[FUN/MECH] ThunderTower - Make Towers to Catch Lightning [1.5.1]

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    ThunderTower - Catch Lightning Strikes
    Version : 1.3.8 (Conductivity Edition)

    This plugin is now on BukkitDev

    Old Post

    Construct Tower in a specific Material to catch the Lightning Strikes
    Can also be used with my plugin Battery to store energy

    Features :
    • Construct, increase, reduce, destroy Thunder Towers (With Permissions)
    • Catch a certain percentage of the Lightning Strikes from a certain distance (that you put in configuration file)
    • On Strike, active a redstone wire just under the tower for a configurable time
    • On Strike, damage player (configurable) in a radius (configurable)
    • To avoid damages you've have to cover the tower with NonConductiveMaterial blocks (configurable)
    • Added to Minecraft UpToDate
    Commands :

    • /tthelp : See the information to build a correct tower, such as heights, material, ...
    Permission :

    • Create a Tower or access to /tthelp : thundertower.create
    • Destroy a Tower : thundertower.destroy
    Download Links :
    ThunderTower v1.3
    Other Versions (open)

    Screenshots :
    Screenshots (open)


    TODO :
    • Any Ideas ?
    Known Issues :
    • No more ^^
    Changelog :

    Version v1.3 (Conductivity Edition) (04-09-2011)
    • Config file in now a YAML file
    • Add configs for making damage to players in a radius of the tower on strike
    • Add NonConductiveMatrial list to make a tower safe from damaging players
    Changelog (open)

    Version 1.2.3 (02-09-2011)
    • Add in-build permission system support
    • Fix for the last time the OutOfBoundsError
    Version 1.2.2(21-07-2011)
    • No more OutOfBounds Errors, I assure you
    Version 1.2.1(02-06-2011)
    • No true changes, just compiled for 818
    Version 1.2(12-05-2011)
    • MultiWorld Support
    • Redstone support
    • Functions with others weather plugin (tested with WeatherGod)
    Version 1.1(03-05-2011)
    • Catch Percentage
    • Minimum Altitude
    • Configurable Colors of messages
    • /tthelp command
    Version 1.0(01-05-2011)
    • Just the release of this awesome plugin !

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  4. You should send a powerfull redstone output (normal redstone is like 15 blocks, this should be at least 60 blocks worth of redstone power) from that material when it's stroke by lightning :}
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    I alreadt boost the lightning when transfered to the Tower (I thought that 3 linghting where better looking ^^)
    But Yes I would add a powerfull electrical output, perhpas ignite some blocks, why not ?

    For the sources, there aren't available yet
    This wouldn't take so long for my ego to understand ^^.
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    Any chance you could get this to be command free?

    I'd love it if you had it set that Iron blocks attracted lightening in this manner if placed above a certain block height.
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    X 8P X

    am i missing something? how do i make a tower? i don't see any commands....correct me if im wrong (its late lol)
    EDIT: nvrmind.....towers cant b made with voxelsniper lol
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    you know you are right... when I first looked I saw the .create and destroy nodes and assumed commands... I'll take a closer look.
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    i agree with this it would add a much more natural feel to things if it was just a certian blocktype had % chance of hit
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    What do you mean ?
    You want to add % chance for the lightning to hit for each material ?
    I don't understand what you want
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    How exactly those permissions work?

    If I set the thuner tower to be a iron block tower. A player without the permission cant build ironblocktowers at all? Or they can, but his ironblocktower wont atract lightnings?
    Also, yes a % of lightning catch would be nice.

    Also, if there are 2 towers one inside other one area, lighning go to wich one?
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    If a player has not the permission to create ThunderTowers, he can build towers of iron but they won't atract lightning
    If he has nit the permission ti destroy he can't destroy the ThunderTowers of other players

    About the percentage, you want something like :
    I have a ThunderTower and it only atracts X% of the lightning striks
    Do I make a mistake ?

    Moreover, if there are 2 and that the lightning is in the catch area of the two, it will go to the first in the list
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    Yes, this exactly :3
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    If Permission is not installed, are the players will be able to manually create iron towers which will attract thunder-bolts ?
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    Also, is this possible to stop manmade thunders with other plugins? My moderators like to play with thunders around, and sometimes things go out of control :3
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    First if Permissions not installed, it will use the OP instead.
    But what do you mean with manmade lightning ?
    It just catch every strikes from wherever they come
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    I mean, would it be possible to let any player to build an iron tower (like 4 blocks in height and near the sky) which will catch all the thunder-bolts in the area
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    Hmm, I mean it does catch natural weather thunders, but I use a plugin to generate the lightnings so moderators can manually generate them with a tool. I use this plugin: http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/fun-admn-weathergod-v0-22-play-with-the-weather-740.13929/

    So... the lightnings generated by its thunder tools ignore the tower. Maybe its a issue with this plugin? Do you know any other weather control plugins that would have their tool generated lightning redirected to the tower?

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    ---> Sphax
    yes it's possible
    you just have to give your players permissions to build and then set the minimum height of tower to 4 in the configuration files
    Arg !
    I will see tomorow or ask how they make their lightning strikes because I don't actully know how they do.
    I never searched for lightning tool plugin so I will search to add a support
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    Great ! :)
    And would it be possible set the altitude of the tower to a minimum requirement to catch thunder-bolts ? (like 2 or 3 under clouds as a minimum altitude)
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    For the altitude it's not yet support but it's an interesting idea and not so difficult to add

    But tower would be difficult to make for players if you set them too high ^^
    I will add it with customizable altitude
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    Nice! I was hoping someone was going to come out with a plugin like this.
    Gonna test it as soon as possible.
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    Sounds Great!
    Heres an idea how about when lightning strikes the tower any chests adjacent to the tower containing items can be transmuted like
    sand -> Redstone
    or Flint -> Gunpowder
    thatd be pretty great for survival modes.
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    It's not the main goal of my plugin to transmute material,
    but why not, it sounds pretty fun.
    But it's not my first priority
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    Can you change the material from the Blocks to 10 Fences stacked on each other? I just want to know prior downloading.
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    Yes, there is a config to choose the block to use.
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    you are a genius.
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    This plugin seems awesome!
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    Nice Job on the plugin
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    Seems to work exceptionally well! I'm wondering if some issues are being caused by putting two too close together, though.

    A message to tell a user he's disabled a thunder town after destroying enough blocks to make it less than the minimum amount would be very cool.

    Aha! I have found one bug, though:
    Once towers are destroyed (ie. the blocks are removed) lightning still strikes where the top block used to be.

    A short term fix is to open the ThunderTowers.TOWERS file in the ThunderTower folder, delete all entries and re-create your towers.

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