Inactive [FUN/FIX] ExpMiner, Gain experience in mining [1.1 R4]

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    V 1.6 for [ [1.1 R4]​
    Support Multiworld, Permissions, PermissionsBukkit, Bpermission and PermissionEx​

    This is my first plugin !

    This plugin will let you gain experience from breaking block. The blocks are : Stone, Coal, Iron Ore, Gold Ore, Diamond Ore, lapis Lazuli Ore, Redstone Ore.

    This plugin is hightly configurable :

    Code (Text):
    1. Version: '1.6'
    2. World:
    3. - world
    4. - world_nether
    5. Show_diamond_found: true
    6. Message_diamond_found: '* &b<player> viens de trouver <nb> diamants !'
    7. Use_Permissions: false
    8. Nb_stone: 10
    9. Exp_stone_Award: 2
    10. Nb_dirt: 0
    11. Exp_dirt_Award: 0
    12. Nb_sand: 0
    13. Exp_sand_Award: 0
    14. Nb_gravel: 0
    15. Exp_gravel_Award: 0
    16. Nb_gold: 2
    17. Exp_gold_Award: 3
    18. Nb_iron: 3
    19. Exp_iron_Award: 3
    20. Nb_coal: 5
    21. Exp_coal_Award: 2
    22. Nb_log: 10
    23. Exp_log_Award: 2
    24. Nb_lapis: 3
    25. Exp_lapis_Award: 3
    26. Nb_sandstone: 0
    27. Exp_sandstone_Award: 0
    28. Nb_obsidian: 2
    29. Exp_obsidian_Award: 5
    30. Nb_mobSpawner: 1
    31. Exp_mobSpawner_Award: 50
    32. Nb_diamond: 1
    33. Exp_diamond_Award: 5
    34. Nb_redstone: 5
    35. Exp_redstone_Award: 3
    36. Nb_clay: 0
    37. Exp_clay_Award: 0
    38. Nb_netherrack: 30
    39. Exp_netherrack_Award: 1
    40. Nb_soulsand: 0
    41. Exp_soulsand_Award: 0
    42. new_block:
    43.   '112':
    44.     Exp_Award: 2
    45.     Nb: 10
    46.   '89':
    47.     Exp_Award: 2
    48.     Nb: 5
    Nb_stone : Number of Stone bloc break for obtain Exp.
    Exp_stone_Award : How many Experience obtains.

    The player will gain 1 exp after break 10 block

    new_block : section where you add another block that you want give exp
    '112' : id of block (here NETHERRACK_BRICK )
    Nb : Number of NETHERRACK_BRICK bloc break for obtain Exp.
    Exp_Award : How many Experience obtains.

    Show_diamond_found : Show a message when someone find a diamond
    Message_diamond_found : the message. (<player> Player name, <nb> : number of diamond)

    - Give exp for mining
    - Announce Diamond found (color supported)
    - A block place and destroy not give exp


    - /ExpMiner : reload configuration.

    - expminer.use : have exp in mining
    - expminer.reload : reload config file


    Color in Diamond Message
    Add custom block

    MobSpawner, Log
    WorldGuard problem

    -V 1.5.2 No more debug message
    Fully tested

    -V 1.5.1 Correct Silk Touch bug
    Error with some block (null pointer exception)

    -V 1.5 Optimization
    Use YamlConfiguration for config file

    -V 1.4 Correct Diamond bug

    -V 1.3 Add Obsidian, Sand, SandStone, Gravel, Clay, Soulsand and Netherrack
    Correct minor bug

    - V 1.2 : Permissions support (Permission 3.1.6, PermissionsBukkit)
    Add Dirt
    More than one world

    - V 1.0 : Release

    - ...

    Lastest Version (1.8)
    Thanks to Docker to keep the plugin uptodate

    Download (1.6 source in jar)

    Version 1.5.3
    Version 1.5.2
    Version 1.5
    Version 1.4
    Version 1.3
    Version 1.2
    Version 1.0
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    looks good, i realize this is new, but it obviously needs cobble, and i think dirt might be good, as long as it isn't worth too much.
    oh, and as long as no one ninjas me, FIRST POST
    edit: yep, made it
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    Looks great, keep me updated for when it get's released!
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    THANK YOU!!!! You have no idea how many people on my server keep asking me to add a plugin that does this. Do you know if it works with the 1.0.1-R1 build yet?
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    He work with the 1.0.1-R1 because 1597 is the 1.0.1-R1 ;)
  6. Changelog please
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    Suport permissions? *-*
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    Support Multiworld, but no permissions
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    V1.2 support Permissions ;)
  10. Approved, permissions 3 support is wasting your time if you ask me.
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    Very nice for your first plugin!
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    this is giving out WAY too much xp, where is the config file so I can change it?

