Inactive [FUN/INFO] ThunderPlus - Have Lightning Strike upon Joining and leaving [1.3.1 R1.0]

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    ThunderPlus is a basic plugin which gives the user a thunder effect upon login and disconnect. It is mainly built for showing other players who are VIP's or Admins on servers when they join.
    • Creates harmless lightning bolts when a player join at the players location
    • Creates harmless lightning bolts when a player disconnects at the players location
    • Very light weight
    • No commands
    Permission Nodes
    • ThunderPlus.thunder

    • All Changes on BukkitDev
    Latest Version always on BukkitDev - ThunderPlus
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    Looks good, hope it is approved.
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    Simple, but pretty darn cool.

    I reckon it would be amusing to have a message broadcasted when the players with the lightning effect login that reads "YOUR LORD AND MASTER HAS ARRIVED". But it could get old quickly...unless you mix it up with extra stuff like "Cuddles has joined your world" or "Thor has nothing on this guy".

    Also, minor nag. Thunder != lightning.
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    New Update available on bukkit dev!
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    Updated whole thread to look like BukkitDev.
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    wow good idea will be my first plugin!
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    shake yo bootie! (_\_) (_I_) (_/_) (_I_)

    where is download?

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    Your first plugin? Whats the point if its already made?
    Go to bukkitdev
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    1. Add configurable messages when the Special players arrive. Allow us to make as many messages as we want and they will randomly pick one from the list.

    2. Similar to #1. there would be configurable messages upon leaving as well.

    3. Super Epic Lightning, when a very special player which is listed on the config sheet enters they get an extra special lightning show by having a small ring of lightning strike around the player followed by an additional strike located where the player is.

    4. Special entrance #2. When a special player enters 8 fireballs fly out from the player in a circular formation for a short distance then violently explode. The explosions of course would be purely cosmetic and wouldnt harm the land or nearby players.
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    Great Plugin!


    It would be cool if there was not only the lightning where ever I Join but also at a specific point on the Map.
    For example if I join the Lightning strikes on a hilltop (visible for every player in Town even if I don't Join in that Town).
    example: /set lightning <player>
    and the next Block you hit is set.

    where can I setup which players get this effect?
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    to get the effect to work on players you need to give them the permission node thunderplus.thunder
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    Aye :3
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    I'm not 100% sure if this is at all possible.. but would you be able to disable the fire that is created on the ground when the lightning strikes? I know it's a client side thing and only they see it and that the fire isn't really there, but a lot my server's players are complaining about it or are confused. Can this be changed?

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