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  1. Hey arcental I refreshed the plugin.
    Then I did /ua enable ( arenaname )

    Idk if that did anything but I had the same prob as you and now it works.
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    I'm having a problem setting team spawns inside the arena. I get all step before that done, but after it says create a Red team spawn in the arena, I do /ua setpoint or /ua sp and I get no confirmation.
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    Ehm, when i create an Arena, and i type: /ua join MOB (name of my mob arena) it says, please stand still for 2 seconds, and nothing happens!!

    how can i fix this?, do i need a special plugin or something?

    Yo Orange, do you have any idea how i can fix my problem?
    or anyone else, its pretty annoing, that i cant start a match in my server.


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    The arena now lets me join for some odd reason (that problem is fixed) but the event spawn location is sometimes gliched. It puts you in a random location
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    allright so i fixed my mob arena, but when i join, iam not joining a lobby, my player just stands there, and i can walk around, but iam not getting TP'd to an lobby. whats the fix?
    and how many players needs a TDM round to start with countdown?
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    i have a problem my arena wont let me join every time i try it just canceles it or nothing happens

    never mind i fixed it

    i cant work out how to make a spleef zone can someone help me

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    Hey everything works except for rewards, im sure you'll fix that soon. However, i was wondering if you could add a way to use points to buy items from sign shops in mob arenas? That would be a very great addition!
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    This is a great plugin, We are loving it on our server. One thing i would like to suggest is having a config file for the arena's. We were playing a TDM match on a level and were surprised with skeletons, zombies, and ghasts. The map is well lit and has no monsters spawning when you are just walking around, But when you play there are tons. I don't know if that's a bug or what. So i was going to suggest something where in certain arenas it disables mobs from spawning so in case you didn't light a corner enough and whatnot the monsters don't spawn in a strictly PvP arena.

    My 2nd idea was to have the config file for Mob arenas have a wave option where you can list the types of mobs you want each wave and how many. For example it could look like this

    round1=zombie,5 skeleton,5 spider,1
    round2=zombie,10 skeleton,5 spider,3
    That would allow for different types of mob arenas. For example I want to recreate a map from CoD Zombies and have the zombies spawn outside and climb in the windows and such. (if i find a smart mob plugin). But it would allow for alot more customization.

    Thanks for reading and i love the work you have done so far! Keep it up!

    DMCE_Mason :D
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    Simple ,Easy and useful plugin! (The config is easy too :D ) Nice job keep it up man!

    To Fix :
    /ua join (name of my mob arena) it says, please stand still for 2 seconds, and nothing happens

    I did :
    refreshed the plugin
    Then /ua enable ( arenaname )
    It works! (thanks! HavYouCeenMyGum_!)

    Here are some features I request :
    1. Selecting the region with /ua sp is great but it would be even better if I can select it with WorldEdit :D
    2. Multiworld support
    3. Signs!
    4. A arena that simply rebuild itself after the game
    5. 1.2.5??
    6. Edit the Arena after created it
    7. Automatically changes the Gamemode
    8. No mobs before an arena starts

    Hope to see your work soon! :D
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    Thanks for clearing that up :) I'll try to see if I can get those actions to automatically happen upon arena creation.

    1. Meh, I'm just going to keep it to 1 method, to prevent confusion
    2. That will come, in due time.
    3. That's not a request or suggestion, that's a plural noun.
    4. I would do that, but I fear it would create a lot of latency in the server.
    5. What about 1.2.5?
    6. You can, through configuration files. The reason the plugin is "simple", is because there are not too many ways in which you can mess up, so long as you follow the instructions.
    7. I'll do that.
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    with signs hes asking signs to spend points in mob arenas or use killing points in other arenas to buy supplies from "sign shops". I would love to have that added.
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    [quote uid=90704 name="orange451" post=829005]<font color="#141414"><font color="#141414"><font color="#141414">UltimateArena - the ultimate arena plugin</font></font></font>
    <font color="#141414"><font color="#141414"><font color="#141414">This plugin allows people to create arenas in their world to fight in. Whether it is a MobArena, or a PvpArena, you can fight 'till the death and be rewarded with gold!</font></font></font>
    <font color="#141414"><font color="#141414"><font color="#141414">Features:</font></font></font>
    * <font color="#141414">Seven arena types, MobArena, ConquestArena, King of The Hill arena, Bomb Arena, FFA arena, Spleef arena, and PvpArena</font>
    * <font color="#141414">rewards for playing the arenas (configurable)</font>
    * <font color="#141414">kill streaks in arenas</font>

