Inactive [FUN] bSwarm v0.5.3 - Survive an onslaught of monsters [766]

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    bSwarm (v0.5.3)

    • spawn mobs in a circle around you
    • control which monster, how many, and at what rate!
    • configurable via "" defaults file
    • ability to cancel your swarms
    • Permissions support
    • ability to swarm another player
    • multi-world support
    I've always wanted a plugin that let's me play minecraft left4dead style.

    Try it out!

    Run the server with the plugin installed. A file named "" will be generated. You can edit this file for the defaults you would like when not specifying some options in your commands.

    /bswarm [monster]
    /bswarm [monster] [number]
    /bswarm [monster] [number] [delay]
    /bswarm cancel

    /bswarm [player]
    /bswarm [player] [monster]
    /bswarm [player] [monster] [number]
    /bswarm [player] [monster] [number] [delay]

    /bnuke - destroy all "bad" mobs in your current world

    player = name of player to swarm monsters around
    monster = type of monster to spawn
    number = number of monsters to spawn
    delay = time delay between each spawn, in ticks (20 ticks = 1 second)

    If any of these are not specified in the command, their value will be inferred from "".

    Permissions: (ignore if you don't have permissions installed)
    • bswarm.bswarm - player is allowed to swarm with the default settings
    • bswarm.bswarm.[monster] - player is allowed to swarm with mob type [monster]
    • bswarm.bswarm.num - player is allowed to specify the number of monsters (requires bswarm.bswarm and bswarm.bswarm.[monster] permissions)
    • bswarm.bswarm.delay - player is allowed to define delay between each spawn (requires all three previous permissions)
    (Permissions may get cleaned up in the future)

    May add more functionality in the future if there is interest!

    Version History:
    • Added ability to make named swarms
    • Added swarms that launch every time interval
    • Added ability to swarm a player
    • Swarming monsters no longer target the player issuing the command by default. This may be re-added with an "attack" command
    • Improved error messages and general plugin feedback
    • Added Permissions support
    • Added cancel command (/bswarm cancel will stop all swarms started by you)
    • Initial release!
    Help me out / keep me making plugins! [​IMG]
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    Hmm... interesting, will be trying it out when i get a chance. I'm quite curious how it works, but i'd rather be surprised then have you tell me. :p

    Edit: Well, tried it, and i'm definitely reminded of the Left4Dead zombies coming at me from all directions, nice work!
    You've got my vote for adding permissions! This would be a nice addition.
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    Call me stupid but how do you stop the walking dead from spawning?
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    Haha, you mean like a cancel command? I can implement something like that.
    For right now, if you log out and back in they should stop spawning on you.
    --- merged: Feb 14, 2011 9:24 PM ---
    There, new version (0.2)
    Added: permissions support, cancel command
    Detailed in the first post

    I may want to add an admin command like "cancel all" so an admin can cancel all swarms by all players, or by specific players...
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    ooo great idea, would it possible to set it up they random swarm towns like a monster raid?
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    Haha I can think of ways to do that. Perhaps a command like:
    /bswarm attack [x] [y] [z] [radius] [delay/rand]

