Inactive [FUN/MECH] VoxelAir v2.008 - Configurable Flight and Travel Powers [1317]

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    Voxel Box


    VoxelAir: "We'll have our wings and the wind will be with us."
    written by by: przerwap
    Get it here: <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    Tested compatible with: #1317
    documentation by: plusnine

    v2.008 - Fly, Ridge, Fly is now VoxelAir, and includes a more robust flight system than ever! Check the documentation for everything that's new, and be sure to remove your flyRidgeFly.jar file and config folder from your server's plugins folder.


    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] <font color="rgb(16, 97, 179)"> </font><font color="rgb(16, 97, 179)"><font color="rgb(16, 97, 179)">[​IMG]</font> </font>
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    Voxel Box

    If you want accurate flight / falling, i suggest you switch to the crouch+left click "classic" FRF pop, that's what i do if i need accuracy.
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    My best bet, without looking at the code, is that The plugin you speak of simply grabs your pitch and yaw and does simple trig to get your X and Z and Y direction/speed. flyRidgeFly (now VoxelAir) uses trig when you are looking above the horizon, but when you look down it uses its own set of rules:

    Reason for this, is because flyRidgeFly was made in the first few days of hMod's plugin capability. And as you may know back than in the first days of SMP there was no flight mods. The reason for the flight pattern being this way was for the best landing control you could get; it allowed you to fly up and land on a 1 block tower with ease you can't imagine.
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    Alright, so i just read through the entire thread, watched an epic argument, and still have a question. Is there anyway to make this A. Permissions (which i hear you guys dont like) B. put names in a config file like VoxSniper. Edit: The actual flying part, not the commands.
    My favorite flying plugin out right now, though. Very Smooth. :D
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    If flight is "globally disabled" all people on admns.txt can still fly, as they are marked as admins.
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    Thanks, ill give that a try.
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    You don't have god mode, you just don't take fall damage WHILE HOLDING THE FEATHER.

    EDIT: I came up with an idea for this plugin. How about you have a random chance of spawning a chicken under your ass every flap, similarly to the derp?
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    Just switched from FRF to VoxelAir and I am missing the old bug where when disabled, it would disable for admins as well. I don't want to have the ability to fly at all times because I am listed in admns.txt. I did like the fact that the feather always stopped fall damage regardless of whether flight was on or off or admin status.

    Can any of this be added options? =)
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    Is it configurable to use fuel over time or click??
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    You mean like the built-in consume option? It consumes feathers when used.
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    ok, thanks
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    I turned down the jump and cruise settings, they were much too high for typical-sized structures in my map. I think I am noticing that if I'm standing on ground and I right click for cruise, It is clear that my new lower setting is in effect, however when I'm in the air and I right click in a direction other than straight down, it seems to cruise at the default setting of 100.

    Running latest recommended CB818.
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    Zach Hinchy

    Is there any way to enable/disable this on a per-world basis? I am using this plugin for a creative "skylands" map, but don't want it accessible in the main survival map or the nether.
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    One of my users actually got STUCK in hover mode today. They would hover about 3 blocks off the ground(with NO feathers, they had run out) and then suddenly die from fall damage, over and over and over again.

    No error log, sorry, the guy got so pissed that he ran away before I could get the logs open to pinpoint any errors there might have been.

    Removing VoxelAir for now, because for some reason even when I disable it hover still keeps working and I don't want it killing anyone else.
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    David Braun

    This has started happening to me a lot! If you die when you are flying, especially if you have Hover Mode turned on, you are flying when you re-spawn! Of course when you come back you don't have a feather and so you gradually float off and can not get down. You can't even give yourself a feather, as it drops and I haven't been able to catch one. I have been trying to get a feather for about 20 minutes now. Leaving the server doesn't help, when you come back you are still hovering. This is really making me mad. I will have to take Lakart's suggestion and remove VoxelAir, hopefully that will get me back on the ground. I would hate this to happen to one on my users. I think the last time this happened I was able to get back down by teleporting between worlds till I was close enough to the ground that I could get a feather and turn it off.

    Bottom line, if you don't have a feather out you shouldn't be hovering! You probably added this in so you could build stuff while hovering, but it is very dangerous! what if you had the consume option on and they used all of their feathers? Would the same thing happen?

    You also need to add a way to "Fly" down - it is very difficult to land on something, or in something when you keep overshooting.

    - Everyone loves this mod - but being stuck hovering is not worth it.
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    Than don't hover. Last time I checked, when I added this stuff somewhere around a month ago, allowing hovering was configurable.
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    my own server kicks me out by flying lol
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    When I make all fly/hover abilities in confyg.yml false, no one can fly even, when marked in admns.txt (of course case sens.) And also all commands exept /voxelair return me "Expamle: /letmefly" or "Example: /godsays GEEETINGS etc"

    I would like to have fly ability, but only me, no one else :) for use voxelsniper to create incradible landscapes :)
    sorry for my english:)
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    If you can't fly and get those messages than obviously you've got admns.txt setup incorrectly

    And as far as building with VoxelSniper goes VoxelAir is not the best choice, your best bet would be a client mod like Zombes FlyMod.
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    Thanks, alredy use this mod :)
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    Voxel Box

    Totally 1.7 compatible. Keep on flyin'!
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    Not working for me.
    Q. Does flying have to be enabled?
    Q. Will McMyadmin interfere? because both are in place :s

    Ok plugin tested with build #950, does not work whatsoever. I tried it with a FRESH server no plugins or anything, and this just does not work.

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    Voxel Box

    Can you describe "this just does not work" in more detail? It it working perfectly for me on several servers. Without more information or context, I am inclined to believe the cause of your problem is user error.

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    I got it working now. it was the settings(The settings were loading odd, generating some random text and i guess that interfered with the plugin itself) Anyways, nice plugin i like it.
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    can you add permission or at least some world support? that i jut can let the people use it in my skyworld?
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    I'm noticing that even with thrust set to 0 or 1, the feather still throws you up excessively high for what I wanted out of this. (I'm not using hover mode.)
    Any way to make it throw you only about as half as high as the default? Because if so, the config isn't doing it for me.

    Build 953.
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    @Voxel Box can you add MultiWorld support in a simple txt file :( ?
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    Voxel Box

    I just tested this myself and /thrust 1 only threw me about 2 and a half blocks off the ground. Ensure your admns.txt file is set up properly for your account, and you are indeed changing the operable thrust of the plugin.

    As for multi-world support, there are no plans for this. More work that it would be worth, and as a designer, I prefer not to do things that I feel restrict players ability to have fun without a real good cause, especially in a game that can be as difficult to consistently have fun as Minecraft.

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    Okay, that's a big help, actually. I hadn't made an admins.txt yet. Sorry for being stupid. xD
    *Runs off to fix it*
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    Voxel Box

    Let this serve as an example: If you ever feel like you are being ignored on our plugins' threads, it's because you have not read the installation instructions and documentation that is provided with the plugin download right here on the forum. I spent a great deal of time and effort to document our plugins well and to account for the most common mistakes and questions have, so please, for the love of god and all that is holy, read the documentation. This is the fourth thread today that has resulted in my time wasted for user error.

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    Okay, I just went and did that, made admns.txt (Yes, I made sure it's the right name and extension, and I have my name in there.) and now, like you said - it works. But, only when looking directly down. When looking at any sort of angle it still throws me way up as if it were set to 8 instead of 2. Here's my config...

    Again, sorry for the hassle.

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