    <font color="#141414"><font color="#141414"><font color="#1061b3">Download the plugin here</font></font></font>

    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    <font color="#141414"><font color="#141414"><font color="#141414">Changelog:</font></font></font>
    <font color="#141414"><font color="#141414"><font color="#141414">Version 0.6</font></font></font>
    * <font color="#141414"><font color="#141414"><font color="#141414">Added a SPLEEF arena type!</font></font></font>
    * <font color="#141414"><font color="#141414"><font color="#141414">added arena stats</font></font></font>

    - * <font color="#141414"><font color="#141414"><font color="#141414">/ua stats [arenaname] to view how many times it's been played over total arena plays since the server was started</font></font></font>
    * <font color="#141414"><font color="#141414"><font color="#141414">/ua like [arenaname] to "like" an arena</font></font></font>
    * <font color="#141414"><font color="#141414"><font color="#141414">/ua dislike [arenaname] to "dislike" an arena</font></font></font>
    - NOTE: when using /ua list, the blue number is how many times that arena has been played since the plugin was initialised

    Show Spoiler
    <font color="#141414"><font color="#141414"><font color="#141414">Version 0.5</font></font></font>
    * <font color="#141414"><font color="#141414"><font color="#141414">Added a FFA arena type</font></font></font>
    * <font color="#141414"><font color="#141414"><font color="#141414">fixed some bugs</font></font></font>
    * <font color="#141414"><font color="#141414"><font color="#141414">rearranged the help file</font></font></font>
    * <font color="#141414"><font color="#141414"><font color="#141414">added enabling and disabling of arenas</font></font></font>
    * <font color="#141414"><font color="#141414"><font color="#141414">you can now set the amount of a "tool" you want to give someone. (IE tool2=35,64 Gives 64 of 35)</font></font></font>

    <font color="#141414"><font color="#141414"><font color="#141414">Version 0.4</font></font></font>

    * <font color="#141414"><font color="#141414"><font color="#141414">Added a new King of the hill arena type :3</font></font></font>

    <font color="#141414"><font color="#141414"><font color="#141414">Version 0.3</font></font></font>

    * <font color="#141414"><font color="#141414"><font color="#141414">Fixed problems with people not being rewarded items for winning an arena</font></font></font>

    <font color="#141414"><font color="#141414"><font color="#141414">Version 0.2</font></font></font>

    * <font color="#141414"><font color="#141414"><font color="#141414">Fixed problems w/ healer being OverPowered</font></font></font>
    * Fixed a bunch of arena glitches
    * added Conquest game mode

    <font color="#141414"><font color="#141414"><font color="#141414">Version 0.1</font></font></font>

    * Uploaded

    How to use
    * Throw the plugin into your plugins folder (and the folder included in the ZIP)
    * use /ua ingame for help


    Current Arena Types
    * pvp - (Like a TDM arena)
    * mob - (Survive wave after wave of mobs)
    * cq - (Conquest styled game from Battlefield3)
    * koth - (FFA King of the hill, you need to stand on a point for an accumulative 60 seconds to win)
    * bomb - (TDM arena, red team is attacking bomb points, blue team is defending them. to cap a point, stand on it for 10 second, to defend a point, stand on it for 10 seconds.
    * ffa - (Every one for themselves, in a stock FFA match, users have 4 lives, so the last one alive wins).
    * spleef - (spleef arena, herpaderpa :p)

    Creating an Arena

    1. use /ua create [fieldType] to create the field
    2. set two points for the lobby (using /us setpoint or /ua sp)
    3. set two points for the arena (using /us setpoint or /ua sp)
    4. start settings spawn points

    - 5. FOR MOB ARENA

    - 6. set one point in the lobby for the lobby spawn
    7. set one point in the arena for the arena spawn

    - 8. when the player spawns are done, use /ua sp to set points for mob spawns
    9. when you are done placing mob spawns, use /ua done
    10. set two points in the lobby for the two team lobby spawns (RED team comes first)
    11. set two points in the arena for the two team arena spawns (RED team comes first)

