Inactive [FUN/MECH] SunBurn v2.21 - Because the sun just wasn't hot enough [1.0.1-R1]

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    Current Version: v2.21
    Because the sun just wasn't hot enough!
    Requires [1060] || Compatible with [1.0.1-R1]
    Have you ever wanted a different playing experience? What would you do if you couldn't be outside during the day? Well, this allows you to live that reality! Any player with the required permissions node will be set on fire when they are in direct sunlight! Want to see more features? Well, there are more to come!
    Have a suggestion? Post it here!
    • Players get set on fire in direct sunlight
    • If a player is burned by sunlight, they will be extinguished my moving into a shady area
    • All mobs are burned by direct sunlight and extinguished in shade
    • Can convert any area into a "burned wasteland" (Back up your worlds if you are using this option!)
    • Now Configurable, and Multi-World!
    • Configurable protective armor that will allow you to walk in the sun!
    • Configurable armor damaging while in the sun while wearing the protective armor set! Configurable damage interval as well (Experimental recommended to turn this option off as of v1.1)(Fixed in v2.0.0)
    • Auto Update notifications! (Configurable)

    Permissions Nodes:
    • sunburn.admin - Allows access to the SunBurn admin commands (Defaults to Op)

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    Admin Commands: [Requires permissions node sunburn.admin].
    • /sunburn world [enable/disable]: Enables/Disables [SunBurn] on the current world.
    • /sunburn players [enable/disable]: Enables/Disables burning players.
    • /sunburn mobs [enable/disable]: Enables/Disables burning mobs.
    • /sunburn wasteland [diameter]: Converts the world within [diameter] into a wasteland. Cannot be undone.
    • /sunburn reload: Reloads the config.
    • /sunburn set default: Recreates and reloads a default configuration file. (WARNING: Overwrites current configuration)
    • /sunburn clear worlds: Removes all worlds from the "enabled worlds" section of the config
    • /sunburn update [enable/disable]: enables/disables update notifications. If no arguments are used, it will check if there is an update
    Other Commands: [Do not require the permissions node sunburn.admin]
    • /sunburn help: Displays the help dialog
    • /sunburn world: Shows whether or not [SunBurn] is enabled on the current world
    • /sunburn players: Shows whether or not [SunBurn] is enabled on the current world
    • /sunburn mobs: Shows whether or not mob burning is enabled
    • /sunburn info: Shows author and version info.

    Installation Instructions:
    1. Click download button
    2. Place .jar file into the /plugins directory
    3. Restart server and enjoy!
    • Make sure the spawn is covered/shaded. Otherwise people won't be very happy.
    Change Log:
    Version 2.21​
    • Fixed player/mob burning. Should work properly now
    Version 2.2​
    • Fixed update notifications
    Version 2.1​
    • Fixed players staying on fire after disabling it on certain worlds
    • Added update notifications
    Version 2.0.0
    • Rewrote entire plugin
    • Added default config command
    • Added clear worlds command
    Version 1.1
    • Added protective armor
    • Added protective armor damaging
    Version 1.0 [Official Release]
    • Added more admin commands
    • Changed some admin commands
    • Removed /sunburn burn command
    • Added "non-admin" commands
    • Added configuration file
    • Multi-world support
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    Is there a way to set more than 1 protective armor?
    ^_^ I love your mod over the UVRay by the way. It is easy to configure.
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    Thanks! And no, not at this time. I may add it later though ;)
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    Yes, please! I would be ever so grateful, more than I am right now.
    Thank you for existing and working hard :)
    I love your mod because its perfect for my apocalyptic theme ^_^
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    can u adjust it so snow vanishes on wasteland... and wasteland stays :/ it keeps recovering in grass so i have to keep reactivating it and im doing it over 5000 blocks >:/ so its recovering fast and i got lots of snow around my town and its like wtf its hot but snow?

