[FUN/MECH] Armor Abilities - Get Abilities For Wearing Different Types Of Armor! [1.4+]

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    I havent used this yet, but it would be cool if there was a config that you could switch the abilities between each armor set or just armor. like move the diamond (fire resistance) to iron (scuba suit) and then iron to diamond, so you would have a scuba suit on diamond and fire resist on iron. would be great, thanks.
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    For some reason, even with the full set of Gold Armor, I still recieve fall damage..
    I have the necessary perms.
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    There is
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    Version 2.0 is out everyone! Look at the top of this thread and participate in the creeper ability explosion contest!
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    Tooner101 I am waiting for the 1.3 update. I actually liked this plugin.
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    Furanku Theres some (albeit really buggy) dev builds available for CB for 1.3.1. MOST plugins run perfectly normal on it
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    Can I get Armor Abilities 1.1 source??
    I Love 1.1 armor part abeility
    but 2.0 only full armor:(
    so I want to your v1.1 source to make armor part abeility
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    Motorman yeah however, I just jump up to 1.3 and I'll just wait for the plugin's to be updated. That way I know what is begin worked on and not worked on. I am also looking to learn how ot start making plugin's myself *hit googles*
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    I will update the plugin officially to 1.3 once a stable build is out but I am fairly sure this plugin will work as of now but I am not positive. Maybe you can test it for me and tell me?

    In the next update I am bringing back partial abilities if I can. My initial plan was to release this version (with full set abilities) and go back in once my code is clean to try to re-implement partial sets. Or I may keep full sets depending on what most people want.

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    how about make partial armor abilities plugin?
    I think that separate full set plugin and partial abilities plugins can be easier to developing plugin

    if you change config.yml
    like this I think it will give your plugin more detail config abilitiy and your plugin will be more awesome:cool:

    iron head:
    -- SPEED : 1
    -- SCUBA : 20
    -- JUMP : 0
    -- LAVA : 0
    -- RAGE : 0
    -- PEACE : 0
    -- ASSASSIN : false
    -- CREEPER : 0
    -- MAGICFEET : false
    -- VAMPIRE : false
    iron armor:
    -- SPEED : 1
    -- SCUBA : 20
    iron leggings:
    -- SCUBA : 20
    iron boots:
    -- SCUBA : 20
    -- MAGICFEET : true
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    I might just do that. Since some people liked the partial abilities more I might just update version 1.1 to the latest build that way they can choose between those.
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    I think it would be awesome if we had the option to configure more than one ability to one full armor set. Also, I agree with DarkFate. Great Plugin though!
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    Thanks! I did a poll to see if people would be okay with only ful set abilities and the majority of the people said yes but now its not looking that way...
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    just curious, with the update to 2.0 for regular players with the permission node, do they just need to wear the armor for the abilities to take effect? I am a bit confused with the new layout and your video only covers op commands.
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    Hm, no effect since upgrading to 1.3.1 and/or essentials. Are there any known conflicts?

    Seems as if there is a permission problem. After i set permissions it seems to work.
    but only if i turn on ability and set ability manually.

    No effect if i just put on a full set of armor as in previous versions.
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    Hmmm thats weird... Well I did change some of the permission nodes in this version so you might want to check on that but the plugin works just fine for 1.2.5. I wonder what changed going to 1.3? Maybe its the way 1.3 checks armor on players? I will have to look into that once the recommended build for 1.3 comes out with the documentation.
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    I want to set it up so that the users don't have to turn on the armor ability but they have to earn ranks to use certain armor abilities. Is that possible?
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    Hmmm.... That sounds really complicated but may be the solution to my problem in a way. I will have to look into that.
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    Yes same as normal. Players get effects for just wearing the armor. Sorry about that

    recompiled with bukkit 1.3.1. This should fix any errors people are having.

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    Is this just waiting for it to be approved? I don't see 1.3.1-R1 build up for download yet.
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    Yeah its awaiting approval.
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    I am sorry if I am repeating an already said issue, but you give a link to a 1.3.1 version of this plugin so I downloaded it. However, and there is no fix I can see in the config file, I am having a lot of problems. First off, the armour doesn't come with an ability, you need to manually set it each time. Second, even when anybody wears a full set of armour of any kind, when I try or another person tries to set an ability, an error occurs saying 'You must be wearing a full set of armour to set an ability' (or something along those lines) but the only armour the plugin recognises as a 'full set' is a pumpkin head then allowing people to set an ability. Third, the abilities do not work. Plainly they do not affect anything weather it is speed or haste or jump height, the only things that do work is with assassin you do vanish, and you do not take damage if the ability prevents it. I was very excited about this plugin but :( I guess that I cannot use it. Please do help and thank you.
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    This is a very weird issue. I cannot find anything wrong code-wise and I have been trying to recreate the issue but I simply cannot. It works perfectly for me and I have no idea whats wrong... You can only set your own ability if you have the permission (armorabilities.setown, default OP) and others read from the config file. I really want to be able to recreate this bug so I can go about fixing it but I dont know how... Can you post your config file?
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    Sorry, but it still does not work. All settings are standard, but the team /ability on no effect
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    Again, I have no idea what is causing this. Is there any way to recreate this error because it works fine on the server I play on. Can you post your config file?
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    LEATHER: speed
    IRON: scuba
    GOLD: jump
    DIAMOND: lava
    CHAINMAIL: rage
    PUMPKIN: assassin
    # Intensity of speed ( 0 is normal)
    # recommended you do not exceed 8 (but you can try)
    speedBoost: 3
    # level of haste (dig speed) with full speed armor
    speedHaste: 1
    # how many blocks higher you can jump
    # recommended you do not exceed 80 (but you can try)
    jumpBoost: 4
    # level of haste (dig speed) underwater with scuba armor
    scubaHaste: 2
    # Time in seconds you can swim in lava unharmed with lava armor
    lavaTime: 10
    # how much damage lightning from rage armor does to enemy
    rageLightningDamage: 5
    # how long (in seconds) should fire-tick last from rage armor
    rageFireTime: 4
    # how big the explosion from creeper ability causes
    creeperAbilityExplosion: 5
    No errors in console.
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    Can you try changing some ablities around to different armors using some from the text file that are not default and then try putting on full armor, open and close your inventory a few times, and see if the armor works then?
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    In this case, information about the effect does not appear until I perform the action. For example "Jump" - it will not be shown until I jump at least 1 times
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    I updated from the 1.2.5 version to 1.3 (current) version and it doesn't seem to work at all. Wearing full scuba and still drown all the same.

    Also is it supposed to be as it was? Like
    iron=scuba, etc.
    I see there are peace/assassin, etc. this stuff is already supposed to be for everyone? HOnestly I don't want anything besides the original design is there any way to not have the other abilities and just have everyone automatically have scuba/speed/lava/moon like it was?
    (by the way it did work when I manually set it up for myself but I would like it all automatic?)
    Did the permissions change or anything?

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