[FUN] OddArrows v0.9 - Arrows They be Crazy [1.3.2-R0.2]

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    Anthony Pray

    OddArrow - Them arrows be crazy:
    Version: 0.9.0

    This is a description of my awesome OddArrow plugin and how to use it
    After user is given permission oddarrow.oa the user is allowed to use command /oa

    Typing /oa or Left clicking with bow, will toggle through all modes of OddArrow.

    Players can type any of the following commands to access that mode directly.
    While in OddArrow mode all arrows shot by player will behave as following.
    • Rapid Fire:
      • Command: /oa Rapid
        • Description: Rapid Fire arrows shot by player Explode on contact with none LivingEntity.
        • Permission: oddarrow.oam.rapid
    • Remote Explosions:
      • Command: /oa Remote
        • Description: Remote explode arrows. Explode With /boom Command. Allows the placement of many Remote detonator "mines". all arrows placed by player will explode when player types "/boom"
        • Permission: oddarrow.oam.remote
    • Create Light:
      • Command: /oa Light
        • Description: The block the arrow lands in will be set to GlowStone. This will create a "Light" of one GlowStone block.
        • Permission: oddarrow.oam.light
    • Replace: Material
      • Command: /oa Replace
        • Description: Non air blocks will be Replace Where the arrows shot by player lands. Blocks will be replace with the set Material.
        • Permission: oddarrow.oam.replace
      • Command: /oa Replace <Material>
        • Description: Sets the Material to use in Replace / Create mode.
        • example: /oa Replace stone -Will replace all block in a 2 block radius to stone wherever the arrow hits.
        • Permission: oddarrow.oam.Material.<BlockString>
    • Create: Material
      • Command: /oa Create
        • Description: When the arrows shot by player lands. The Air/Lava/Water block the arrow is in will be replace with the set Material.
        • example: /oa Create stone -Will create one block of stone wherever arrow lands.
        • Permission: oddarrow.oa.create
      • Command: /oa Create <Material>
        • Description: Sets the Material to use in Replace / Create mode.
        • Permission: oddarrow.oam.Material.<BlockString>
    • Topsoil removal:
      • Command: /oa Topsoil
        • Description: When the arrows shot by player lands. the created explosion will Explode just Dirt/Sand/etc... leaving stone untouched.
        • Permission: oddarrow.oam.topsoil
    • Lightning strike:
      • Command: /oa Lightning
        • Description: Strike Lightning where arrow lands on none LivingEntity.
        • oPermission: oddarrow.oam.lightning
    • Bridges:
      • Command: /oa Bridges
        • Description: Construct a 1 stone path form player to where arrow lands.
        • oPermission: oddarrow.oam.bridges
    • Mob Spawner: (By Request)
      • Command: /oa Mob
        • Description: if server allows Monsters then will spawn skeleton, if server allows animals then cow will be spawned.
        • Permission: oddarrow.oam.mobs
    • Measuring Tape:
      • Command: /oa mtape
        • Description: Prints out the distance arrow landed form player.
        • Permission: oddarrow.oam.mtape
    • Random Chests: (By Request)
      • Command: /oa chests
        • Description:Spawns a random chest at the location of the arrow hit with dungeon like contents.
        • Permission: oddarrow.oam.chests
    • SnowMen: (By Request)
      • Command: /oa SnowMen
        • Description: Spawns a snowman arrow. Did I do that right?
        • Permission: oddarrow.oam.snowmen
    • Off:
      • Command: /oa Off
        • Description: turn off OddArrows
        • Permission: oddarrow.oa
    • Remove:
      • Command: /oar
        • Description: Remove your player from OddArrows
        • Permission: oddarrow.oa
    • Boom:
      • Command: /boom
        • Description: Used for Remote explode arrows
        • Permission: oddarrow.oa.boom
    • Crate Location
      • Command: /oa loc <Size>
        • Description: Adds a Odd location if UseLocations=true in OddArrow.properties, where <size> is the radius in block from your current position.
        • Permission: oddarrow.loc
      • Command: /oa ploc <Size>
        • Description: Adds a Protected Odd location if UseProtectedLocations=true in OddArrow.properties,where <size> is the radius in block from your current position.
        • Permission: oddarrow.ploc
    • [Permissions]

    • Internal tests tell when arrow is on ground, allows arrows to explode.
    • Using Fixed ProjectileHitEvent.
    • Construct Bridges.
    • Remote detonator "mines"
    • Create / replace blocks.
    • Build in Create mode.
    • Quickly clear topsoil from stone.
    • Works with CreeperHeal 4.4+
    Working on:

