Inactive [FUN] Cannons v1.9 - Fire block build cannons [CB 1.2.5-R3.0]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Pavlov, Mar 2, 2012.

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    Great plugin!
    I enjoy shooting you every time. :D
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    It seems my own plugin does not like me. It should be not allowed to kill a developer with his own creation.
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    How do I load canister shots?
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    Use gravel instead of cobblestone. Else check the config file for 'canistershot'. You will see only gravel and diamond_block have it.
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    WTF is sulfur?
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    very good plugins for they PVP serveur and the config is very simple !
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    Pavlov, if you want I can make a video and keep it updated. What do you say?
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    Great. But before you get started give me some time to finish the version. Tomorrow the new version will go up (but you can test the beta also today :) ). If you have any question feel free to ask.
  13. Damn. I can't figure out how it works with redstone and autoload. Heck, can't even fire it wfrom a distans with redstone.

    Any hint on how it works?

    Ok, figured it out about redstone, sorry. But autoloading? How?
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    Place a redstone torch under the barrel (wool). Load the cannon with gunpowder and the projectile. Wire the block with redstone and activate the redstone. In the newest version you have to place a chest next to block with the torch above (the first wool block). Fill it with gunpowder and your projectile.
  15. Ah, Thanks. Works like a charm. :D Awesome plugin btw :D:D
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    Love this plugin :D
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    Big Thanks For This Plugin.

    Love the settings and everything. Well Done :)
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    Help! I downloaded the mod correctly, and followed the instructions in a video. this is how my cannon has been built:
    Redstone Torch
    Button Wool Wool Wool Button
    But it won't let me do anything! No loading, no angle adjustment, nothing. Please help!
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  20. I can't get it to work right :( The only projectile that does any effects is the cobblestone, gravel, redstone and diamonds load but do no damage when fired. What's wrong? Do you need to see the config files?

    This might have something to do with it, I'm running a modded 1.2.3 serve rwith version 1.5. Would this affect the plugin?

    EDIT: Obsidian also works :)

    AND ALSO: it has stopped sending messages like 'Cannon created' and 'Cannon destroyed'
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    I really don't recommend using the latest version of cannons with a older bukkit version (<1.2.5). I am surprised that it works partially. First, when it stops saying 'cannon created' then the plugin will probably throw errors. Please check your log. The block damage will probably be a problem with a protection plugin (towny, factions, worldguard). Also this may cause errors.
    I can make a version for 1.2.3 for your server, but it will need a little debugging on your server.
  22. It's the old 1.5 version, sorry I didn't include that earlier. I've stopped the server but i'll go back on to check for messages... Nope. When firing the gravel (no damage) it has no error in the console or in game... I have iZones and towny but none of them are near where I am testing the cannons...

    If you could that would be really cool :) thanks
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    1.5 version is really old. It is even before i have started developing my plugin and I have no idea where to get a bukkit version for this. But if there are no errors it can be done else it is to much work for me. Towny will need a downgrade to the older version.
  24. ok... Just tell me what I need to do to help :)
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    Your modified bukkit version to test my plugin.
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    Can you send me a client too. This Minecraft forge thing confuses me :)
  27. Slight problem there... I use magic launcher to apply everything to the client, so it doesn't actually change the jar file... only way is for you to get all the mods and magic launcher...
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