Inactive [Fun] Fireworks v0.4 [1.2.5-1.3.1]

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    Hello everybody :)

    This is my first plugin and he add FireWorks and Effect (visual;sound) with Redstone

    Download Lasted Build V0.4 Here (Bukkit 1.2.5/1.3.1-R0.1)

    Video Tuto

    sorry for my very bad english :p
    How to make a fireworks

    for create a fireworks, place a sign (as shown below) and connect him:

    List of name-effect:

    -fireworks (create a fireworks with the smoke above the sign)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    -fireworks1 (create a fireworks with the smoke above the fence)


    -fireworks2 (ditto fireworks1 but the effect is =/= )

    - fireworks3 (ditto fireworks but with the effect of fireworks2)
    - fireworks4 (random fireworks)
    - fireworks5 (random fireworks + fence launcher)
    - bow (sound of the bow )
    - click1 (sound of left click)
    - click2 (sound of right click)
    - door_toggle (sound of toggle a wood door)
    - ender_signal (effect used in fireworks2)
    - extinguish (sound of lava and water collision)
    - ghast_shoot (sound of a ghast shoot)
    - ghast_shriek (sound of a ghast shriek)
    - flames (effect flames of mob-spawner)
    - potion (effect of potion break, used in fireworks)
    - smoke (little smoke)
    - iron_door (sound of Zomby vs iron door)
    - wood_door (sound of Zomby vs wood door)
    - destroy (sound of destroy a wood door by Zomby)

    The Data

    The Data is the option of a effect, its an interger (1,2,3,4,..)
    example: the color of the potion effect, the wind on the smoke effect, ...

    The Height

    The height is the height above the sign, where the effect will occur

    - fireworks (the help page)
    - fireworks-reload (command for reload the config file)

    The Config File

    Only-Op-Can-Create-Fireworks=false (only op can create fireworks :p )
    Use-Permission=false (use a permission for create a fireworks, the permission is "fireworks.create")
    No-Permission-Message=You don't have the Permission (message if you don't have the permission for create a fireworks)
    Created-Message=Fireworks Created (message on create fireworks)
    No-Op-Message=You are not Op (message if you don't are Op for create a fireworks)
    Density-Fireworks=1 (density of fireworks)



    - Add config file
    - Add permission systeme
    - Add Op permission
    - Add message In-Game
    - Add fireworks4 (Random)
    - Add fireworks5 (Random, fence Launcher)
    - Add Density of Fireworks
    - Add Command : /fireworks, /fireworks-reload (for reload config file)
    - Modify the code for reduce lag
    - debug redstone connection problem with a redstone torche
    - debug redstone connection problem
    -starting of the plugin

    Old release:
    -V0.3 (Bukkit 1.2.5)
    -V0.2 (Bukkit 1.2.5)
    -V0.1 (Bukkit 1.2.5)
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    Jacob Marshall

    This looks like a seriously amazing plugin good luck, and I try it out later :)
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    owow, pretty cool, might try it out later :D maybe hopefully u add special rockets that will fly into the sky with a certain hight and make a big boom like the July 4rth fireworks with/or without (make it config) to hurt the land and pple or not :D that would be awesome if it can happen that is :cool:

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