Inactive [FUN] Qukkiz 1.1.1 like Trivia [1.2.5-R1.0]

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    This is my second plugin and second fork. Qukkiz loosely base on Trivia, but has some nice enhancements, like several question types, bukkit like coloring, expanded leader list.

    1.1.1 for 1.2.5-R1.0 (w/ configuration and readme for questions)
    1.1.1 for 1.2.5-R1.0 (jar only)
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    You only have to place the jar-file into the plugins/-directory. You also need to add the SQLite driver (sqlitejdbc-v056.jar) into the lib/ directory.

    With version 1.0.0 it also needs the Bukkit Plugin Utilities library. Place it near to the SQLite driver in the lib/ directory. Rename it to BukkitPluginUtilities.jar! Version 1.1.0 and 1.1.1 is compatible with all builds since 1.3.0 (7th development build!).

    Qukkiz is a replacement for Trivia, as Trivia wasn't developed for weeks. Because of this I forked this project and redeveloped it.

    For simple Qukkiz asks the players a question, and they can answer it. For correct answers they been rewarded by points, items or coins and this fully configurable.

    To play Qukkiz/Trivia you have at first to enable qukkiz for you by executing “/qukkiz”. After his qukkiz will also send the actually question to you. To disable qukkiz for you execute the command a second time.
    • /qukkiz answer <answer> – Answers on a question.
    • /qukkiz – Enables/Disables qukkiz for you.
    • /qukkiz subscribe|store – Switches if qukkiz will be automatically enabled, if you join.
    • /qukkiz rank [player] – Shows the rank and points of the player (you if not set).
    • /qukkiz leader|top [#page] – Shows the leader board
    • /qukkiz vote – Votes for the next question.
    • /qukkiz hint – Shows the next hint.
    • /qukkiz next – Selects the next question.
    • /qukkiz load [file] – Loads all given files (or all defined in the setting)
    • /qukkiz start|stop|restart – Starts/Stops/Restarts qukkiz (e.g. to reload settings)
    • /qukkiz help [#page|command] – Shows general/command help.
    Qukkiz also uses /trivia as an alias for /qukkiz. So you could use “/trivia next” instead of “/qukkiz next”
    Like in the official Trivia, Qukkiz is using following permission nodes:
    • – Could execute /qukkiz next
    • qukkiz.admin.hint – Could execute /qukkiz hint
    • qukkiz.admin.start – Could execute /qukkiz start
    • qukkiz.admin.stop – Could execute /qukkiz stop
    • qukkiz.admin.reload – Could reload all questions
    • qukkiz.load.add – Could add a question
    • – Could execute /qukkiz next but only if this person has Trivia enabled
    • qukkiz.hint – Could execute /qukkiz hint but only if this person has Trivia enabled
    • – Could vote in a running vote (also need to start a vote)
    • qukkiz.startvote – Could start a vote
    • – Need to enable/subscribe
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    Okay this is strange. I added a yml parser but this shouldn't be a problem. Also I couldn't see your files. You maybe send me via PM? I guess you uploaded the question files.

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    Okay, I couldn't see any (big) problem with your files. Is it possible to give a more detailed output?

    I'll test them locally on my test server. Ah I forgot to mention that some questions from the original trivia plugin are wrong, but it should only affect 6 questions so it shouldn't be a problem as big as you describes it.

    [update]Okay there is a bug in Qukkiz 1.1.0 which I fixed but didn't updated yet. So with 1.1.1 these errors will be gone.[/update]

    [update]Okay I released 1.1.1 :) [/update]

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    wish this was puplic BOT-like quiz while people play, the bot keeps sending messages every now and then and ask a question, the players could use /qukkiz ANSWER <- to answer the bots question. the first 1 who answers right gets a price :p
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    Ah wonderful Fabian! I'm going to update immediately.

    Out of curiosity how did you amass all of these questions in the first place? Is there anywhere I could get more questions to add to Qukkiz that are in a compatible format?

    Thank you so much for your effort in updated this. Most of my server community really appreciates this! ^_^

    Big Thank You@ from all of
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    Depends which questions you mean. There are one from trivia which were included into Qukkiz, but as I don't own them and they are not licensed as free I started to think about other questions and created a repository for them. Some friends on the server itself created then additional questions.

    So all questions you can't find in my repository are from the Trivia project itself.


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