    I found the config, and edited it to give lower totals

    dirtNum: 1000
    dirtExp: 1
    stoneNum: 500
    stoneExp: 1
    coalNum: 100
    coalExp: 5
    redstoneNum: 100
    redstoneExp: 2
    ironNum: 5
    ironExp: 1
    goldNum: 5
    goldExp: 1
    lapisNum: 25
    lapisExp: 1
    diamondNum: 1
    diamantExp: 3

    but it is still giving the same amount of XP as it was before. I dont know what is going on, but I have to disable for now.
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    Can anyone specify if this is for minecraft (1.0.0) experience orbs or exerpeince for another add on?
    (Tried this on my server and was disappointed to see it hadn't provided experience orbs to help gain levels).
  14. Great job! Sometimes i'd get bored of fighting monsters just to press my luck on an enchantment but now, I get EXP while I get resources and enchantments for tools! That's a win-win.
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    The block don't drop ExpOrb, give exp directly to player ;)

    I try your config, it seem to work correctly, but i will search if they are something wrong.

    A release will come soon !
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    Would it be possible to add blocks with this? I'm running redpower, and that has a lot of ores I'd like to add to this plugin's list.
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    For some reason, I'm not getting xp for breaking blocks. I have dirt set to give 1 xp per 1 dirt in the config file, yet I'm not getting any xp. However, I can run the /ExpMiner command, and it works. Any ideas?
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    supports bPerms?
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    Try this bug in V1.3, but me i don't have this bug with 1.3

    No, sorry ...

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    Unfortunately still not receiving any experience on our server.
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    Did you change the world name to yours world?
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    When my friend mines coal, it appear

    05:22 PM [INFO] Xycko mined some Coal Ore!
    05:22 PM [INFO] Xycko mined some Coal Ore!
    05:22 PM [INFO] Xycko mined some Coal Ore!
    05:22 PM [INFO] Xycko mined some Coal Ore!

    Also, when he mines iron...
    06:15 PM [INFO] Xycko mined some Iron Ore!

    ... How do I take this out? My friend is OP, like me.

    Another question, Diamond XP is not working...
    on the config file it appears:
    diamondNum: 1
    diamantExp: 50

    diamond or diamant? what do I use? I Tried both and neither work...

    Thank you
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    i found the problem, i will correct this

    Is not my plugin who write this :
    05:22 PM [INFO] Xycko mined some Coal Ore!

    my plugin only write for diamond, another plugin ?
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    Permissions ?
    As Balodok say, your world name ?
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    Daredevil, I've found a solution to my problem (and possibly a bug). I've been testing the plugin on the default world in craftbukkit named "WorldOne." I first tried changing the name in the plugin's config.yml to "WorldOne," but then I don't get exp in game. However, I changed the name of the "WorldOne" folders to "world" and changed the world to "world" in order to match the default "world" in the config. Suddenly, I'm getting exp. Also, this was all tested in your latest version 1.4. Thanks for the maintenance!
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    so this is , i cannot use this at my server? fucking great..
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    Oh, its from another plugin, thx.

    And what should I leave in the config?




    Do I have to redownload for fix?
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    I will look about this ... thanks for the informations

    Sorry, if i have time i will see about ...

    New version correct this, download the 1.4 else



    the two will work ! ;)
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    OOk thx =)
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    i use 1.3 version

    whan i use pickaxe with silk touch(enchant

    i got this error msg

    05:39 PM [SEVERE] Could not pass event BLOCK_BREAK to ExpMiner
    05:39 PM [INFO] TeA just found gold ore!
    05:39 PM [SEVERE] Could not pass event BLOCK_BREAK to ExpMiner
    05:39 PM [SEVERE] Could not pass event BLOCK_BREAK to ExpMiner
    05:39 PM [INFO] [world] [Arathor|seraph] Chief jylin: 超奇怪的吧= =''
    05:39 PM [INFO] [world] [HolyPlayer|N00B] GodLord Honest_Routuan: ok
    05:39 PM [INFO] TeA just found gold ore!
    05:39 PM [INFO] Chuck just found diamond ore!
    05:39 PM [SEVERE] Could not pass event BLOCK_BREAK to ExpMiner
    05:39 PM [SEVERE] Could not pass event BLOCK_BREAK to ExpMiner
    05:39 PM [SEVERE] Could not pass event BLOCK_BREAK to ExpMiner
    05:39 PM [SEVERE] Could not pass event BLOCK_BREAK to ExpMiner
    05:39 PM [SEVERE] Could not pass event BLOCK_BREAK to ExpMiner
    05:39 PM [SEVERE] Could not pass event BLOCK_BREAK to ExpMiner
    05:39 PM [SEVERE] Could not pass event BLOCK_BREAK to ExpMiner

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