[Fun] FlappyBird - Play the well know IOS game in minecraft

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    The flappy bird plugin let's you play the famus IOS game flappy bird in minecraft! Flappy your way through pipes and see how far you can get. Play with your friends and see who gets the farthest.

    How it works
    You play in 3d and not in 2d like the really IOS game. When the game starts you get a feather. The feather make you jump every time you click it, and if you hit the ground, roof or pipe you will be teleported back to the start. You get 1 point for every pipe you pass through.
    Want to test the plugin? Come test it at:


    /flappy - show all commands
    /flappy lobby -teleport the player to the lobby
    /flappy play <map1 | map2 | map3 | map4 | map5> - Start playing flappybird e.g: /flappy play map1
    op commands
    /flappy setspawn <map1 | map2 | map3 | map4 | map5> -set the spawnpoint e.g: /flappy setspawn map1
    /flappy setlobby -set the lobby spawnpoint
    (remember you need to set the lobby and spawn for the game to work)

    You can now set the Height and Length of the jump in the config! and turn on/off invisable players
    Height: 0.5
    Length: 0.5
    InvisiblePlayers: true
    if you don't have this in your config download v1.2 then delete your config and reload the server


    permission.flappybird - players need the permission to play

    Join/Leave signs

    Join sign:
    Line1 = [FlappyBird]
    Line2 = Click To Play
    Line3 = Map 1 | Map 2 | Map 3 | Map 4 | Map 5

    Leave sign:
    Line1 = [FlappyBird]
    Line2 = Click To Leave

    Seting up the game

    0. download v1.2 and delete the config if you allready have v1.0 or v1.1 installed

    1. Make sure you have worldguard and WorldGuard Region Events installed on your server
    can download here:
    2. Build a map
    3. Put down glass block (glass is the only block players can stand on under the game) where you want the player to start and type /flappy setspawn
    4. Make a region at the first pipe called "f1" ( make a area with wand and type /region define f1) when a player enters the region he will get 1 point. Go to the next pipe and make a new region but this time call it "f2". Do this with all your pipes. At the finish line make a region called "fw" and your done :D
    5. To set up regions for map2,3,4,5 just make a new region with the next free "f<nr>"
    If the last pipe on map1 is say "f11" make the first pipe on map2 "f12" and make the win region "fw2"Have any questions just pm me or wayt for the video on how to set up the game :)

    Some of the info in this videons may be wrong do to the v1.2 update!!

    Working on

    • Fix scoreboard so you only see your own name
    • Multiplayer - so you can play ageinst your friends
    • 2d mode like in the real flappy bird game
    • Top score command
    • Valut support

    Download at: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/flappybird/
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    What exactly is this doing here? Plugins should be posted on BukkitDev (which you already have).
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    Moved to correct section.
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    Looks like your spawning bats with invis, and then putting a hat on them.
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    Hey could you add me on skype (tom.developer) I have a offer to ask you please add as fast as you can thanks :D
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    Oh god lol, nice one :D
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    Nice Game! I totally loved it ! :D
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