Inactive [FUN] Qukkiz 1.1.1 like Trivia [1.2.5-R1.0]

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    This is my second plugin and second fork. Qukkiz loosely base on Trivia, but has some nice enhancements, like several question types, bukkit like coloring, expanded leader list.

    1.1.1 for 1.2.5-R1.0 (w/ configuration and readme for questions)
    1.1.1 for 1.2.5-R1.0 (jar only)
    All downloadsSource CodeQuestions
    You only have to place the jar-file into the plugins/-directory. You also need to add the SQLite driver (sqlitejdbc-v056.jar) into the lib/ directory.

    With version 1.0.0 it also needs the Bukkit Plugin Utilities library. Place it near to the SQLite driver in the lib/ directory. Rename it to BukkitPluginUtilities.jar! Version 1.1.0 and 1.1.1 is compatible with all builds since 1.3.0 (7th development build!).

    Qukkiz is a replacement for Trivia, as Trivia wasn't developed for weeks. Because of this I forked this project and redeveloped it.

    For simple Qukkiz asks the players a question, and they can answer it. For correct answers they been rewarded by points, items or coins and this fully configurable.

    To play Qukkiz/Trivia you have at first to enable qukkiz for you by executing “/qukkiz”. After his qukkiz will also send the actually question to you. To disable qukkiz for you execute the command a second time.
    • /qukkiz answer <answer> – Answers on a question.
    • /qukkiz – Enables/Disables qukkiz for you.
    • /qukkiz subscribe|store – Switches if qukkiz will be automatically enabled, if you join.
    • /qukkiz rank [player] – Shows the rank and points of the player (you if not set).
    • /qukkiz leader|top [#page] – Shows the leader board
    • /qukkiz vote – Votes for the next question.
    • /qukkiz hint – Shows the next hint.
    • /qukkiz next – Selects the next question.
    • /qukkiz load [file] – Loads all given files (or all defined in the setting)
    • /qukkiz start|stop|restart – Starts/Stops/Restarts qukkiz (e.g. to reload settings)
    • /qukkiz help [#page|command] – Shows general/command help.
    Qukkiz also uses /trivia as an alias for /qukkiz. So you could use “/trivia next” instead of “/qukkiz next”
    Like in the official Trivia, Qukkiz is using following permission nodes:
    • – Could execute /qukkiz next
    • qukkiz.admin.hint – Could execute /qukkiz hint
    • qukkiz.admin.start – Could execute /qukkiz start
    • qukkiz.admin.stop – Could execute /qukkiz stop
    • qukkiz.admin.reload – Could reload all questions
    • qukkiz.load.add – Could add a question
    • – Could execute /qukkiz next but only if this person has Trivia enabled
    • qukkiz.hint – Could execute /qukkiz hint but only if this person has Trivia enabled
    • – Could vote in a running vote (also need to start a vote)
    • qukkiz.startvote – Could start a vote
    • – Need to enable/subscribe
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    Turning off posting new threads in "Inactive/Unsupported Plugins" might be a good idea...
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    I didn't post this in “Inactive/Unsupported Plugins” but for some reason somebody moved it in this section. Maybe because the parser failed, and half of my post was broken by it :/ and I didn't noticed it instant.

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    I have two suggestions:
    1) Option that forces opt-in. I don't want my users to have to type a command! :p I'll start/stop it manually
    2) I'd rather have qukkiz read all chat for answers, rather than having to preface an answer with /qukkiz answer. That'd just annoy me.
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    I don't know what you want to say with the first point, but the second point is already implemented. Only the best-guess questions (estimate and multiple-choice) behave different: Best-Guess answers rate all given answers and select the best one. Because of this, the don't stop if somebody tell the correct answer. Because then multiple-choice would be sense less (as you simply could check every answer). So it recieves all answers (at the moment without notification, but I will implement something) and after the time is up, qukkiz will select the best one and announce the winner.

    Back to the first point: Could you please explain what you mean so I could (try to) implement this? I want to improve my plugin so please do me this favor.

    Also soon I will publish 0.4.1 with some improvements: Scramble questions are now lower case (to prevent that you could guess the first letter because it is uppercase) and I will show more users with the qukkiz top/leader command.

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    For the first point, at present, in order to get asked questions, someone has to type /qukkiz. I'd like to see as setting that automatically does that for everyone, and they can do it again to opt-out.

    Also, I don't think you understood the second part. /qukkiz answer
    So if someone wanted to answer "Saturn" they'd have to type /qukkiz answer Saturn.
    I'd like to see the availability for qukkiz to scan ALL chat, so that someone could simply type "Saturn" without having to add /qukkiz answer to the beginning.
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    Yep is already implemented. So if there a question what the sixth planet in the solar system is you simply could type "Saturn" (case insensitve) and bukkiz will recognize this. Is the question a normal trivia like question?

    The first one I could maybe implement, but I didn't it yet, because I don't want to bother new users. At the moment it is already possible, that a player could type "/qukkiz store" to "subscribe" qukkiz.

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    I can't get this working at all. There is no settings file visible in any folder that I can change. There is only the Qukkiz.Db file.

    Creating a new settings file named Quzzik.yml will end up tossing out plenty of errors in the console. Where is my settings file?
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    Voxel Box

    I'm also struggling to get this running, would you be able to provide a default settings file for download? this way i can be sure that i'm not doing this incorrectly. Thanks!
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    Okay I uploaded a pre version of 0.4.1. It is only working on newer bukkit builds (tested it with 617 but should run on any build ≥ 561). There is a complete setup with two questions sets based on the from the Trivia plugin. I changed some questions (some imperial → metric, semi-scramble questions to real scramble questions, fixed some questions).


