Fully automatic server, no portforwarding needed!

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What is needed more?

  1. Automatically finding the internal IP

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  2. Auto updater

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    Note: This whole script uses UPnP-PortMapper by christoph at sourceforge.net. Go check it out, it's what this script uses to open port 25565. I have been given permission from him to use it in this script.

    Automatic Server with no port forwarding required
    This script isn't designed to be all fancy-pancy with a GUI and everything, just a CLI, and easy to use.
    It's simple to use, everything is automatic. Just download CraftBukkit, open "Start Server.bat", and it does everything. You don't need to type any configuration options (unless you want to) or do anything. It will find your internal IP itself, open port 25565 and start the server. Literally, you just double click the script and boom. Everything's done. Unless there's an issue, but you can get help for those on here (so far there are none on my end, woo!)
    Once you've downloaded the zip file, just extract it to a folder of your choice, and download craftbukkit, rename the craftbukkit jarfile to "craftbukkit.jar" without quotes and open "Run Server.bat".
    Configuration file (settings.bat) and how to use it
    The script comes with, and reads at startup, a configuration file called settings.bat. It's easy to change and all the options shall be explained here.
    Configuration options:

    xms=512 This option sets the smallest amount of RAM the server is allowed.
    xmx=1024 This option sets the most amount of RAM the server is allowed.
    craftbukkitjar=craftbukkit.jar This option sets the name of the craftbukkit jarfile to be used.
    autosetip=1 This sets whether the script should automatically find the internal IP.
    nonautoip=192.168.0/1.1/255 This sets the internal IP to be used if autosetip is set to 0.
    Issues and bugs
    So far I've found no issues or bugs, but if you find any, tell me in the replies and I'll try to get 'em fixed!
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