Inactive [FUN/MECH] Tossers v1.2 - Creepers that jump up jump up and chow down [1060]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by redf1sh, May 10, 2011.

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    Tossers - Creepers that jump up jump up and chow down.

    Tossers has been updated, finally! I've also moved to, you can see it over there!
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    OMG! Just what I was looking for. The map of my server are pretty much "some dirt some sand and lots of water", and I was always worried of some careless player to just blow every creeper after sulphur and fill the little land we have with craters. No more worries, testing tonight. Will edit here to say some of the responses.
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    Tried it just now, the creepers push people 50 blocks into the air and then they get disconnected for flying. Is this what it's supposed to happen or is this a problem? If it's supposed to happen, any chance to change the height to like 3 blocks instead of 50?
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    I have been looking for a plugin that removes the explosion ability of Creepers, but still gives them some form of attack. This Plugin is it! Tried it out while in /god mode, I was ecstatic when I was violently attacked and savagely thrown around like some chew toy. This will surely keep the fear in my players when they meet a Creeper in a dark cavern. [creeper]

    However, wish there was a solution when the Creepers just puff up and stand there, so players dont just take their time setting blocks and escaping, aside from that AWSOME JOB!
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    I find this plugin absolutely hilarious. :D They do appear to be a little overpowered though in terms of how far they can throw you. A request would be to configure the distance they can throw you so it's a lot less than what it is now. Throwing players 30 blocks into the air is a bit much IMO. Other than that, love it. :)
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    also want percentage, toggle message and settable throwdistance
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    I've just added a bunch of config options, which are pretty much listed by the post above this one. There's a video now too. Please report any bugs you see, as there will probably be some.

    The direction and force is generated at random, it's supposed to happen occasionally, but I think it's happening way too often. I changed the default multiplyer (see the OP for deets) to 2 from 3, so it should happen much less often now. Though you could always set it to 10 and explore the world in style! And pain.

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    Awesomeness! This makes creepers more creepy rather than just plain annoying
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    Could you add a 'damage multiplier' to change the damage amount each creeper does? They don't seem nearly as threatening given that they take so long to kill you.

    Also, could you change it so it doesn't say "Creeper: Message" but instead just say "Message"?
    That way I can have it say "Oh shit! a creeper jumped on you!"
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    Thanks for the config. We can finally use this :)
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    configurable damage?
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    Totally need that, seems sometimes they get unresponsive to the player and are easy to take down but a small group is a wicked threat. I think more damage would help but the "3" toss distance with no-cheat and flying enabled is brutal awesome.

    People hate creepers like usual lol.
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    Hahahaha... what a great Idea!

    Have a list of what they can say and pick something randomly
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    I cannot seem to get this working in build 818. They just seem to explode (with no block dmg, thankfully)
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    They fizzle, despawn, and do one block of damage. Not very threatening. :(
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    I don't think they work properly with the latest 1.6.6 build, I should be making an updated release this afternoon now that there's something stable to work with :D.

    Edit: Just tried updating it a few minutes ago, and creepers are still vanishing. Looking into a fix now, probably some api change I didn't notice.
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    lol xD
    i'm already missing being throw 50 blocks into the air :D
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  19. I know you are busy answering everone elses post but if you could answer my post than... welll...... Than You Deserve Cake[cake]

    May you please make it compatible with 818?
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    I'm working on it, it's just going to take more time than I was hoping. :(
  21. that sucks.:(
    P.S. Do you know anyone who can set up my permission files? I just cant figure it out. (sorry for the other plugin advertising).
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    Sure does, even stripping the plugin down to "don't explode y'all" still makes them vanish. Ah well, it'l get sorted. As for permissions, I don't use it very often but they do have a wiki. I think there's a link on the main thread: Hopefully that helps? If not, that threads a way better place to ask :D.
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    redf1sh, thanks for working hard on this plugin. It is amazing and I hope that my gratitude helps you continue to develop this plugin and make it the best that it can be.
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    Totally hope to see this one continue. The best thing i've seen for creepers! Lots of fun.
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    I'm planning to release a replacement plugin (or two) until I can get Tossers to work again. I just can't seem to convince creepers not to vanish on 818, so tossers is kinda useless at the moment. What are your thoughts on:

    - Creepers "explode" (no terrain damage) doing a bit of damage and sending players nearby flying in various directions/at various speeds.
    - Creepers "explode" (still no terrain pain) releasing a volley of arrows, either upwards or at the player depending on the location. I'm not totally sure how feasible the arrow stuff is to do, we'll see.
    - Creepers actually explode, but leave behind delicious cake for no apparent reason.
    - Something else entirely?
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    The volley of arrows is... too OP. I like the first Idea. How about this.

    The creeper once spawned has a random integer from 1-4. Each number does a certain response:
    Int 1: Blow up.
    Int 2: Send sky high
    Int 3: Clone (One creeper -> Two creepers, both are NEW entities, so like the first creeper is "deleted" and spawns 2 extra)
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    Great Mod! I love that I can keep Creepers in-game without having to deal with the distruction they are bound to cause.
    Even in its current state, its a must have; in my opinion. Can't wait to see what you have in the works. No "terrain pain" is a must for me.
    Thanks again for all the hard work
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    Well I suppose there is some fairly good news, tossers now works again on 857, technically fixed in 856, almost died testing to see if it worked.
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    Build #856 - Fixed Creepers being killed even if their Explosion Prime event is cancelled.
    I just wonder if this would fix the bug? If it does, I'd gladly install it! :D
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    As far as I know it should, unfortunately I'm at work and can't try it out on my server until this afternoon. Lemme know if it works for you, I hope so!
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    Sorry, I... don't know what came over me. Anyway, it works! You can safely install the Tossers plugin again if you have CB #856 and higher! Have fun being tossed around!​

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