    Think something like that would work? Maybe make it so you can save coordinates as a named place so you don't have to type them out each time.
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    Yea would be alot of fun for those rp server or what not. Now just need a plugin that can name regions lol
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    Oh shewt, I would just include that in this plugin if need be, haha. I mean I could separate it out into a separate plugin, but I feel like that's been done.
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    I think i seen one, that is called interest, but aint that good. Keep up the good work.
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    this is a start to an awesome idea. Maybe have a command to activate this for other people or for the whole server set of people. spell for a fun night
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    What do you put in the Permission configuration?
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    • bswarm.bswarm - player is allowed to swarm with the default settings
    • bswarm.bswarm.[monster] - player is allowed to swarm with mob type [monster]
    • bswarm.bswarm.num - player is allowed to specify the number of monsters (requires bswarm.bswarm and bswarm.bswarm.[monster] permissions)
    • bswarm.bswarm.delay - player is allowed to define delay between each spawn (requires all three previous permissions)
    I may clean this up a bit in future versions. Also, the reason it's doubled "bswarm.bswarm" is in the future other commands may be added, like "bswarm.attack" or "bswarm.setregion" something.
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    Ah, thanks a lot. Also, /bswarm wasn't working for me, but maybe I didn't set up the permissions right :)
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    I would like to see a/bswarm <player> option, that allows you to scare the shit out of a player.
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    Neat, I was wanting something like this. Only thing I can think to improve it, is some way to automate it, along with regions like you mentioned. Say every 3rd or 4th night you get a swarm of monsters attacking your base, and you have to fight them off.
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    haha I can do that. Permissions would be VERY important with this, I foresee much griefing...

    Hmm, I can think of ways to do this. Got any commands in mind?
    Or maybe that would be something to put in a configuration file since it would be kind of complex for something recurring like that.
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    I have permissions running, so no problem.
    Would be nice to see it implemented :D!
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    can we make it where it doesnt come to you... i want this for my coliseum but it wont attack anybody but me.
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    There y'all go, new version out.

    Maybe next up: naming and swarming regions, automated swarm tasks
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    Would love to see regions and automated tasks :)
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    aye aye
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    Bit of a dev question - do you have to have mobs on in for this to work? Been playing with mob spawning myself and I haven't found a way to spawn mobs unless they are enabled in
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    You know I didn't know before you asked, but I tried it out and yeah, it looks like the server just blocks any spawns if they're disabled in!
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    Suggested formats for automated tasks:

    /bswarmregion [monster] [number] [delay] [regionsize] [rangemax] [rangemin]
    This would set the spawns to occur whenever a player is within [regionsize] range of where the command was issued. Basically, this creates a spawn region tied to a specific world coordinate.

    /bswarmworld [monster] [number] [delay] [rangemax] [rangemin]
    Functions like bswarm, but applies to every player on the current world. This lets you create some... interesting multiverse dimensions with map generators/seeders. Want a diamond encrusted world with the players under constant creeper assault? How about slime hell? Go for it!

    /bswarmreveal [range]
    Places a sign at any static spawns created by bswarmregion within range. Destroying the sign removes the spawn. This is basically a cleanup command, allowing you to reveal the invisible spawn marker and get rid of it intuitively. Good for admins that have discovered they *might* have made a spawn too big or somesuch.

    Kills all mobs and removes ALL static region spawns placed by bswarmregion from the current world, as well as any spawn entries created by bswarmworld. Basically this is a "spawn reset" command in case you've created a situation on a world that is lagging the server, or you're using the spawns as an event you want to end when the players do something. (Light the magic torch at the top of the mountain to stop the skeleton army!)

    Rangemax and rangemin would control how far/close the creatures can spawn from their origin reference (the static point for region, or the players for world) This lets you more easily configure static spawns not to happen inside buildings, or make sure there's a good distance for your players to have a fighting chance in severely infested regions. Nobody wants to go to creeper dimension only to be blown up because they spawn right next to you XD.
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    I've found the function in net.minecraft.server.World that is causing the issues: line 75 - the function 'a' that takes an entity.

    One of these three lines in that function stops the mob spawning:

    this.c(i, j).a(entity);
    I can't work out which does which though, and there is also the issue that the 'c' and 'b' functions are protected.
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    Just what i was looking for :D
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    Thanks for all the awesome suggestions!

    Hmmm, interesting. I'll have to look into this more later!
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    I would like to see a videoclip from this
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    I somehow cant figure out the correct values for /bswarm [monster]

    i tried Creeper, Zombie, Spider and Skeletton none of them worked... regular /bswarm works!

    EDIT: My fault, it is case sensitive :)
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    There we go, should now kill even slimes, but only if your server is totally up to date!

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