[FUN] RC v1.1 - Redeem codes to get items [953]

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    RC v1.0 - Redeem codes to get items!
    Version 1.1 [Download] [Source] [Github] (CB 953)
    Version 1.0 [Download] [Source] (CB 953)
    This plugin allows player to redeem codes created /generated by the admins.​
    • Create codes easily
    • Redeem codes to get and item
    • Randomly generate codes
    • Permissions required!
    • /code set <code> <item id> <amount> <amount of time it can be used> - make a simple code. (permissions node : code.set)
    • /code remove <code> - remove a code from the code list. (permissions node : code.remove)
    • /redeem <code> - redeem a code.
    • /code generate - generate a random code with random item and amount. (permissions node : code.generate)
    • /lng <length> - Change the length of the randomly generated code (default: 8) (Permissions node : code.length)
    • /code status <name> - Check amount of uses left for the code (Permissions node : code.status)
    Change log:
    Version 1.1
    • Added a new command : /lng <length>
    • Changed randomly generated codes to uppercase letters
    • Added numbers support
    • Fixed some mistakes I did in v1.0
    Version 1.0:
    • First release
    To do (open)

    • Improve the code generator (configurable length) and add number support
    Progress : Done! (will be introduced in v1.1)
    • change to upper case for better look
    Progress : Done! (will be introduced in v1.1)
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    @beatcomet will this work with latest RB?
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    I don't think so, I have abandoned this project because of school.
    I will continue making plugins after school ends (April 2012), altough there is some one I know
    that may be able to make a plugin like this one, I will ask him.

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