[FUN/MECH] JukeIt 3.0.0 (formerly JukeBukkit) [SPN1414/CB1.4.7-R0.1]

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Releases' started by thedudeguy, Aug 10, 2011.

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    JukeIt (formerly known as JukeBukkit) will no longer be hosted on BukkitDev.

    JukeIt can now be found Here.
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    Great plugin, I was wondering though when it says "filename.ogg" downloaded, does it actually download it to your computer?
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    yes. music does not stream. Music is downloaded to the client into a cache, and played from the cache. The cache is in the .spoutcraft folder. so here is a discalimer

    I am not responsible for anything. You should only provide music that your have the rights to distribute.
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    Bukkit #1060 and Spout 1.0.2 + Launcher

    I cannot burn discs, well it burns but no sound is heard. The old discs created on Bukkit #1000 + Spout 1.0.1 are still working, but the new ones not. :/
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    As said earlier:
    The minecraft code have some issues with the sound manager. Minecraft is not made to download and play custom sounds. Sometimes The soundmanager crashes, and stops working until you restart the game. Thedudeguy is working at a fix for this.
    Some of the Spout API code has changed, an update is needed to fix it... obviously.
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    Worked perfectly, redownloaded spout plugin and everything was as it should be, thanks alot. =)
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    Hmm i Put a CD in a Jukebox but i dont hear Music.

    I see a Info Box on top but not more...
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    Yes, we are going to be looking into the Spouts API's changes as soon as possible to reconfigure what needs to be fixed. In the meantime, sit tight =)

    Need a bit more information than this to help you. Provide version of Craftbukkit, Spout Client and Server. As well as this may just be a direct result of the update for Spout itself.

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    Sometimes the music stops mid song for my players and then won't play at all until they restart spoutcraft.
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    does anyone have any good music .wav .ogg
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    putting the cd's in a chest wipes all cd's

    it just breaks the whole plugin
  12. heres in simple a great way to get all the music you want.
    1 first get the "musicname.mp3" file
    2 convert it to .ogg on media.io
    3 create an account on dropbox
    4 upload the "music.ogg file" to dropbox
    5 bring it to the public folder
    6 click copy public address
    7 paste it to notepad so you can read it in easily
    8 use the "/cd burn dropBoxAddressJustCoppied" command with a gold disc of course
    9 use "/cd set title name" and "/cd set artist name" to customize it
    10 and you have your music to play!
    11 like my comment for being such a wonderful help :)

    if needed i could make a video
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    This plugin still seems a bit off for our server. We are running the latest build of Spout and Spout client as well as the latest build of your plugin, but the problem on our side was that some players would hear it and some wouldn't. This is even with the music and sound turned up. Also, sometimes when walking away from the jukebox, one of our players were able to hear it till he logged out. So distance didn't really play any role in him hearing it or not.

    Also it violently crashed our server out of the blue when trying to burn a cd. It was very odd, but regardless we were able to burn about 4 or 5 cds successfully.

    EDIT: I think it crashed after I tried to type /burn cd <URL> twice instead of /cd burn <URL>. Any reason this would happen?

    EDIT EDIT: It seems that I didn't even know /burn was an essentials command, so I'm not sure what could have created the crash. Go figure. Probably a fluke.
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    Okay, spout updated. I'm not seeing what build of spout this was built against. Does it retain compatibility with the new build?

    Edit: Well in #spout they claimed it updated but the version number is the same since august 3rd it looks like. Very confusing. Which version is this claiming compatibility with?
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    This is build against spout 1.0.1. Ill have time over the weekend to some updates. but this should still work, considering this plugin only uses 2 classes from the spout api, and both classes are pretty much unchanged in the newest spout.
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    How about to burn a disk you have to through it in a fire and then a menu (or text in the chat) comes up and asks you what song you would like to use! I think it would be nice and quirky (and yes, I do know what burning means when discussing media)
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    After placing the music discs in the chest after a period of time, say... about 30 minutes, every burned disc became unplayable but held the artist and title information until I placed it in the jukebox. Then it'd just play the default music and erase the artist and title information. The drop box folder is still public and available. I saw one other person complaining about this and was wondering if this is happening to anyone else and what could cause it.
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    Um, I guess I'm retarded, but where in the world are these "golden discs" so I can burn a song?
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    hello, i love this and spout but can you do so a disk can stay on until i stop it?
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    Alex Fu

    Would you be able to make a playlist mode? For instance, the moment a jukebox stops playing the record, it outputs a redstone signal so that the next jukebox can start to play?
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    get a dropbox account.. its free and really easy to use! :D
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    I want to get a final fantasy song and convert it to an ogg. But I can only use the link if it's public. That means I'm distributing music without permission. Can't they fine me for that if they fine out? :(. Anyone know some good ogg sound files I can use for login.
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    My server is using iConomy and iConomyChestShop, and I would like to create a store with a lot of burned CD's.
    I tried to sell the burned CD's using the goldendisk's ID (2256), but it doesn't works. The burned CD's seems to have a proper ID so i can't sell them because my ChestShop says that goldendisk is out of stock
    So, can we find the ID of your disks?
    If not, can you make it compatible with iConomyChestShop ?
    Thanks :)
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    can this work so u can play custom music?
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    Could you add an option to play the music through sound and not music? When I use spout even when I don't have a disk burned I cant here music for some reason. I think something is blocking it or something.
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    I am also very interested in this as well.
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    When i burn a disc and i close the server, the next time i open the server all of the discs are messed up and when i try to put the disc it says "the disc seems to be broken. maybe its too scratched up?" and I can't reburn anything on it unless
    i wipe it and i cant rename it or anything

    did i do something wrong because i looked in the issues page and the posts but it doesnt seem like
    there is an answer for it yet please help
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    It would be awsome if you made it where we could link jukeboxes together to play the song over big areas while still not having to raise the range which will make the music perfect for smaller buildings as well.
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    Jukebox song playing with redstone is bugged and would it be possible to make it that if the redstone is turned off the song stop and when its on the song constantly loops, that's what i'm looking for and yet this one is the best plugin for playing songs but still buggy and not reaching my attempts, thanks.

    Edit: Also, when you type /cd set title <title here>, it would be nice if it would show the name in the inventory.
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    Dropbox doesn't seem to work for me. Every time I host a song through it the url never ends with .ogg ex. https://dl-web.dropbox.com/get/MagicCarpetRide.ogg?w=c0580d43. And if I try to delete the characters after .ogg it turns into a broken link/still can't burn. Media.io doesn't work either. Any help would be appreciated, namely a place to host .ogg files to turn into music urls. Thanks.
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    Is it posssible to also use the green discs?

    I am running a realistic survival server (ie. not cheating new items) and the golden discs are quite rare. I want to keep some rarity, but some more discs would be nicer. So I'd really like to also be able to use the green discs.

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