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    the plugin that im requesting is a creeper that wont attack you, so they become like a friendly mob, also i dont know if this is possible or not but maybe make is so you can tame them like a wolf, not with a bone but with another object like a golden apple or something meaning they would be hard to tame one, if anyone could make this plugin for me i would very much appreciate it.

    cheers [diamond]
  2. Not exactly sure but I'm guessing that the creeper behaviour is handled client side, so If i'm guessing right this won't be possible until Notch releases an Official Minecraft modding API.
  3. Seems I was wrong :p

    How do you get the quote to say "Whoever said ^^" :p?
  4. I just clicked the button "Reply" in the right corner under your comment. :)
    How is it going with the advanced iBlock?
    I'm trying to think of a simple plugin I could make. =]
  5. Haven't started on it yet, I'm in the middle of developing a plugin. Keeping it secret till I'm done :p

    I also have another what I think is a really good idea for a plugin and inbetween those two projects I'll work on iBlock :p So if I get bored/stucjk on one project I can start another.
  6. Okay :D
    I can try to add permissions ok? :)
  7. Sure, try to add them in your own version :p good practice I guess
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    iv heard about a plugin that makes creepers passive, so they dont dont attack, but i dont know what is it, i just thought that the tameing thing would be a good adition
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  10. :( I'm taking on loads of requests but I'll take a look into whether it can be done or not.
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    ok thanks :D if you do get it does that would be awsome, im sure you could take another plugin and alter it, i want to build it myself but i have no clue what to do :(
  12. Well I'm in the middle of making a huge tutorial so I'll send you the link when I've made it :)
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    wow cheers man :D im useing a mac, is it much different between usein a mac a and a pc for it?
  14. No, should'nt be
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