed to post ideas here so I sent a PM to you in dev.bukkit, so in case you don't read them, here's it:

    For the EnderVision Ability, perhaps you should make that using that ability allows you to see invisible players as well.
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    Almost a week later... lol my bad!

    Enchanter - I'll add it to the list.

    TripleJump - Heh I can't even make the player do a double jump...

    Survivalist - Sounds good, you got it.

    Climber - I'm not sure that this can be accomplished server-side the way client-side mods make it work, but I'll try.

    PigRider - I attempted to make mounted mobs controllable with MobTamer and failed miserably, so I don't see this working.

    SlowAura - Sounds simple, you got it.

    UltraSlash - Sure thing.

    Petrify - I can do this.

    IceElemental - I can't make someone walk normal on ice, but the rest of this is doable.

    FireElemental - You got it.

    EnderVision - I can't make this work until NightVision comes back in 1.4. But I can make the seeing players part work, however it'll let you even see people using vanish, so...

    FatProtection - Lol sounds good to me.

    Chef - I can do that.

    Iron Shield - Sounds good.

    Triple Arrow - Can do.

    Dodge - Yep.

    Diet - Sure thing.

    Gobbler - Strangely, I can't do this, as there's no hook event for eating.

    FeatherWeight - You mean like FeatherFall?

    GoldenHeart - This sounds like it could be a little overpowered... and again, there's no hook event for eating.

    MonsterSoul - I like it.

    Morph - Hah now this one I love, while working on Lycanthropy I came up with another power idea very similar to this.
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    I'm so looking forward for Morph :D it's something I really want, no pressure.

    Here are some more ideas you may want to read:

    Right-clicking with an iron ingot (or a compass if you like) repels mobs and players in pvp, right-clicking when sneaking attracts them. Does not use up the iron ingot. To make it not overpowered or underpowered just make sure the speed of repelling and attracting is balanced enough. Although I think I don't even need to say that.

    Body glows like a glowstone.

    Can move boats two times faster (which is really fast but boats aren't used much anyway).
    Also if possible make it so that maps in inventory updates on itself even without you holding it and can shoot arrows while on boat.
    This may be even harder or impossible (I dunno because I'm not a plugin dev) but if possible make it so that placing boat places a much bigger boat (maybe 4 times bigger) so that other people can stand on the boat.
    What may be even harder to make: make it so that other people can also ride the big boat.

    Right-clicking with a red mushroom uses it up, doubling any damage you deal but also slows you.
    Right-clicking with a brown mushroom uses it up, doubling your speed but also doubles the damage you get.
    Duration is 30 seconds.
    Level 30+: Eating Mushroom Stew while sneaking gives you both positive effects.

    SpiderSoul (since you prefered the Climber name instead of SpiderSoul for my suggestion earlier)
    You can walk through cobwebs without getting slowed. Also you can place cobwebs that disappear/break itself after 5 seconds by placing Strings while sneaking. Does not use up the Strings but have a 2 second cooldown for each placement.
    Also immune to poison.

    CreeperCommander [Type: Offense]
    Quite similar to CreeperBlood.
    Immune to explosions and Creepers doesn't attack you.
    However, with this power you can make up to 3 creepers follow (or unfollow) you by right-clicking them barehanded (much like MobTamer, but only creeper and you can get up to 3 creepers). Right-clicking a creeper with a gunpowder or attacking them will cause them to explode. The difference is that if you command them to explode by attacking/left-clicking them, they explode without destroying blocks. For servers without plugins that does not allow creeper destroying blocks it can be useful.

    So the idea of the power is that you can have creeper friends and command them to explode, while you have explosion resistance to prevent them killing you instead. If overpowered, maybe only one creeper can follow you, although having more following you around is cool.

    Equipping pumpkin as helmet won't block your sight like usual, and instead gives you protection as much as an iron helmet with full durability does.
    Level 30+: You can also equip Jack-o-lanterns. The difference is that since the jack-o-lantern shines, you can see better in dark places.

    Equipped leather armors become as strong as iron armors. Drinking milk also restores 4 hearts of HP. Touching a cow or a mooshroom also slowly restores HP. However, eating Steak and Raw Beef does not restore hunger and damages you instead for 2 hearts. Drops 1-3 raw beef if killed while using any part of leather armor, or 1-3 steak if killed with fire.