    • More working Permissions +V0.2!
    • Fun zones! (aka player are limited to this zone)+V0.4!
    • More arrows!
    • Using player inventory for Create mode +V0.8!
    NOTE *** As of Version: 0.9 ****
    OddArrow.properties defaults fallows
    • UseLocations = False // use of oddarrow only locations.
    • UseProtectedLocations = False //use of odd arrow free locations.
    • BlastSize = 5 // The blast size/strength.
    • BridgeMaterial = STONE // The Material for Bridges if not using inventory.
    • UseInventory = true // all block used in (Create/Replace/Bridge) mode are used form you far right hand slot(8).
    Download The OddArrow Plugin

    Source Code
    Version 0.9.0
    • Updated to Bukkit 1.3.2

    Version 0.8.2
    • small fix. should fix Rapid.

    Version 0.8.1
    • Added Support for Economy via vault, new pref file (OddArrowPriceList.properties) loads costs.
    • Fixed some Location errors should fix the the arrows from not working. note the locations are not saved at this time, hope for in next release.
    • Fix properties to add missing prefs.
    Version 0.8
    • New Inventory mode, only builds with material in your inventory, to set the material, place stack in your far right had slot(#8) then when using Create/Replace/Bridge mode all block used will be used from your inventory.
    • updated Create Light Added "fake" glow stone lights, when braking will drip what ever item was replaced.
    • added Protected Locations, when UseProtectedLocations is true, no arrow landing in the Protected Locations will behave oddly.
    Version 0.7

    • updated to use bukkit permeation, Added Measuring Tape and Random Chests.
    • updated to work with CreeperHeal 4.4+.
    Version 0.6

    • added mob arrows.
    Version 0.5

    • Add Bridge arrows, Bridges will be construed out of stone 1 wide stone block form the players current location to wheresoever the arrow hits replacing only air blocks.
    Version 0.4

    • Added fun zones, allows admins to set up odd zone where players can use odd arrows. to enable set UseLocations=true in OddArrow.properties and then setup location with /oa loc <Size> where <Size> is the radius for your current location.
    Version 0.3

    "ProjectileHitEvent fire instantly when projectiles don't hit entities"
    • started using PROJECTILE_HIT instead of a task. Huge improvident in diction. Still if arrow lands to close to player it will not register.
    • General cleanup.
    Version 0.2

    • Added Major re wright of code.
    • Proper Permissions
    Version 0.1

    • Added PermissionsEx Permission.
    Version 0.0.1

    • Releasing my awesome plugin
    new video up!!!

    A thanks to skeletonofchaos for all the help.
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    Anthony Pray

    If your want to us an Economy like (iConomy, Essentials, etc...) plugin to have cost for using the arrows, you will need to run Vault.
    Vault is an API plugin that handles money on the server, allowing me to support lots of diffident Economy based plugins.
    The messages you where receiving was the do to the way Vault's default enable command worked.
    i fixed it, now if Vault is not found, just Vault is disabled, and all Economy commands are disabled, not effecting the arrows.
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    Blast from Rapid still doesn't do a thing. Topsoil removal works though :/.
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    Anthony Pray

    wow/ topsoil is the same command just used BlastSize 1 vs (default 5) for Rapid.. but it really sounds like blast size it set to 0 in the prefs or some how else.... That would do exactly what you are talking about. aka make the "smoke" but not brake any blocks....
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    Nope. Blast size was 5. Also, the smoke isn't as big as the one in remove topsoil.
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    Anthony Pray

    humm might have found it
    new 0.8.2
    let me know
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    What happened? I'll test it out tomorrow.
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    Anthony Pray

    There was a chance that the BlastSize was not set. I added code to prevent this, it was you comment saying that the topsoil command worked, did some tracing found a hole.
    Just of of curiosity did you reboot the server after installing?
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    Seems good

    Arrow to the knee :D I was going to call myself that, but then I took an arrow to the knee

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    I always install plugins while the server is offline. I never even want to edit configs while it is online.
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    Great plugin. I was wondering if you could have a setting in the config that turns off the automatic refilling of arrows when a player tries to fire one without any in inventory.

    Also I have found this plugin to conflict with Monster Apocalypse. where neither plugin functions and even normal arrows cannot be shot.
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    Hey great plugin, but I'm just wondering what this error I'm getting means. It is nothing terrible, because it is not crashing the server, but I just want to know what it could mean. This is what message it gives me.

    12:19 PM [SEVERE] Could not pass event PLAYER_INTERACT to OddArrow
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    working on 1.1 R4?

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