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  1. BomberCraft - Bomberman for minecraft:


    Version: v0.5

    This plugin allows creation of bomberman arenas.

    • Changes TNT explosion into bomberman type
    • Instant "Death" when damaged by TNT on arena
    • Item drops (redstone increase TNT range, TNT increse bomb amount)
    • This plugin can destroy your world, make sure you know how to use it before doing anythin on your main server.
    • /bombercraft create <X> <Y> - creates arena around you (safe creation)
    • /bombercraft create X Y force - creates arena around you (destroys blocks forever)
    • /bombercraft join <ID> - joins the game (you need to create arena before using this)
    • /bombercraft spectate <ID> - teleports you above arena to spectate existing fight
    • /bombercraft clear <ID> - removes the arena (arena transformed to air)
    • /bombercraft start <ID> - starts the game
    • /bombercraft list - list all arenas
    • /bombercraft stop <ID> - stop game in arena and kick all players from it
    • /bombercraft edit <ID> - enter edition mode for custom arena
    • /bombercraft config <ID> - show configuration options of arena
    • /bombercraft config <ID> <Option> <Value> -change configuration options of arena
    • /bombercraft top - show stats of all players
    • /bombercraft help - list of all availble commands
    Permissions (open)

    • bombercraft.admin.create - /bombercraft create
    • bombercraft.admin.forcecreate - /bombercraft create X Y force
    • bombercraft.admin.clear - /bombercraft clear
    • bombercraft.admin.start - /bombercraft start <ID>
    • bombercraft.admin.stop - /bombercraft stop
    • bombercraft.admin.edit - /bombercraft edit and /bc config
    • - /bombercraft join
    • - /bombercraft spectate
    • - /bombercraft start (only for current game after joining)
    • - /bombercraft list
    • bombercraft.allowcommand.XXX - allow usage of /XXX command in the arena
    Default permissions (used when no permissions plugin found):
    • OP: bombercraft.*
    • Players:*

    Custom map editing (open)

    Custom map editing
    To make a custom map:
    type /bc config <ID> mode custom_pvp
    then /bc edit
    and make your own map.
    To exit editor mode type /bc spectate

    In editor mode:
    Glass = air
    Stone = random (air or dirt)

    Place blocks on ground, every block will make a 2 block wall when out of editor mode.


    Older versions

    Source Code


    Version 0.5
    • Commands locked in arena
    • Updated edit mode
    • Light option in arenas
    • Stats system
    Version 0.4
    • Custom arenas
    • Fence on top of TNT (TNT block way again)
    • New bonus item: redstone torch = detonator
    • Help menu
    • Stop command
    Version 0.3
    • Permissions support (tested on permissions 2.7.3)
    • MultiArena support
    • Higher arenas
    • Short command alias (/bc = /bombercraft)
    Version 0.2
    • Game starting system (+autostart when 4 players join)
    • Fixed TNT explosions bug
    • Inventory storage
    • Safe arena creation
    • Arena regeneration after game
    • Simple messages
    Version 0.1
    • First release
    Movie by Kingdom4Gamers

    My old movie (open)

    My old movie

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    Nice, thx!
    /bc would be nice. (<--lazy xD)
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    Not realising it autostarted when the game was full, what a bummer.
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    Tried it out, Great Plugin, we had lots of fun playing it, Though im not sure what the reason was, but I went to bed for the night and left the server running, when i came back the bomber arena was gone. didnt see any error logs, but might have just missed them. I have it set back up and will watch it closer if it happens again.

    Suggestions: Once a Game starts dont allow people to keep joining, had a guy rejoin after he died, and when last original person died he was made winner.

    Possibly set a Lifepool: like if you join and die have it respawn you at a location inside for up to 3 lives, then kick you out?

    Allow more arena's to be made: Big and small ones. for varying player amounts.
    Permissions:Id like to give my moderators permissions without having to give them OP

    All in all, a great plugin
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    This is a great plugin, I tried it and only a few things need fixed or added.
    Can you make it so that when people die(lose) they cant rejoin during that game?
    Can you make it so that the bombercraft arena saves and stays when the server restarts?
    and can you make it so that when a player loses a game, they dont stay on fire?-I've had problems with people losing then burning to death before they could get to water.

    While it probably doesn't need it yet, permissions support would be good as either anyone can make an arena, or nobody can(but the OP).
    Another thing that isn't needed yet, but would make the plugin better would be differing types of bombs, such as remote detonation or the spike bombs(although they can be unfair since people cant see from an overhead angle.)
    And the final thing I would like to ask for, yet again not needed soon, is for the arena to only regen the dirt after a game. I like to replace the top layer of obsidian with either glass or glowstone to make it easier to see, and these changes get erased each game.

    Yet again, it is a great plugin, especially for being at only v0.2. Keep up the good work.
    I can upload a video of some of the problems if you want.
  6. v0.3 is almost done. If you want, you can compile it from source (always up to date). I still need to fix some small bugs and add a better joining system before releasing v0.3

    Alredy in v0.3:

    About disaperaing arenas: I made new arena management system so arenas are being saved, you can make multiple arenas etc.

