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  1. Roll - The classic /roll command: Version: v0.2
    Download Roll v0.2 (.JAR)
    Download Roll v0.1 (.JAR)

    Source Code

    • Bringing back the old /roll command
    • Config where you can change every message
    • Uses SuperPerms

    /roll - rolls a number between 0 and the number specified in the config
    /roll <max> - rolls a number between 0 and <max>
    /roll <min> <max> - rolls a number between <min> and <max>

    roll.roll - allows for /roll
    roll.nolimit - can roll over max in config and can roll equal numbers
        allow_equal: false - can roll equal numbers (/roll 1337 1337)
            max: 99999 - max roll
            default_max: 100 - max when using just /roll
        allow_negative: false - allow to roll with negatives (/roll -100 100)
            no_perms: '&4You dont have permissions for that.' - no permissions
            max: '&4You cant use a number higher than %max.' - higher than max
            equal: '&4You cant use equal numbers.' - equal numbers
            negative: '&4You cant use negative numbers.' - negative numbers
            first_biggest: '&4The first number cant be bigger than the second.' - first number bigger than second
        player: '&2You rolled &6%roll' - message for player when rolling
            message: '&2%player rolled &6%roll' - broadcasted message when rolling
            enabled: true - broadcast rolls
            enabled: true - Enable logging to file
    Please leave feedback below.


    Version 0.2:
    • Added log file
    Version 0.1:
    • Released
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    not to be mean... but what is the point of this exactly? or are you like me, just taking the first steps in plugin writing?
  3. You could for example use it to choose a player(2 players choose numbers and then one of them rolls, closest wins)
    Or you could use it to choose how many items a player is gifted. You just have to use your imagination :)
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    Hah this plugin is super simple yet fun. My RP server managed to find creative ways to use this. Thanks for the plugin.

    Can we get a update to 1185? its working fine atm
  5. @jungalist81 Thanks for your feedback. I didn't update the title because i've been busy with a HUGE project :)
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    yeha COD Minecraft :p Link
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    Does this also broadcast the max/min if a player sets one to the role? Like...

    Input: /roll 100
    Output: "Zeathy rolled 82 (1 to 100)."

    Input: /roll 50 100
    Output: "Zeathy rolled 66 (50 to 100)."
  8. It only outputs what the player rolled, i can make it show the numbers they used to roll though.

    Input: /roll 50 100
    Output: "fuze rolled 99"
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    That would be greatly appreciate if you could. It would make it so players can't cheat each other. I foresee some of my servers players using it to gamble, and I don't want players fixing the roll.
  10. I made a quick experimental build since i had to leave, i haven't tested it but it should work.

    EDIT: You have to remove your config so it can generate the new one
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    So we tested it, it started randomly saying...


    And the /roll 100 200 still outputted only the name and the roll.
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    Any updates on this? Would be great if players could not cheat when rolling. Great plugin otherwise! Thanks for all the effort!
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    Thank you so much.. this is very usefull for my Deathrun server, Agian Thank you.
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    Long time no see r3Fuze. You will notice that this thread has now been placed into the Inactive Plugin subforum.
    If you wish to revive this plugin, please ensure that you update and test compatibility with the latest recommended Bukkit build before reporting your original post, asking for it to be moved back to the release forum.

    Thanks for your time.

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