Inactive [FUN/MECH/EDIT] Cinema v1.62 - Make animated pixelarts/scenes [1.2.5-R2.0]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by fredlllll, Apr 10, 2012.

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  2. you mean i should add some?
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    At last, someone made a block animation plugin! :D I'm happy :3 */me gives fredlllll a cookie * Works great, I made a 3D Cinema with a traveling in space block animation, big success on my server!
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    um, in the future, can you make it so everyone can see the animation endlessly? (without using playername and how much times it needs to play) ? otherwise i love this plugin :)[cake]
  5. omg you ever read the text??? playername is not your name its an ID so you can stop that thing later with that identifier(i wrote that like 5 times in this thread)!! and if playcount is 0 it will play forever...
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    Can you add a dev.bukkit for this project ?
    I have some idea to upgrade Cinema :
    - Select the zone with an item (Stick ?) : It's more easy
    - add permissions (in bukkit.yml plz)
    - add a config file :
    - default Frame duration
    - default playcount
    - default restore after stop
    - default setair

    Thanks !
  7. if you tell me what a dev.bukkit is :p im making commands for bukkit since 5 days lol. so i dont know much about that bukkit stuff here >.<
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  9. well... made the project there... but i already have all my stuff on my sourceforge account. so ill begin using it when i make new plugins
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    I might of found a little bug, you know the theatre you watched the show in, I placed the /cpos1 and /cpos2 in same place after server restart and it took a chunk out of my building :|
  11. " took a chunk out of my building" uhhh what you mean?
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    Well I was playing the animation to a friend and from right hand side side of the stage/building vanished and reappeared, I thought I set it up wrong so redid the cords and second time it did the animation of the building and didn't revert back so I had a hole in my building. Chunk as in a hole not a map chunk xD
  13. well okay i dont know why that happened... but the command only sets blocks which are in the frame
    if you used setair then it couldve overwritten everything else
  14. Tried it. It works great, Good Job!![diamond]
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    Most likely me being an idiot xD I set markers so I shouldn't mess up again :) Thank you for the plugin! :D
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    This could be great for other things too, like secret doors.
  17. or use it for ressource renewal

    added permission(s) and a config file. just one permission for the whole plugin
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    I have a developer question.

    Why did you go with dumping data, and not just serialize a class for saving the animated pixelarts?
  19. 1) saves space. a class uses more space than just its data in binary form
    2) i like binary formats
    3) i hate javas serializable stuff.
    4) also saves ram i think if i just write the data directly to a file. and i think you know that java uses way to much ram for any data
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    Great plugin! However, would you be able to add an option for removing frames and/or most definitely deleting whole animations?
  21. deleting frames is possible
    the deleting animations is such a thing... it would give you access to delete files.. you could also delete the world or parts of it...
  22. can i make for example Glowing message with glowstone: Semicraft <- and play it endlessly to all players who just sees it? or does it always require the player name in command so it moves for him? :E
  23. i doubt you read the thread... endless playing = "SET PLAYCOUNT TO ZERO!!"
    ID != Playername
    gottam id is just an identifier for the playing animation so you can stop it with cstop. please read the thread. every info is there!!!
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    Hello, I posted on your dev but it seems you do not check it. I have a few inquires~
    How is this plugin saving? It has no folder so if I need to move a cinema from 1 server to another how would I go about it?

    When I set the stage via cpos1 and cpos2 it doesn't use those coords, it still plays the animation where I am standing...very lack luster when attempting to show it off.

    Say I want to run two different Cinema's at the same time on different stages that do not endlessly repeat. With the current plugin is this even possible? If so how?

    I want to use the plugin to add a dynamic feeling to my server not just to create a more intricate sign and I'm sure many people agree with this thought process.

    Please be a bit more descriptive in your heading post. Sure it tells you what the plugin does somewhat and how to use it but it doesn't explain the limits/bugs/glitches nor what you personally are trying to accomplish.So us as a dev community assume its meaning and place. These fields most definitely should be covered.

    Other then that good work and I hope you keep working on this plugin for it has incredible potential.

    After more digging, I found that you have a source which you keep somewhat updated...The devbukkit however is your 1.1 version so I now need to test the 1.2 instead of the 1.1 and see if there are indeed differences to help in the issues I've faced thus far. If however my questions remain valid please feel free to respond ^^

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    Chair + cinema!ROCKS!
  26. Koala
    saving is relative to the directory bukkit is executed in. so the cinema files are in the main folder of bukkit. yeah i could change this so the folder is \plugins\cinema\

    i dont know what u mean with the pos1,2 thing. if you use pos, it uses the blocks your feet are IN not ON
    /edit: uhhh if you want to make another animation playing you have to reset the pos1. the other animations will keep playing at their initial locations

    if you want to run different cinemas use a different ID use for example 1 or 2 or 3 or ahsansajksakasjkka :confused: its just an identifier to stop it with /cstop

    if you only want to let it play a few times use the parameter in /cplay (look first post). if it should be endless use 0(zero) as playcount

    there are no limits except the ones of your server ( except it can handle fields with like 2 billion blocks set each frame LOL) a file can have up to 2 billion frames so there i no real limit at all

    bugs? well i need bugreports from you, cause me as creator will use the plugin properly and cant test out every rubish you do :p

    glitches: there is just one, but this seems to be a problem of bukkit updating the blockchanges and not a problem of my plugin

    the aim: read the name... read it again... now make it :p thats what its intended for. making cinemas. but you can use it to make animations everywhere

    at the moment im working on an editing mechanism to delete frames from a cinemafile. and i will continue work on it
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    Why ?
    Chair doesn't work for me :/
  28. i didnt add anything to restart the animations after a server restart. i could add something but now im working on editing animations
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    I did not mean any sort of disrespect although I am sure you have to deal with a many number of forum/community trolls. Regardless I will keep testing the plugin and hopefully I can help in pushing for a more generalized use.(Not saying it isn't there, but some things aren't clear and I would love to explain myself in detail) I see you have Forgeware stamped in your signature should I contact you through that design group?

    Regardless I have a number of meetings tonight, I will attempt to call and see what happens~

    Thank you,
  30. no you can contact me here. forgeware are just the guys in whose name i make the plugins. i think i will make a tutorial video for the command...

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