Inactive [FUN/MISC] ArrowTNT v 0.1 - Blow up mobs with your bow [1000]

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    blah.jpg ArrowTNT
    Version v0.1
    This plugin creates an explosion when an arrow shot from the bow makes contact with any mobs or player. They also explode if stepped on making a dangerous boobytrap. This plugin is a fork of ArrowBombs which is currently inactive, ArrowTNT is updated to run with current RB[1000]., and will have some added features as well limiting its power with config file. This is my first plugin submission hope it goes well. May be willing to add content based on user feedback.

    • Explode mobs/players on contact
    • Easily configurable with config.yml change power (default is 4) and firespread
    • Highly destructive have fun XD
    • Its safer than TNT and causes less lag/stress on the server
    • Fun to mine with on god mode
    • Does not detonate underwater similar to TNT
    • Pick your arrows up if you live
    • Unconfirmed bug after a very long time arrows that disapear will detonate.

    *version 0.1- Initial release.


    • Add setting for onBlockHitExplode on/off.
    • Add extra effects like lightning, drop item, or spawn monster?
    • Add configuration to stop arrows from exploding when you make contact with them.
    • Add support for permissions & default to OP.
    Now hosted on Infected Plugin Developments Homepage!
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    Where is the download link?
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    Download link is up & header is fixed!
    Waiting for review.
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    So when firing an arrow does it only blow up when it comes in contact with a mob?
    Or does it blow up when fired/hit at anything?
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    It only detonates on contact with an enitity (see unconfirmed bug?) on the TODO list. It does scare you the first time you step on a shot arrow though hehe.
    Still waiting =\
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    Please approve his plugin.
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    I'm sure they will eventually otherwise I'm moving on to the next plugin to be released ZeusBolt
    Hint * lightning arrows? *
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    I'm sorry, but I can't do that. I'm not a moderator - I'm only trying to help people get there submissions up to scratch before a moderator comes so they can approve it straight away. I'm just trying to help speed up the process.
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    isent it allredy a plugin wich configurate arrows?
    think the auther was TechGuard :p
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    The point of my plugin here is not not have configurable arrows read the description.
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    how can i build these arrows
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    You dont build them just shoot a regular arrow with plugin enabled. I will warn you its buggy and will cause lag.
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    How do you spawn things?:mad:
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    Ive got a problem with this problem . arrows that i shot are flying in the air and wont dissapear
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    This plugin is fun and straight forward but desperately needs permissions or some kind of restrictions enabled to be really useful.
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    haha some much fun love blowing up mobs and stuff like that thanks for plugin
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    There is only a few small bugs I plan to fix when I get the chance... otherwise great for mining or destruction.
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    Good plugin but it's disabled for the time being on my server until or if it gets permission support. People are accidentally blowing their houses up :D
  22. Yo! Plz update!!! Such a great plugin...
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    wont work it never makes a folder
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    Nice plugin... Thx
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    Does this work with 1.2.5 R4.0?

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