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    Tracking players plugin - allows for people to use blocks to track others
    Version: v0.1
    With this plugin, you can build trackers to help you navigate your way to other peoples locations. use /track all to track all, or /track [playername] to track a specific playername.

    the idea for this plugin was inspired from the minecraft server

    • two types of trackers
    • finding people
    Download the plugin here

    How to use:
    This plugin may be tricky to figure out, but once you do, it's quite fun.
    There are two types of trackers, permanent trackers, and temporary trackers.
    to set up a permanent tracker:
    • place a diamond block in the center
    • for the arms, use obsidian
    • at the end use a gold block
    to set up a temporary tracker:
    • place an obsidian block in the center
    • for the arms, use cobblestone
    • at the end, use smooth stone
      • Temporary trackers only last once, and you can only use /track [playername] with them
    • each block for the arms/end of a tracker represents 25 blocks of tracking distance.
    • to find north, look at the clouds(it's the direction they're traveling in)
    • trackers only tell if a player is within it's tracking distance, not their actual location (this is where temporary trackers [and smaller ones] come in handy).
    here's a picture of what a permanent tracker looks like:

    Version 0.1
    • Releasing my plugin
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    I don't get what the plugin does. If you build a tracker you need a guy to stand at it first?
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    So basically, it will just show if players are within a certain distance, and a direction you are tracking in.
    It's useful for finding others, but still requires a lot of resources (blocks), so it's a good trade off.
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    i just want to be able to limit the max distance of this
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    gg :) !!!!

    bukkit 1060 ?

    no multiworld ?
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    Updated to R6
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    Can you update this to 1.2.3 Beta build?
  8. Yeah, like Serilum said, Please, please update to 1.2.3, i need this plugin desperately :/
    And Serilum, you're dutch right? ;)
    Atleast i am ;P
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    PLUGIN UPDATED! He's just too lazy to edit post, haha

  10. Ah i see, He told me that the 1.1R6 version works fine with 1.2.3 beta.
    I just was kinda stupid forgetting to shut down my server and THEN overwriting the file ;P
    And Serilum , im making a pretty similair server as you, but just a bit more like mcpvp ;P
    Its gonna be a cool addon for my players that play on my main server, a Towny server without griefing allowed ;P
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    Great plugin, this works great with Ultra Hardcore! :)
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    How reliable is this Tracker btw? I have been using this plugin in almost every game of Ultra Hardcore I play but recently it has been posting false information.

    I don't know if this has anything to do with me changing the permanent tracker from diamond/gold to cobble/stone, but I don't think so because it was only the ID's I edited?

    A config would be appreciated for this aswell!
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    Doesn't work for my server, Any help?
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    I built a tracker that can track 125 blocks in all directions. When I enter "/track all", I get several names on just one direction. (i.e. two people just on south, three different people just on north, and another different person just on east) If someone is close they, show up on two directions. What does it mean when a name only shows up on one direction?
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    If you could please tell me the max distance it reaches, and if the blocks you use to make it on configurable. Thank you!
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    Ive been wanted this plugin to either be updated or recreated for like a year now. I always keep coming back to this thread to see it outdated as hell. Maybe commenting/bumping this thread will get someone that can help me to see this. I would like to see this plugin remade with a config file that enables you to change the block ID's of the blocks used to make a tracker for both the permanent and temporary trackers. It would also be nice to see a limit on how far the tracker works in the config file if possible. I would also like to see a permission node implemented to allow people that have the node to be able to access the tracking commands in order to track someone, anyone without the permission is denied access. I made a thread in the plugin requests about this, and 3 1/2 months later nobody has decided to help. I am willing to pay a lot for this. Hopefully someone is willing to help.
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    That seems simple, but unfortunately monetary offers aren't allowed here though. ;)

    You could possibly re-make the thread and see if someone is willing to help (or just bump it), and it doesn't seem like you posted anything else other than this.

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