[FUN] InvinciMobs v1.1 - Make Specified Mobs Invincible (Including Players) [818]

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    InvinciMobs - Make specified entities invincible!
    Version: 1.1

    InvinciMobs is a very simple plugin that makes specified mobs invincible (including players). Just define them in the Config.txt that the jar will make on its own the first time that you start the server (plugins/invincimobs/Config.txt)

    • (1.1) A config file to determine the invincibleness of each mob (including players)!
    • (1.0) Make all mobs invincible, no commands needed!
    The source code is included in the .jar (/me/captain/InvinciMobs/)

    Planned Changes
    Version 1.2
    • Add a reload command that works with permissions (should be easy)
    • Add commands to change the invincibleness of a mob in game (doesn't change the config file though, a temporary thing)
    Version 1.1
    • Added a config file :D
    • You can change it for each mob, including players. true = invincible , false = regular
    Version 1.0
    • Official Release!
    [​IMG] To me to support my plugins :)
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    hey dude may i ask why you would use this plugin just wondering..
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    Lol idk. It was easy + i was bored
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    A possible thing you could add would be permissions support (for RPG, like players who can't fight) or multiworld support (for event type worlds with invincible mobs). Just suggestions.
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    I'm currently working on a config file, but I might be able to add multi-world support in the future
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    In-game commands for OPs, at the least; Permissions support would be even better; Multi-world as well would make me download this without hesitation.

    Suggestions for commands:
    /invincimob [worldname] [all] [on/off] (on makes mobs invincible/off makes them vulnerable)
    /invincimob [worldname] [mobclass] [on/off] (mobclass would be whatever class they are: Allied, Passive, Neutral, or Aggressive-you can see the classes here)
    /invincimob [worldname] [mobname] [on/off] (would support names and aliases such as wolf, dog, puppy, etc)
    /invincimob list [worldname] (generates a list of invincible mobs-detects if classes or all mobs are invincible and shortens the list instead of listing them one by one)
    /invincimob [worldname] [rank] [all/class/name] [on/off] (creates invincibility or removes it for a certain rank only, ie {/invincimob main civilian all on} would make it impossible for Civilian-ranked players to kill mobs in the world Main)
    /im (alias for all invincimob commands)

    I can think of QUITE a few uses for this, particularly on a RP server.
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    This plugin will NEVER have that many commands. I can probably implement the world name one. But that would be it.
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    Why fire soo much hate on him.
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    I didn't mean caps lock as in angry, i meant it as in emphasis
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    Ok, next time try this because most people will SEE THIS AS anger :)
    But fun plugin m8 ;)

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    this would actually have a valid use if you could isolate certain mobs to be invincible. invincible creepers would be a whole new level of paranoia, but it's pointless if you can't get pork/wool/leather/etc.
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    @iggiiggi I know, I was working on a config file but I abandon it. I might get back on it though...

    I released a new version (1.1) with that exact feature :)

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    Wow! Thanks for the update, I'll give it a go :3
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    is it possible to make just 1 player (name)
    invincible? just all admins or only server leader.
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    @RickieAOM You can use SimpleGod for that
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    Idea: make it so that you can make certain mobs invincible, like if i have a cow in my farm, and i right click with lets say a flint, that one is invincible and other cows can be killed :D

    If you have a pet and dont want it to die? :D

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    Idea: Make it possible to set invincibility to certain items/blocks only.
    so for example, you can make it so that zombies can only be killed with fire, or that skeletons take no damage from arrows or cactus.
    The fire one is needed badly for continuous use on a server since invincible zombies and skeletons do not disappear during the day from sunburn. Eventully only zombies or skeletons remain if a player stays in the same area for a long time.
    with a change like this the plugin would be good for improving fighting, and combined with monster hunts and zombie apocolypse would be amazing.

    I have just found a bug with zombies.
    setting the zombie's invincibility to true also makes pigzombies invincible, even if it is set to false for pigzombies.
    The reversed case is not true however

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