    Able to hide inside any cobblestone, stone or stone brick blocks by right-clicking them barehanded for up to 20 seconds. When hiding, no one can see you or attack you. If you hide for longer than 20 seconds or have the block you're hiding in destroyed, you're forced to come out. After coming out, you can only hide again after 5 seconds. If the block you're hiding in got hit by an explosion you too will got damaged by the explosion when coming out.

    Also sneaking allows you to become even smaller, allowing you to go through 1x1x1 holes, and silverfish ignores you although it won't be very useful since they are rare.

    Flail/Harpoon (choose the name that suits it more)
    If the bobber of the fishing rod hits a mob, it'll deal 2.5 hearts of damage to them.

    GolemMaster [Type: Offense]
    Right-clicking barehanded on golems will cause it to follow you. For Snow Golems, its snowballs will also deal half a heart of damage.

    You can only have two snow golems or one iron golem following you. Causing a third snow golem to follow you will free the first snow golem, causing a snow golem when an iron golem is following you will free the iron golem, causing an iron golem to follow you will free any snow golems following you.

    The golems will attack any nearby hostile mobs (if necessary, make so that Iron Golems don't attack creepers) and also players who attack you.

    Using up Coals or Charcoals makes you move very fast for a duration and also smoke will come out above your head. I mean VERY fast. Also you walk way faster on rails, and even much faster in powered rail. Such incredible speed.

    The more diamonds, golds and irons you have in your inventory, the more you will deal damage. Diamonds have bigger effect than gold and iron, while Gold Ingots have bigger effect than iron.

    You can dive underground (in dirt) like how you swim in water by holding the sneak button for 2 seconds when standing on one of those blocks. You have limited breath like how you swim in water, so the Respiration enchantment helps you to breathe longer too.
    Level 30+: Allows you to swim under sand, gravel and soul sand as well.

    Stare a mob or player for long enough, and it'll be forced to stare at you for one second. (their heads/eyes automatically aims to you) When the target turns away, you will teleport behind them. When staring at a hostile mob, they will turn away after a random few seconds. As long as you're staring a hostile mob and it stares back at you your hunger increases.

    Also I found a bug: I added the Aquaphile power to myself, then I replace it with some other ability. I can no longer breathe underwater but I'm still healed underwater.
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    What would you think about allowing additional subnodes to the node that allows you to set your own power to dictate what powers you can set for yourself? I use heroes, and I wanted a way to let the players add the powers to themselves, but not any, just a select few. Thanks in advance.
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    So somehow I got even more ideas.
    Note: If you think I give too many ideas, please make the Morph ability top priority among all the idea I gave you.

    Get speed bonus when walking on Netherrack, Soul Sand and Nether Brick Materials. Always have speed bonus, jump bonus, fall damage resistant and immunity to any damage from fire and lava only when you are in the Netherworld. Monsters ignore you when in Nether unless you attack them. Right-clicking (without placing the block) while sneaking and holding a Netherrack teleports you between the Netherworld and the Overworld. Can eat Nether Warts for hunger of 2 drumsticks.

    If overpowered, you may add water weakness or remove the teleporting with Netherrack ability, or maybe fall damage and jump bonus. Remember though, those abilities (except the Netherrack teleportation) only works in the Netherworld, a place we don't go on very often.

    If you right-click when holding a food while sneaking, instead of eating you will throw it. It will deal damage depending on how much drumsticks it's worth. (For example a Steak will deal 4 damage and a Bread 2.5, if overpowered you can make it so it will only deal half of the drumsticks it replenishes)

    There was a "Chef" idea before, so I got the ideas of abilities for some other daily tasks in Minecraft.

    CropFarmer (The Auto-Plant thing may be hard to make)
    When planting Wheat and Nether Warts (Also potatoes and carrots in future versions), automatically use up the rest of the same kind of seeds to plant them on all Farmlands/Soul Sands nearby. (Suggested 3 or 5 blocks to front, to back and to both sides)
    When harvesting crops, you have 25% chance to get double drop. Melons, pumpkins and fully grown cocoa fruits gets destroyed instantly.
    Tilling a dirt after right-clicking with hoe not on dirt activates an ability where you create more farmlands in front of the farmland you're tilling. (Make it so you got a message when you choose to activate the ability when right-clicking to air, and you can also cancel the ability by right-clicking again)

    the player is at 'P', and after using the ability on the dirt(O) on the right of him:

    the X are the farmlands.

    Also if possible, make any crops you plant grow 20% faster.

    Farming isn't too necessary in Minecraft, but if you do, this power is gonna be useful.

