[FUN/ECON/RPG] Kill4Reward 1.1 [1540][Vault]

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    === Kill4Reward===

    This simple plugin provides a simple Reward For PVP system. If you kill someone you will obtain an amount of money.
    Supports all economy providers. Needs Vault. It's simple and lightweight.

    ===== Config =====
    Kill4Reward 1.0 Config File:

    BroadcastMessege: false - Set true if you want to send Broadcast messege on PlayerKill.

    Reward: 10.0 - amount of money you want to give to player for killing.

    ===== Usage/Installation =====

    Simply put a .jar file in your plugins folder and restart/reload your server.
    You can also change the config as you want to.

    ===== ToDo =====
    - custom messages

    - any suggestions?

    ===== Changelog =====


    -Added losing money on death(Optional)



    ===== Credits =====

    Hip3q - tester (Thanks!)

    MultiBana - requested this plugin.

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