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    What does it do: Well as the name says if you could make vehicle's (Putting minecarts on normal ground) and drive them around

    /veh reload <---- Reloads
    /veh toggle <---- Allows you to toggle between normal minecart or vehicle minecarts
    /veh list <---- Shows who using vehicle's
    /veh remove <---- Remove all the vehicle's (would be great if you could make if it only removes the vehicle minecarts
    /veh help <---- Give's info about above commands :p

    - vehicle.use <-- allows you to get in a vehicle
    - vehicle.toggle <-- Allows you to toggle vehicle mode
    - vehicle.reload <-- Access to the /veh reload command
    - vehicle.remove <-- Access to the /veh remove command
    - vehicle.list <-- Access to the /veh list command
    - vehicle.help <-- Access to the /veh help command
    [Default OP for all pls]

    Speedmodifier: X (lets you set the speed of the vehicle)
    Active-worlds: (To disable in certain worlds In this case it would not work in the end)
    - world
    - world_nether

    Addtional info:
    It would be amazing if you could hold the effect that it still can activate presureplate's while a person is in the vehicle

    Hope you can make it as soon as possible thanks in advance :D
    Greets ~Revo
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