    - 12. You should keep the lobby spawns closed off from eachother, for opposing teams can kill eachother
    13. set two points in the lobby for the two team lobby spawns (RED team comes first)
    14. set two points in the arena for the two team arena spawns (RED team comes first)

    - 15. You should keep the lobby spawns closed off from eachother, for opposing teams can kill eachother
    - when the player spawns are done, use /ua sp to set points for Flag points (There needs to be an ODD number of flag points)
    - when you are done placing flag points, use /ua done
    16. set 1 point for the lobby (/ua done when done)
    17. set as many player spawns as you want (/ua done when done)
    18. set ONE flag point (/ua done when done)
    19. set a RED team lobby spawn
    20. set a BLUE team lobby spawn
    21. set a RED team arena spawn
    22. set a BLUE team arena spawn
    23. set TWO flag spawns
    24. set 1 point for the lobby (/ua done when done)
    25. set as many player spawns as you want (/ua done when done)
    26. set 1 point for the lobby spawn (/ua done when done)
    27. set 2 points for the spleef zone (adjacent corners)
    28. set 2 points for the outzone (adjacent corners [anying inside AND below gets killed]).


    The plugin comes stock with a few classes I've created.
    to add a class to the arena, put a sign in the lobby, and have the FIRST line of the sign be the name of the classes. The stock classes are: brute, healer, dumbass, garret, and, archer
    * To choose a class, right click the sign when you are in the lobby.


    in your permissions group location, add "ultimatearena.admin". This node will allow users to dig blocks in the arena, and set up an arena.
    If you also want people to be able to join an arena, use "ultimatearena.player".
    If you want users to be able to JUST build arenas, use "<font color="#141414"><font color="#141414"><font color="#141414">ultimatearena.builder".</font></font></font>
    29. Open the config file for your class
    30. change the variables around :p

    * the mobarena has a special variable, called "maxwave" it's default is set to 15
    * To set up rewards, this is the format:

    - * [ID]:[DAT],[AMT]
    * such as: 35:4,2 (will give TWO wool with a color of 4)
    * or: 46,4 (will give 4 TNT)
    - You can have up to "tool9" for a class.


    What's to come?
    More arena types
    * CTF

    This plugin works great with PVPGun!!!

    <font color="#ff0000">ONLY WORKS IN THE NORMAL WORLD!</font>

    <font color="#000000">Disclaimers:</font>
    <font color="#000000">~UltimateArena mobarena's and pvparena's are in no way associated with the other fight plugins, MobArena, and PVPArena.).</font>
    <font color="#000000">~Our mob arena is designed to give a very simplistic "mob" arena, not to be confused with GarbageMules MobArena.</font>
    <font color="#888888">( 'cuz, money is a very nice thing )</font>
    <font color="#ff0000">[​IMG]</font>[/quote]
    NONE of my arenas will work in any of my worlds. (I have tried it in EVERY one of them.) It always gets stopped at the Red team Spwan point. Idk why though is it maybe because of essentials or something? Please help im getting very frusterated
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    Did you try... following the directions?
    I hear that works really well.
    The videos I post also seem to clear up common cases of the lackluster to read the whole main post disease.
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    Make sure when you enter the create command that you make the arena type case sensitive. (lower case)
    example... /ua create PVPArena pvp
    I ran into a problem like that yesterday. First time giving this plugin a try. Took me awhile to figure it out and felt like an idiot once I did.
    Hopefully it's the same problem, sounds like it.

    I realize this had been mentioned before and the reply given was that you were worried having arenas self rebuild afterward would create too much latency on servers. I would like to re request that feature on behalf of anyone who would like to have that ability who either has a small personal server with which it would not have as bad effect or those who have computers that can handle that stress suitably. If anything, perhaps put a auto_rebuild true / false option in the config? So those who can utilize can and those who can't can leave it off and no harm done.

    It would be a very appreciated option.

    Also, my small server uses the Cenotaph plug in. Anyway chest production can be disabled when inside Arenas? If not currently, could that possibly be an option to come as well?

    As for other issues atm, I am waiting anxiously. This has grounds to be an excellent plug in to keep. Kudos to you on the work done so far!

