Inactive [FUN] Fart [v0.6 beta][1.2.5-R1.0]

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  1. please support spout / spoutcraft and add some farty noises :)
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    Sound is something I do wish to add.. but its low on the list of todo's atm. :-(
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    New builds uploaded and waiting for approval from bukkit..

    Recommended Release for CB 1.2.5-r5.0
    Dev Release for CB 1.3.1-r0.1

    Only change is the removal of the '[FART]' text from the /me command, otherwise this is just a release on latest builds.

    So keep an eye on the plugin page for when they are approved:

    During transition periods of CraftBukkit releases (1.2 -> 1.3 etc) I will try to release dev builds of Fart for server admins wanting to run edge servers.

    BTW: Uber thanks to the 6,500+ downloads.. you guys rock!
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  4. What are you, 8? Kind a useless plugin..
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    You: sad...

  6. Says another 8 year old :D
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    Lol.. If you don't like the plugin or see no use for it then that's fine.. walk on.. but please take your negativity with you.. it's leaving a foul smell behind you.

    BTW: The 6,500+ downloads kinda disagree with your opinion.

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    true the only reason i clicked is because of the good name
  9. Wow. This is the most professional and well-developed fart plugin I've seen. You've really covered all your bases. What will you work on after this? DiarrheaStorm? BoogerFlinger?
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    Hahaha.. BoogerFlinger sounds good to me.. :-D
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    Guessing the cake is not a lie after all >.<
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    You know 8 year olds that can code up a plugin like this?

    Wow, whatever country you live in must REALLY push education early.
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    Is there permissions nodes for this plugin? and if not will there ever be?
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    thanks. i guess i did not notice that.
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    It would be cool if there was a block that would trigger the fart,otherwise, it's a useless plugin
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