    EDIT: add a delay to being on fire like a few ticks and if their already on fire before that then it should add 2x damage, this would help for my vampire mod so when they light on fire then they get even more burning xD, plus it makes more sense for if they step on fire then their in burning sun they take 2x fire damage.
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    In addition, I was hoping the ---.noburn would be implemented soon, it's all that's stopping me from adding this. I only want a certain group to be sunburned...
    Thanks for staying updated, good luck on progress!
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    This plugin doesn't prevent weather from happening, so snow will reappear when it's raining. As for the delay thing, I'm not sure how I would implement it.

    Sorry! Actually I totally forgot about that request... It's already done now, I'm just trying to see if I can't package a world generator with it so people can stop having to use the wasteland command
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    This is super cool! :D
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    can you add WorldGuard region support?
    like I want a specific group of people (individuals) to burn in the sunlight in a specific region.
    (its for my RolePlaying Nation on a server)
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    I'll look into it, but I'm not sure what the outcome will be. I'll keep you posted
    Thank you!
  11. does it burn during night time? ^_^
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    Nope! :D
  13. Awesome, ill give it a try :)
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    Wasteland generation has a limit of about 500 radius on my 8gb ram server...any chance you can make a world generate wasteland by itself? Like, all new chunks are wasteland.
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    I've been working on something for it, but it's very hard to get world generation to replicate what an actual minecraft world looks like, so it'll be awhile before that's out.
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    Ah, I understand; thank you for considering. I made my own solution: Used worldedit to replace grass with dirt and leaves to air. Worked pretty well
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    Could you maybe make it a configurable time frame of which players will take damage from the sun? Like noon time (when the sun is it's hottest).
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    I had a little idea wich will be some how the same as kukelekuuk00 and that is a specific region for this sunburn
    I mean, over the whole world is sunburn disabled except for a specific region. is this possible?
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    Mista Epic

    Why would anyone use this?
  20. Hello, i'd like to get PermissionsEx support and permissions nodes for groups :) Like "sunburn.burn" and then player will burn in the sun, otherwise he will not.
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    Hey, just wondering. What happens if you are in a dark area and you happen to get set on fire by another player and then you move into sunlight, and then back into darkness? Will moving out of sunlight put out all flames is really the question. Also, what happens if you are in direct sunlight whilst in water?
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    You will stay on fire if the fire was not caused by "the sun". You will not burn whilst in water.
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    Another option for people waiting for the World-Generator, using WorldEdit/WorldGuard:
    1: create some way of defining your borders (for minimal usage)
    2: /region flag __global__ grass-growth deny (double underscore on both sides of the global region)
    3: use the WasteLand command as needed

    Use a border so you don't have to wasteland the area that gets explored as people expand.

    I'm just trying to find any way I can help, I really want that next release for the noburn permission! :rolleyes:
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    How about biome support? Something like an option for it to only work in deserts and such.
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    hey i think this plugin is fantastic but maybe you could say like when u have leather amour on u can stay out in the sun for longer ???
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    You can already do that.

    Possible, but I probably won't be adding anything until I return from vacation.
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    The dev bukkit page has a big red box with this at the top:
    Is that inaccurate then? I would like to implement this for my new wasteland project this but I want to make sure it's going to be there for a while :/

    EDIT: Nevermind, I found this:

    I'll find another plugin.

    G'luck and have fun on vaca :p
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    I Love your plugin. I'k planning a really hard Worms for my RPG server. This world will be like an other planet. It's mainly made of endstone. There won't be plants or passive mobs.

    I'd like to use your plugin, but I'd prefer a always-night world but with the features of your plugin. Like if there was no air on this planet and you would have to wear a helmet that gives you oxygen.

    So I'd really like to have a feature to "invert" this plugin. It should do the same, only at night. And maybe you should be able to disable burning the player and just take health.

    Could you add this?
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    I am returning for a bit, and I will be updating all of my plugins. It'll be a few days before it's all said and done, but you'll see them soon enough ;)
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    John McCarthy

    Can you please update for 1.1 RB if possible?

    I would really like to use this plugin!
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    Can you add a command or feature so you can make your whole world a wasteland because typeing in /sunburn wasteland [diameter] isnt cutting out for what I want, I want to make world to keep generating wasteland forever unless I remove the plugin or what ever is there a way to do that if not please add it so far its great

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