    Get double loot when slaying animals and have two baby animals born from breeding.

    When catching a fish, 20% chance to get an enchanted tool - it can have either low or high enchantment level.

    Can only eat foods made from plants (like apples, mushroom stews, breads, melon slices, cookies, cakes and in the future potatoes, carrots and pumpkin pies) and cannot eat meat including rotten flesh and the raw beef, raw chicken and raw pork, but get triple hunger from them.

    Can craft a lot of stuff that others can't.

    Saddle recipe:
    L L L
    L L L
    L = Leather

    Cobweb recipe: 1 String

    Grass block recipe:
    T = Tall Grass, D = Dirt

    Ice block recipe: 1 Water Bucket. Crafting Ice does not remove the bucket from the crafting slot, much like when you craft cake with buckets of milk.

    Chiseled Stone Brick: 1 Stone Brick

    Sponge: Any 2 wools

    Maybe you can add a few recipes yourself if you got some ideas.

    Upon killing a mob, immediately teleport or pull the loot (including exp orbs) to you. Useful for acquiring Ghast Tears and also for battles using arrows.

    Right-clicking when holding a feather allows you to levitate in the air, in other words, not falling, cannot jump and don't move vertically at all. Using it up again lets you fall. Does not use up the feather. Immune to fall damage.

    If overpowered, add a cooldown to the ability and limit on how long levitating can be.

    Gets three times longer duration from potions.

    When holding a map, immediately complete the map.

    Feel free to adjust the numbers if you think some (or all) of them are unbalanced.
    Also, is it just me or is the PolarBlade power not working?
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    Forgive me if this has been asked/answered before, but can you do permission based power usage? This would allow people who use plugins like Heroes to give out powers to specific classes using permission nodes.
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    Again sorry for the long wait between replies, Bukkit Forums apparently doesn't like to notify me of new messages anymore...

    That's... not a bad idea. So for example if someone wants to add Acrobat, they'd require something like "s86powers.allow.acrobat = true" for it to work? I can see about adding a config option in v4.0 for this, in the meantime if you don't want ANYONE using a given power just lock it in pConfig.

    Permission-based powers are currently already implemented actually. Giving a player "s86powers.use.<power> = true" will allow them to use the power regardless of how it's set in the config file. For example "s86powers.use.acrobat = true" enables Acrobat for that player, even if it isn't assigned to them.

    Due to the sheer volume of ideas here, for the sake of my own sanity I'm just going to say yes to all of them :p

    Aquaphile - This power is missing a check to see if a player still has Aquaphile before it heals. It should automatically fix itself when the player relogs. I'm rebuilding all of the current powers so I'll be sure to catch this one.

    PolarBlade - This one's been hit or miss with some servers. It adds a recipe, then makes it so only someone with the power assigned will actually get the result. My test server and the server I play on it works fine, however others have reported it not working. I'm still not sure what the cause is.
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    Can you tell me when is the next update and what will be in it?
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    Glad you asked! No, I have no idea when the next update will be done. I'm hoping within the next few weeks.

    The next version will be v4.0. It will include several small fixes and some additions, the big ones being
    • An API that other plugins can tap into to interact with or control S86 Powers.
    • Additional command-based options, including setting pConfig options without needing to access the file.
    • Dynamic power loading from external class files. This allows other coders and developers to create their own power packs which can be loaded by the plugin.
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    Yeah, What I meant is that a player could use /powers player [player] [power] on themselves, but only on powers that their permission group was allowed to use on themselves.

    ie: s86powers.group.set.self.acrobat <--- where acrobat is the power they are allowed to give themselves.
    It was mainly a theory to allow the plugin to integrate with Heroes' permission skills feature.
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    Will that include new powers as well?
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    I've completed the core of v4.0 and am just now working on rebuilding the powers themselves. I'll see about getting this implemented in v4.1 or something, but it's definitely a good idea.
    Nope, no new powers. But once it's complete and the bugs are ironed out that'll become my next focus.
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    Hi again sirrus86! Sorry I missed your post for a while, but was checking out Garrys mod which I bought :p .

    On that note, I was thinking about admin features, it would be really usefull if there was an option in the config that, when enabled, automatically disables powers when around admins with a certain radius. This is just cause' on my sever I've been having problems with teleporting people to me for a meeting, only to see them promptly fly away/go invisible/phase behind me etc.

    Just be nice to not be trolled by my own players without needing godmode ;)

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