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    Plugin category: Unsure

    Minecraft version: 1.14.4+

    Suggested name: ClanBorders

    What I want:

    - I'd like to have a plugin where you can create essentially a region by marking it with Stained Clay.
    Unlike Region protecting with WorldGuard i'd like this to be able to make a region free-form wherever Stained Clay is placed. [Set it so Stained Clay is the only block type allowed to be used for borders]
    Perhaps have this world with WorldGuard regions? Im not sure if this is possible though.

    - "/Border Create (Bordername)" to create the region's name. Then do something such as "/Border set (Bordername)" to start setting the border. and do "/Border finish" To complete the border region. Have it so the end block MUST touch the start block.

    - The Ability to set which group of players can and cannot mark a certain border. Maybe something like this?
    /Border Flag (Border Name) (Group Name) AllowMarking
    /Border Flag (Border Name) (Group Name) DenyMarking

    - Ability to work with GroupManager for groups.
    EX. If a certain group want's to mark a border and they are ranked as Shadowclan they can only mark a border that has the Shadowclan group listed as someone with AllowMarking.
    If this is not possible then the ability to make different Border groups so ops can do
    "/Border teams set (Username) (BorderName)"

    EX. image of a border edge

    -I'd like for border's to be able to get "dull" over time and change block material based on age.
    If possible have a percentage system so every minecraft day it will change by 10%.
    If that isn't possible, Have it change once every 3 minecraft days without interaction by a player of that region's group.

    -When the border is walked on by a player of that border's group, have it reset to 100%


    Ideas for permissions:

    Only OP's can set borders and border groups.

    When I'd like it by: 9/29

    This does not need to world with regions or anything of the sort, However at the minimum I would highly appreciate Terracotta blocks displayed in the third image to change to wool after Three mc days and then change once more to glass if they have not been stepped on by a player.
    Once stepped on by a player it resets to the terracotta.
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    So, a couple of things:
    1) If you are just looking to be able to create regions that as free-form like what you have shown, you can use a polygonal selection tool (from WorldEdit) to define a custom WorldGuard region. This will let you make all of the shapes you have shown with the only limitation being the height of the region (protection height may not vary).

    2) You showed examples of the border decaying (I assume) as the border is supposed to be restored to 100% when walked on by that border group. How does that decay system work? How much percent is lost every 3 days, and does anything else cause decay? What happens when the border fully decays?

    3) What do the regions prevent? There are many things that can be protected (e.g. crap trampling, entry, block placing).

    I really think that there needs to be a bit more information in this post. That said, doing this without WorldGuard looks like it could be a fun programming task, specifically the idea of determining if a block is within the region, on the border of the region, etc.

    To potential developers: I am not saying that I will work on this, it is still fully up for grabs.
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    Hey there @JRL1004

    1- How would I use polygonal selection tool? I have never heard of it before and quite interested.

    2- My original idea was that about 16.6 perent was lost per day, however when I started writing this post it sounded much easier to just have the border decay once every 3 minecraft days.
    The decay system doesn't effect much other than causing passive mobs to spawn less. (I'd like to be able to have mobs in these regions drop custom named food items if possible)

    3- (Just gotta point out you said crap trampling lmao) I'd like regions to prevent players of certain Groups at 100%. At 0% players of all groups can enter until it is remarked to 100%

    Hopefully this answered your questions!
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