    PS: Don't be surprised if it you got these warnings:
    03:35:45 [WARNUNG] [Qukkiz]: Bad format in question: In 1928 Spanky McFarland, actor, little rascal born
    03:35:45 [WARNUNG] [Qukkiz]: Bad format in question: In 1989 San Francisco is hit by an earthquake (Richter 6.9) at 5:05 p.m. Over 1/2 mile of the upper deck of the Nimitz freeway collapses crushing hundreds of cars. When it was over, 62 people had died and billion in damage had occured
    03:35:45 [WARNUNG] [Qukkiz]: Bad format in question: What mixture is used to calm crying babies
    I have no idea what the answer should be ^^
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    It works great! Thank you! =)

    Except, now that the plugin works, it reveals that your plugin cannot find my iConomy plugin. Every time I am supposed to be rewarded coins, it says that I was supposed to receive iConomy money but it can't be found. So sounds like you were building over an older version of iConomy? I think most people have stepped up to v4.6.5...

    I'll just be using gold ingots as the winning item for now.

    Is there a reason why everyone else but me is always getting a "no permission to do anything" error? I must have done something wrong.

    EDIT: Nevermind. It's probably worth mentioning what permissions this mod uses up there (and that they're the same as the old Trivia permissions.)

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    Ah yep. Trivia has the strange “”-permission. Without this you where unable in Trivia to do anything.

    And I couldn't test iConomy very well, because I have no Server with it. Before I officially release 0.4.1 I will maybe test.

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    I was editing your source but then thought that maybe you didn't upload the latest version onto github. So, instead of editing it myself, could you possibly add an option where the answer, if nobody got it right, can either be revealed or just turned off? I realize that if someone has only a few amount of questions and the answers keep coming out, the players who pay attention are going to know the answer the next time the question comes around.

    Keep in mind, I really love this plugin, and I do realize its still like... under large development. But I'm just tossing in my two cents. I hope this plugin never dies! Thank you for taking the time to develop it! Love it! =)
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    Jep, luckily the Trivia is open source so I could create this plugin based on theirs. I uploaded all code, but I have another project which I didn't uploaded yet. There I have some basic code stuff, so I haven't to reimplement it any time. But I'm unable to tell maven, that I want only this project included in to the jar.

    Because of your option: I also was thinking about this and it will be integrated.


    Okay I uploaded 0.5.1. It is late, so I couldn't complete the documentation, but I added almost any wanted feature (optOut or optIn, the answer hasn't to be revealed…). Today (it is 4 am here) I will write additional documentation.

    The only unsolved problem until yet are the issues with iConomy, but I'm working on it!


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    You're awesome. Keep up the good work! These iron ingots should tide people over for now. Thanks for the fix!

    Darn about the documentation. Qukkiz.yml doesn't have any settings to change for the newly implemented options.
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    In fact: Yes there are changes. So there are changes in the int hinter settings, new options (opt in, onenable and items). It is mainly backwards compatible (except the int hinter).

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    So inside the file, where do I change it so that people are automatically opted into the quiz? I'm not sure I know how to work this.
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    I updated the wiki and there you find the option “start→optIn”. This option you simply set to false and it should work.

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    Thanks bro. Hoping to see that iConomy update come through. Thanks!
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    Okay it is 9 days ago, but now is iConomy working. Also some other changes. I also created a repository for open source questions: Anyone could fork this and I will maybe import the changes.

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    Sorry to spam your threads but I hope your plugins will support iconomy5 soon
    Your plugins are just aweseome <3 it hurts me emotionally that I cannot use them with iconomy5 *styles emo hair*
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    As soon as xWarp will support iConomy 5 (which will be hopefully at the latest next week) I will update Qukkiz to iConomy 5. I also fixed a bug with multiple choice questions.

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    Okay it needs longer than expected. Sorry for the delay, but there is the newest Qukkiz version with economy support like xWarp.

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    I get,
    AccessDeniedAccess Denied14E1A3F0064EC90AhjGNKZM5UK0vHT2+Z7mFUaZCd0xUkNLZ45iNb4gpu2mPfeF25vKjMbwBYw1yl+qP
    When I click the link to download the newest version.
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    Okay? I have no idea why. I reuploaded the file. It is working now. Nothing changed on the file, so if somebody has the file no need to redownload.

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    Need an update to support iconomy 5 please!
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    Ehr use 0.6.0? This should support iConomy 5.

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    This looks like lots of fun. Does it work in the current recommend craftbukkit build or previous one?
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    I guess ;) I have running it here on 857 and 819, and as there are no API changes ;)

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    OK this is working great on my #953 build server! Yay!
    Lots and lots of fun! My server community just loves this!
    xZise - 2 developments i would love to see.
    1. An in game way for an admin to change the 'next question time'. /qukkiz delay 180 would set the delay to a question every 3 mins, or /qukkiz delay 300 would set them to every 5 mins...
    2. in the config file qukkiz.yml a setting to determine how players must answer. Some options for this 1. (just answer in chat) 2. must use /qukkiz answer <your answer> 3. /qukkiz a <your answer> would be great for easy answering.

    I would prefer to force all players to use /qukkiz a <your answer> ... This keeps the 'general chat' from being spammed with lots of answers on a busy day.... Also /qukkiz a is short and easy to answer.

    Everyone loves this plugin!

    xZise - Keep up the great work! :)

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