[FUN] Amaterasu 1.1 - My eyes are burning [1337]

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  1. Amaterasu - Oh my god my eyes are burning!
    Version: v1.1

    For those familiar with the world of Naruto might know about the Ninjutsu Amaterasu. The user of this technique sets on an eternal fire whatever he is looking at. This plugin reproduces that effect!

    Warning : Not suggested on creative servers!

    Download : v1.1
    Old version : v1.0
    Source : https://github.com/ZachBora/Amaterasu

    Video :
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    • /amaterasu : Toggles the Ninjutsu. Once enabled, hold the Sneak key (shift) to set whatever you are looking at on fire. Works at max block distance of 25.
    Permission Plugin :

    Tested with Permissions 2, should work on Permissions 3 and SuperPerms.

    Permission nodes :
    • /amaterasu - Amaterasu.fire
    To-do list :

    • Add a config for the max block distance.
    • Add consumption (Food bar?)
    • If using for too long, dim user vision or remove it completely for a few seconds. If not possible, add chance to set user on fire.
    • Add source code
    Reference : Naruto wikia

    Changelog :
    Version 1.1
    • Fixed permissions
    Version 1.0

    • Initial release.
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  2. Good job again man! Looks creative
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    something connected to naruto :eek: awesome :D
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    Admin rage! Sounds fun.
  5. I just had this idea while taking a shower... Turn zombies into Amaterasu users :D

    Edit : I looked around and I don't see how I can get blocks that zombies look at :(
    If only there was an event ENTITY_MOVE
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  6. Added video presentation of the plugin.
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    Can you add the dark fire because the amaterasu fire is black not like the normal fire ;)but good idea
  8. It's impossible without a client mod.
  9. I noticed last night that the permissions weren't loading properly, only OP can use it. Will put the update tonight.
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    should call this heat vision.
  11. Updated to 1.1
    • Fixed permissions
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    Not if it's based off of a thing called Amaterasu... which it is!

    Anyway, I love this! I think it's a great idea, but I personally wouldn't use it as my players would abuse it until the world was nothing more than one big fire...
    One thing I would suggest is looking into checking if the thing being looked at is an entity, and if it is setting fire to that... you'd be able to burn a player directly rather than burn the ground which would then set them alight.
    Just a thought, and I have no idea how difficult it would be, just throwing it out there!
  13. I've thought about it, will check into that when I have time. The plugin is very basic and I had this idea for awhile. But yeah I wouldn't give it to everyone on a server. Flint & Steel is already an issue as it is.

    Maybe I should add consumation to the plugin, like link it to the food bar or something. Or add a chance that it sets yourself on fire if you use it for too long.
  14. I'll look into diminishing user vision but I don't know if I'll be able to.
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    You should also make a mod of this so you can actually use black fire and you should make the burning time of the black fire alot longer. (maybe forever) but this looks awsome im gonna try this right now ;D

    You should use the blurry vision of a pumpkin when you use it so it almost blurs so much you cant see people XD
  16. There's a lot of things involved if we want to make a real Amaterasu plugin.
    • The fire is black (need client mod)
    • It can burn throught regular fire (uhhh It can burn fire! :p )
    • The fire burns for 7 days and 7 nights
    • It cannot be extinguished by water or any other normal methods (Can probably be done on server mod, but would still need a way to extinguish it)
    • Chakra infused sand does not burn (maybe sandstone would block the spread)
    • The fire burns slowly (Guessing blocks must spread and consume more slowly than regular fire)
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    lol zombies are now dangerous!
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    Will it set water on fire?
    Ill try it now.
  19. Added source code
  20. Tested against Bukkit #1240
  21. and it will kill you if you use it too long?
  22. It doesn't at the moment. Only if you step in the fire will you have problems.
  23. Don't look down <3
  24. @ZachBroa I have an idea for black fire! You should learn how to make a texture pack and than just turn the fire black.... Than you don't need client mods and the texture pack can be optional!
  25. I don't think you can change fire in a base texture pack, it needs more than that. Maybe with the HD fix.
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  26. Hmm I don't know
  27. "If using for too long, dim user vision or remove it completely for a few seconds. If not possible, add chance to set user on fire" I have an idea for this... When you use Amaterasu too long you'll get this portal effect that blurs you and you health bar will go down like when you sprint :)
  28. I was thinking of reducing the amounts of blocks sent to the client, I think it can be done but I don't know how yet. +Health loss.
  29. Hey if you can't do that can you make it so that amaterasu destroys all type of blocks? Not just wood..
  30. Warning: Not suggested on creative servers! SCREW THAT I have a creative server with alot of stuff but I'M USING THIS :)

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