[FUN] ExplosiveFist v0.1 - Adding explosiveness to your fist! [CB 1.1-R3]

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    ExplosiveFist - The power of creepers in the palm of your hand!
    Version: v0.1

    Heya everyone! An avid player of Minecraft, I always enjoyed building very large creations, yet am often frustrated by how long it takes to actually clear the land out and build them. For people wanting to clear out large areas of land, TNT is often recommended, yet takes a while to place, has to be ignited, and can't be controlled after you pull the switch.

    This plugin aims to remedy that by giving players an easy way to clear land. Explosions! And what better way to explode things than by hitting it with your fist! Note that this is the first initial release, there are almost no features or customization, which will change, don't worry!

    Usage is simple:
    /ef: Toggles the explosive effect. You must be using your bare hand!

    Download the plugin!
    Source Code

    • Toggle the ability for your fist to explode things! Only works on blocks

    • Add permission/op support
    • Add custom explosion strength (currently set to 2)

      Version 0.1
      • Initial Release!

    BukkitDev link to come momentarily, just glad to get my first plugin done and uploaded!

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    THIS IS SO COOL. May i have source code please
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    Source code is in the link labeled Source Code. Just click the folder icons a few times till you get to the java files. There should be two.
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    ok thank you so much. Just wanted to see your code you did
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    [1.1-R4] please

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