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    Resource Based Repair
    Get it at the dev.bukkit page!
    What is ResourceRepair?
    ResourceRepair is a repair plugin that was originally developed for a PVP server known as CorvusPvp. As the server is no longer operational, I have decided to release the plugin in its current form for the public. As of right now it is configured to work with all current items and enchantments, and will not almost definitely not work with custom items. It is a resource-based repair plugin that is designed to be a more logical form of repair than other plugins. It factors in many things, including the item's enchantments, material type, and durability. You can configure the values given to enchantments in the RepairRepair/repair.txt file.
    For Server Owners:
    • To change the values of enchantments, or perhaps the required base resources for certain items, edit the ResourceRepair/repair.txt.
    • To change the blocks required to repair on, you can edit the ResourceRepair/repairblocks.txt.
    How do I use it?
    Look at the video for a detailed description on how to use it, you can disregard the blocks and materials used considering they could vary from server to server.​

    corvusrepair.canrepair - If a player does not have this, or if it is false, then the player will be unable to repair their items.​
    corvusrepair.checkblock - If a player does not have this, or if it is false, then the player will be unable to use /rrepair block​
    About Errors (Exceptions):
    If any exceptions pop up in your console pertaining to CorvusRepair, please send them via PM to me. I would prefer that to having to look through all of the replies on this thread. Thanks!​
    /rrepair block - Allows you to check the block required to repair the currently held item​
    /rrepair help - Shows you a help file that includes permissions and other things.​
    /rrepair - Lists all commands.​
    Known Issues: None

    Recent Changes:
    V 1.1 (07/22/2012)
    Added /rrepair commands.
    Re-did configuration, making the plugin configurable to a server's needs.
    Add a new permission, resourcerepair.checkblock.

    Moved the file from MediaFire to a dev.bukkit page for convenience.

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    Nice, approved.
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    Version 1.1 has been released, and adds quite a lot of functionality. It is an attempt to make the plugin more easily configurable for everyone, and hopefully I succeeded in creating a better configuration for server owners. I have also renamed the plugin, considering I'd rather have a title that doesn't reference a specific server.
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    I'm new to the whole server management thing so I would just like to confirm a few things.
    • I would like my users to be able to repair everything on an iron block so I changed the repairblocks.txt to:
      • diamond:42:264
      • gold:42:266
      • iron:42:265
      • stone:42:4
      • leather:42:334
      • bow:42:266
    • I would like all items to be repairable with only 1 of their respective material, so I changed repair.txt to
      • diamond_pickaxe:264:1
      • iron_pickaxe:265:1
      • stone_pickaxe:4:1
      • etc...
    • For enchantments I again would like them to be repaired with only 1 of their respective material, so I made these changes:
      • protection_fire = 0
      • oxygen = 0
      • dig_speed = 0
      • etc...
    Finally, I'm using Essential Groupmanagers, can I add the permissions to globalgroups.yml? Currently my users are getting a "You do not have permission to repair items."
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    I'll have to take a look at it. Lately people have been reporting permission errors with the newest 1.3.1 RB.
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    Everything seems to be working for me so far. I did copy the permission into /plugins/GroupManager/globalgroups.yml under the "g:essentials_builder:" permissions. It seems to be working just fine.
    I'm using CraftBukkit 1.3.1-R1.0-b2320jnks.

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