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    Zombie Escape for Minecraft - My First Plugin:
    Version: v0.2

    This is Zombie Escape for Minecraft, a plugin that I have been spending several months developing.

    Each round everyone starts off as a Human. After 15 seconds, 15% of the players get infected with a Zombie Virus. It is now the Infected Zombies job to Infect all the other Humans in the round. Zombies infect humans by Left Clicking on them at Melee Range. Infection happens immediately, and the Human gets a Lime Wool Block put on his head as a helmet, to represent that he is now infected as well. All zombies have Lime Helmets, so you can see the Skin of the Zombie that is trying to infect you.
    I've been putting a lot of effort into this plugin, and I've fixed hundreds of bugs, and the code is thousands of lines long. I have a server dedicated to its development. If you would like to play and help me test it, I would really appreciate any feedback that you have as well.

    • Zombie Escape Mode
    • 25 Custom Maps to Play Though (More to Come)
    Changelog: Version 0.2
    • -Added Siphon Class:
      [*]Modified Leaper Class to have a boost of 1.3 instead of 1.5
      [*]Modified Sentry: Now shoots 20 Arrows over 10 Seconds (1 Every 0.5 Seconds)
      [*]End Timer is now 90 Seconds
      [*]Zombies that click on the End Red Button, and the Timer still has time left on it, it will get fast-forwarded to 5 seconds, speeding rounds up
      [*]Added a msg that happens every 30 mins, instruction users on basic tips
      [*]Fixxed Typo's and Added Color to some lines of text that were just white
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    Where is the download? :)
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