    Players cannot join game after it starts.

    For better view I added an additional air layer, so players can see whole map when jumping (will be optional after relese)

    Not yet done, but will be in v0.3:

    I will try to add permissions support before releasing v0.3

    Custom maps + map editor (lot of work, so v0.3 or v0.4)

    I am also working on the fire bug, but I'm doing something wrong. I cant put the fires out, so untill I will find why, there will be no respawning system, and only protection from death will be the 4 breads added to your inventory after game, sry.

    Ok, v0.3 released. I moved custom maps to v0.4 not to make you wait too long for update :p
    /list command will show that map is public, normal pvp. That is not used for anything, every map is same, this will be used in future for custom maps.

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    So tnt are the bombs and the "+bomb upgrade" ?
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    Gabriel Moon

    We Kingdom4Gamers have made a review on your amazing plugin
    here it is feel free to use it on the main page if you like, and keep up the good work :-D
  9. Yes, TNT are the bombs and +bomb upgrades

    Thx for great movie Kingdom4Gamers. I'll exchange my old one with this. I was never good at making movies.
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    Gabriel Moon

    thank you for putting our movie on the main page xD
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    It seems that sometimes when i try to play this that either it will work as intended, wont work, or ill be put in the arena but slowly start to die (from suffocation?)
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    very nice Plugin! Maybe you can add iConomy support. For example, all players who join must pay 5 "Coins" and the winner get (4 players) a price of 20 "Coins". This future would be nice :)
  13. When you start dying? After arena creation or after joining a game?
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    After joining a game
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    can u make it so theres tunnel like in the real version of bomberman and different game modes
    like hmmm....
    classic mode,enemy mode etc
    and can u make it so we can revive some how...
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    looks very cool time to test it out :D

    Our players glitch somethimes out of the arena.
    But they are still in the game so it will never stop.
    U should add a force stop command in it.

    And more special items would be cool...

    And maybe add a reward system with money or items.

    Cant wait for for 0.4 :D

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    best plugin ^^ very funny nice job :)
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    There is a bug after a game is completed where the winner stays in the arena, but the arena regenerates. They cannot get out, and are not a part of the game anymore.


    People sometimes glitch out when the join a game. They get knocked back through the wall because their character doesn't want to stay in the glass where they are. It is not a tp plugin, but the arena knocking them out.
  19. If player is still on arena or glitch out of it, just type /bc spectate. It will check if someone was in game and move it out (also testig if someone win the game)

    How they can glitch out? Its a bug in arena system or they use a teleportation plugin?
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    Hi @hubertnnn

    I just used your plugin with some friends. And the concept is great. Although it needs a lot of improvements =)

    About bugs I found:

    Bombercraft doesnt seen to remove a player from a arena when they log out/close the game, so the arena gets a imaginary player. So the arena will have allways a taken spot from noone really. Only gets fixed with server restart.

    Sometimes it gives wrong winner announcements. The event is still running and already giving the winner.

    Sometimes (or most of the times) the winner doesnt get Tp out of the arena. I was telling them to kill them selfs. But not sure if that was working 100%

    - When you would clear a arena, that wouldnt get removed from the arenas list until server restart.

    Some suggestions and need features in my view:

    - Stop command. (/bombercraft stop <arena Id>)
    So we can end a game and tp everyone that had joined out.

    - A setting to set number of players for a arena. Something like: /bombercraft set <arena ID> <mumber of slots>

    - A possibility of turning a area into a arena. Using commands to tell the coords or using world edit selection?? That would be cool.
    My ideia was to have different shape arenas such as:

    This arena, for example, could take up to 8 players at the same time. But this would need to be big. I mean BIG.
    Why not link a World Guard area with bombercraft. To be realistic everyone uses World edit or World guard so that is plugins I think you could use with your plugin. To enhance it xD

    - My last suggestion for now XD is a command such as /bombercraft <arena id> list To show the list of players that joinned.

    Thanks for the great work so far =)
  21. Type /reload as operator. It also work.

    And thx for info, I will fix those bugs in next version, but about worldguard and notRectangle maps, i planned both from begin, but it is a lot of work and I am not sure how to make it. Maybe it will be in future version like permissions that were planed at 0.1 and were added in 0.3. So worldguard and weird maps with more than 4 players: future.

    Currently I am working on mapeditor (in fact its ready to release, but other things have bugs that mkes me not releasing 0.4) so you will be able to make custom Big and small maps, but still only 4 players (or less), sry.

