Inactive [FUN] Make people invisible for you [1.4.6]

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  1. This is very simple plugin. When you execute command or use flower then you can hide online players from server and later you can in any time make them visible again for you :) This plugin is similar to plugin used by famous polish youtuber on Server PARKOUR. This is very easy way to get rid of players to have a space to go through parkour area.
    It's available on dev:
    download is only temporary because on dev it's not yet approved : pluginy Bukkit/hidem.jar
    You can make custom hide and show messages or just disable them in config file.
    FOR POLISH people: Możecie sobie zobaczyć ten filmik, jeśli chcecie więcej info PO POLSKU :) :

    • Custom messages
    • You can disable notification
    How to use ? :

    • To hide online people from you you have to use yellow flower by clicking right button of mouse.
    • To show make visible online people you have to use red flower by clicking right button of mouse.
    • By executing command /hidem to hide online players from you
    • By executing command /showem to make visible online players for you again

    • hm.showem - gives permissions to show hidden players (It makes sense if you have permission below :D )
    • hm.hidem - gives permissions to hide players


    Tell me below :)

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