Inactive [FUN/MISC] zombieattack v1.4 - Zombies who stop at nothing to get you [1000]

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    Zombie Attack
    version 1.4

    Say goodbye to the days of safety inside your night shelters. Zombies will target the closest player and break through any block on the configuration list to get to them. Even if your above or below them the have the knowledge to break the right blocks to find your delicious brains! Permissions support is already included, as well as WorldGuard protection support. Forked from JoeJoeMcBean's original zombieattack. Only Permissions are zombieattack.user.enabled.


    • Zombies break blocks to get to your brains.

    • Permissions support enabled else defaults to OP

    • WorldGuard block protection is enabled
    • Config.yml set blocks to be breakable/unbreakable
    • Permissions are zombieattack.user.enabled or zombieattack.user*

    Download: (Jar)

    • Remove WorldGuard checks to reduce CPU usage
    • Add more configuration for zombies
    • Add commands zombie spawn, disable zombieattack
    • make zombies ninja killers
    Default Config Full Block List Here

    Show Spoiler

    (BLOCK_TYPE,time to break in seconds)

    version 1.4 - initial release

    Now hosted on Infected Plugin Developments Homepage!
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    I might just take over this since like hes never coming back :p
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    Hiya! Great plugin! I used it for Halloween and my players were freaking out XD

    But I was wondering if you could make it multiworld compatible so not all the worlds will griefed by the zombies XD


    And if he doesn't come back please take it over and add Multiworld support! This plugin has so much potential!


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    Alright i will
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    Thank you for taking this over emerica, This plugin has a lot of potential.

    Also I am using it right now and I am getting this error message in the console.
    02:32:56 [SEVERE] Exception in thread "Thread-296"
    02:32:56 [SEVERE] java.lang.NullPointerException
    02:32:56 [SEVERE]       at
    02:32:56 [SEVERE]       at
    I assume it is because the plugin is somewhat outdated.
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    I edited this plugin a bit so it works with CraftBukkit 1337
    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    Delete the zombieattack.config if you ALREADY have one when you download this.
    I updated it to have a little bit more options and i removed one. Only command is "zombieareload" to reload all configs. But there are no Permissions.

    EDIT: I added zombieattack enabled and MultiWorld support!
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    The download link didn't work
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    Srry, don't know why it didn't work but this one should
    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
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    looks cool. trying it now, i hope it works with Tribu :)

    Edit: I tryed and it did not work :( is it too outdated, and if it is will there be a new one for 1.0.0?

    EDIT2: Oh never mind top one... I'am a dumb-ass.. i was in creative lol
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    hey, i need some help with the plugin. ill test my server and everything will be running fine, but when i configure and load up this plugin, zombies will break blocks but they wont kill me. they dont do damage antmore. can anyone help?
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    make sure you dont have godmode on xD? I hope this was your prob because if its not then plugin prob broken :(
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    I suggest for those who like the idea behind zombieattack to use this plugin. Hven't tried it but it just sounds so awesome I'm jealous I didn't do this!
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    please update please please please!
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    use Monster Apocalypse :D
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    does not work for me when I make it to delete blocks -,-
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    Hello! I have a question for you.
    Can will be used this mod this: increase radius detection(in 5 and more) and next attacking player's.
    A need has arisen use plugin Tribu. Mobs can be spawned, but don't go to me. If may be increase radius detection — results will be excellent. But not now. ):
    Is this possible?

    (Sorry for my bad English.)
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    Having this plugin limited by area (only enabled by area) would be very useful for me... is this sort of update/feature possible?
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    This plugin sounds cool and I've tried to use it with Tribu. When I put in the jar file in and started and stopped my server, I didn't see the folder with the config file in it. I want the zombies to come to a player from a far distance.
    Help please?
  21. Hey (infected) i wanna download it but it brings me to dropbox 404, --> no download :( could you update it please ? ;) with kind regards

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