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    Bukkit Chat IRC
    Hey everyone! This is my first plugin, so please don't be too harsh on me. :oops:

    Are you tired of having to log onto Minecraft every time you wanted to chat? Well, the solution is here! I'm releasing the first version (well 2nd to me) of my Chat IRC client and server. The server listens on Port 8221, so be sure to forward that port (unless you use Hamachi). I'm working on getting the port customizable. It's a small fix, but I just wanted to get this first version out there.

    • Chat with other IRC Clients
    • Chat with server members
    • Kick other IRC members
    • IRC Member lookup
    • Op users/Regular users
    • Customizable Port
    • Customizable op password
    • Port specification on client
    Server (Plugin folder)
    Here's the link to the server (the one that goes in the plugins folder) IMPORTANT! Update your server - important server-crashing glitch fixed! (Read instructions below on how to use new version, because it requires a config file)
    Create a new file, and name it irc-properties.yml. In the file, on the first line, write the port number you wish the server to listen on, and on the second line, write the op password. For example, if I want the server to work on port 8221 and start with the password 'password', I would write this inside the yml:

    Place this file inside the plugins folder (with the IRC.jar file)

    Client Version
    Here's the link for the client (it starts using a .bat file, but if you want to run it on Linux/Mac, using any text editor, put in "java -jar .\BetaIRC.jar" and save the extension as .sh If there's anyone that wants to help clear this up (I only have Windows &) please comment and I'll add the instructions in here.
    http://dl.dropbox.com/u/29419562/BetaIRC.zip (Remember to unzip!)

    VERSION 1.0​
    Plugin only in alpha testing​
    VERSION 1.2​
    First release of plugin
    VERSION 1.6
    Added kick/lookup
    Added op/regular clients
    Ability to customize op password​
    Ability to customize port​
    VERSION 2.1
    Fixed server crashing glitch​

    I hope this makes it to the plugins page :D

    I'm always open to suggestions!

    I'm working on getting a better build out(kicks, op commands, executing server console commands) if anyone cares:(

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    please update to latest CB, title is missing version and description
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    Please cleanup your post a bit too (follow the template, clean up your changelog and in general...)
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    So, just to be clear, this is different from CraftIRC because it adds an IRC server within Bukkit?
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    This doesn't work on a mac, when I start the .jar I get the window to pick an alias and a server, but when I hit connect it opens a window but when I type stuff into the text box it doesn't show it until the message is very long, then in the game nothing happens.
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    Why not just use a regular IRC client?
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    @4am I thought I would test out his plugin and included jar :p
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    Lord Chaos

    Its a good idea, especially for people who don't want to mess with CraftIRC or have trouble with it not connecting or disconnecting often.
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    Oh, a nice Idea would to be able to see the online players :p
    Other than that, very excellent plugin!
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    fregaPT I steal plugins as my own

    Very interesting plugin!
    Hope you get sucess from this!

    PS: If you want to help me in a plugin, answer this comment :)
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    Great idea! Maybe add the ability to set a default server to connect and default username (save in a text file or something). Nice work!
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    @ThePrall44 - That's a good idea, I'll implement that in the next version
    @4am - This IS different from CraftIRC - this spawns another thread (so it doesn't tie up Bukkit) and listens for clients. Each client gets their own thread (yay) and its broadcasted. The port is customizable (irc-properties.yml)
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    Yes, CraftIRC is't actually a server, but it makes bots that go sit on another IRC channel somewhere else. Having it built in though makes sense if you don't feel like hosting the channel somewhere else and worry about ops and takeovers and what have you. Nice.
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    Mosh Mage

    Erm.. so.. i understood nothing of your first post. i'm gona ask like noob i feel like just now.

    What does this do really? it CONNECT to an existing irc server and /join #channel and, like a bot, outputs all text from minecraft to that channel (and does the versa too)

    or it creates a irc server within your minecraft server and ppl can /connect irc.mincraftwowtf.yay and then join #public ?

    Also, your configuration how to is really 'whaaaat?'

    sorry in advance
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    @Mosh Mage

    It creates a server within bukkit (which closes when you end bukkit)

    To use:
    Download jar file
    Create a new file (like when you right click, then hit new file etc.) and rename that file to irc-properties.yml
    Inside irc-properties.yml, write
    place that file inside your plugins folder, along with the jar file.
    reload your server.
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    Mosh Mage

    Damn. noes, that'd hurt my babys brain :p (read computer)
    Eitherway, thanks for the clearing out. I'm looking for something that connect to an existent irc server, i almost installed this 'for the lulz'
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    well the plugin shows up in MC,but my client wont conect. also spams [IRC] [IRC] CAP LS left the IRC bot -1
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    Which build are you running?
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    You will want CraftIRC to connect to existing servers.
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    So how does one "auth" as an op to run server commands?
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    There is an op password, which you can set
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    this dont work with mibbit or ?
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    Wait what is the default channel name?
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    could u make it so that u can acces this from other irc clients or webinterfaces? or could you make an APP for ipad or android for it? (i think itll be easier on android, cos that can use JAVA)
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    Sooo is this plugin dead - or are you gonna try and update it?

    It looks really cool - I'd like to use it :)
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    It's dead, but if anyone wants the source, don't hesitate to ask.
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    Would you mind posting the source?

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