    Stop command is a great idea, i will add it as fast as possible.
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    About the Polygon maps I believe the best way would be using multiple vertices. So far you have been doing it in a way so the player gives a width and a length. And then using the player location as reference. What about changing that to something more hard-working for the player. A kind of step-to-step arena creation, using again a new command for vertice (for example /bc vertice or /bombercraft vertice) and for polygon arena creation such as /bc create polygon <Nr of vertices>. So then they would need to do something like this:

    (first start polygon arena creation, in this case using my picture above which had 20 vertices)
    Player: /bc create polygon 20
    Bombercraft polygon arena creation started. Please define the vertices.
    (the player goes to the first vertice location and...)
    Player: /bc vertice (bombercraft records the coords and tells...)
    Bombercraft vertice 1 set.
    Player: /bc vertice
    Bombercraft vertice 2 set.
    Player: /bc vertice
    Bombercraft vertice 3 set
    .... and so on and so on.
    And at the end a mesage like this should show up.
    Bombercraft polygon arena creation successful. ( And only now Bombercraft records the new arena location, so in case of server crash, player lost connection, all that set up is out of effect. Basically bombercraft would cancel the creation).

    I beleive this method would require the player to set up spawn points as well, or maybe you could make it so every odd vertice got a spawn point. So vertice 1, 3, 5 , 7... all got spawn points as default.

    Just a bunch of ideias XD

    I really would like to help you if you need it. I wanted to learn java and start dev some plugins as well, but I havent found the will for it yet =S

  23. v0.4 released

    To make a custom map:
    type /bc config <ID> mode custom_pvp
    then /bc edit
    and make your own map.
    To exit editor mode type /bc spectate

    In editor mode:
    Glass = air
    Stone = random (air or dirt)

    I also added new bonus: redstone torch. If you have one, your bombs will not explode automaticly after 3 seconds. Insted you detonate them by leftClicking your mouse.
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    A stop command oh yeah xD

    After giving it a try I have this to say.. =)

    I started with the editing command and config, and I liked how it was set up, althoght I found some easy fix missing and 1 think that I think you really need to add.
    - The command /bc config <something> doesnt return any message whenever you do it right or wrong. The only time that does return a mesage is when you do something like /bc config 1 And that tells you the options and option status.

    If you do something like /bc config max_players <value> It doesnt return a mesage asking for arena ID for example.

    The /bc config max_players allows you to give a value bigger then 4. Which cases you to get an internal error when trying to join:


    The Editing mode:

    Nicely though out. Problems I found:

    You need to give the player a way to remove a block, I accidentally trap my self and didnt got a way to finish it.
    When in editing mode, if you do /bc edit 1 again it will give an internal error and tp you out of the arena.

    The only way to get back editing that arena is relog, since it will give the error again and again if you try to do /bc edit.

    One question: How do you stop editing and save your progress??? I think there isnt a command for that lol XD

    My suggestions about the arena editing would be:

    -fix the problems found above
    - add the punch event to remove a block, turn it real air in the editor. Using the left click with any of the blocks.
    - add a block such as bedrock to define a spawn point. (Give a player freedom to do whatever he wants lol XD)

    The log out problem fixed. Well done =)

    While playing with friends, no problems =)

    Auto-Start??? AWESOME !
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    can you remove all /command in the arena? because with /back you can get out of the arena ...
  26. Hmm, i knew editing may make problems, thats why its allowed only for admnins (I will add it for users later). I have not added any protection for that yet, thats why weird things gets when you put invalid data (for example more than 4 players).

    As i said in last post to exit editing mode, just type /bc spectate

    About saving progress, its saved after placing each block (I know i shuld not do that cose of performance, but it was faster for me, will change it later)

    What do you mean you trapped yourself? With bomb? Thats part of game, if you trap yourself or someone do it, then you loose.
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    When I talk about editing and meantion a player, I meant Admin.

    About getting traped. What I meant was, when you start editing the arena it cames almost empty, and you can change the blocks. And I was using the cealing to do the 2 block high wall, and in a mistake I missplaced a block, which cause me to get traped at a corner and not be able to finish the arena build.

    About leaving the Editing mode using the /bc spectate I think you should mention that in the first post.

    Good work so far =)
  28. You shuld not use celling. All walls will be 2 block high depending on what is in floor, so dirt in floor = 2 block dirt wall etc.

    So next bug to fix: placing blocks on cealing.
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    Awesome plugin and great work on 0.4, it is so much better now!

    In the last version, the winner would get lots of bread. Now nothing. Can you bring back prizes and make them configurable? Thanks. :)
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    yah a prize or multiple prizes would be awesome. Since Im trying to do a server with a bunch of fun stuff like this, and I wanted to get a certain block to be the games reward and then they could get money from it or use it as entrance tickets again? I dont know yet XD

    But yeah reward system, which allows multi items would be awesome =)

    Note for @hubertnnn : I tested making someone join the bc arena and then tp him out, and the arena removed him from the arena. Well done =)

    One more thing: You need to make so admins can only start a game if you have at least 2 players. Because single player bombercraft? Who wins?? XD
  31. No one win on single player :) yet.
    I am working on PVE mode for single player gaming.

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