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    Thank you for that well rounded comment :)
    I'll probably write an auto_rebuild conigurable option in the arena configs in the future; how should I handle block destruction? Should every block be able to be destroyed? only some blocks? Should they only be susceptable to explosions?
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    Hey there

    I hope you can help me ;)

    I can install the plugin , create an arena and join it without problems but when im teleported to the spots im spawned in the air , falling down , teleported and so on until i'm dead .... do you know how to fix that ?

    I use mc 1.2.5 and this plugin version : Download the plugin here
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    raise the ceiling.
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    Thx for the support no it works brilliantly ! Great Plug-in !

    it would be nice if you can add two features :

    - Change arena type options for every arena [example : waves = 15 for one and = 3 for other ;) ]
    - Activate / deactivate placing fire
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    I was wondering if there could be a /ua disable [name] [fieldtype] command. So, when you build an arena, you could name the arena with [name] and have the [fieldtype] for it. You would also be able to disable only that arena, instead of all of the same type of arena. This way you will be able to have multiple arenas of the same type. You would also be able to name your arena. Additionally, you could have a /ua enable [name] [fieldtype] so you could enable only that arena for the [fieldtype]. When you say /ua disable [fieldtype] it disables all of the fieldtypes, but when you add a name to the fieldtype, it would only disable that arena. Lastly, when your joining an arena, a message could pop up saying the arena name and field type.
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    Orange, your plugin is awesome! Just been configuring some arenas on my small server and I ran into a problem. I've set maxdeaths on mob arena to 5 but when I die I get teleported to the server spawn, instead of the arena spawn, and the arena match is interrupted. I havent tried any other arena yet, and I've only played alone in it. Do you know anything about this sort of problem?

    Edit: I figured out it was a problem with a plugin, so I checked and homespawn plus was conflicting with UA. Can you try fixing this in the next update?
    Edit2: I managed to fix it! You have to go to HSP config and on the "onDeath:" parameters you can only have:
    "- spawnLocalWorld"
    This isnt enough to fix it though, you also have to remove the HSP jar file from the plugin folder, run the server without it, close it down, put the HSP jar file in the jar folder again and run the server again. This fixed my problem. I hope this helps!
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    /ua disable [arenaname] already works.
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    I have a question, and that would be, can I limit the amount of players of a specific team in King of The Hill?
    I want a team of 5 who's defending the hill against for example, a team of 10
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    Hello again, I thought I had fixed all my issue but it turns out the death limit in mob arena is not working. Atm I've got 5 as death limit but sometimes the arena stops and teleports me out after only 1 death, sometimes 3, and other times even 6. It's really weird. Also, I can't seem to give splash potions to players. Normal potions work tho, but not splash ones, someone they all show up as the normal version or just plain water bottles.
    Do you know what might be wrong?
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    Is this plugin compatible with Heroes ?
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    hey great plugin orange everything works fine most the time but sometimes when people die it wont let them respawn and they have to go back to the title screen then when they come back they still have the wool on their head and if they leave arena and put something in their inventory then leave and come back its gone.. i looked on a few pages to see if anyone else has had this problem but couldnt find so will u please reply to this thanks man
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    I can't fix problems w/ the minecraft GUI, sorry.

    I thought I fixed that :/
    You'll need to give me AN EXACT list of EVERYTHING you need to do, in order to replicate this bug
    Thanks :)

    Try it.

    That's not how King of the Hill Works (In Ultimate Arena). It's a free for all game mode.

    I'll take a look. That seems to happen more often when there is only ONE person in the arena, right? Atleast, that's what it seems to be w/ me :/
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    I've played a few games in FFA arena and still the same problems, death limit isnt working, and sometimes players get teleported out of arena and keep their items.
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    Just a question. does Spleef mode automatically replace blocks?????(it would be useless if it didn't)
    I dont understand any of this:
    set 2 points for the spleef zone (adjacent corners)
    What is "Spleef zone"​
    set 2 points for the outzone (adjacent corners [anying inside AND below gets killed]).
    What is "Outzone" and what does "anying inside AND below gets killed" mean?​
    Please reply as soon as possible, server users are REALLY exited about spleen arena, but i don't get this!!!
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    i need help i do what u say but when i get the the set spawn in lobby it says set red spawn in lobby then blue spawn then it says do the same in arena but wont let me put any spawns in the arena pls help
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    Multiworld support please <3

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